YEP Letters: October 15

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Let’s try to get Rhinos and RL due respect

Michael Smith, Birstall

Further to your newspaper’s calls from fans about the Sports Personality of the Year competition and Leeds Rhinos’ incredible feats this season, I have been saying for the past month or so how brilliant it would be if, (as the winner of this accolade is decided by phone votes ), the people of Leeds were to bombard the BBC with the names of the Rhinos players, in particular our captain Sir Kevin, in an attempt to get more recognition than the usual disgraceful paltry 30 to 40 seconds.

It mystifies me how anyone can claim rugby union to be a better game than league – it quite simply is not! League is 80 non stop minutes of all out blood and thunder action and skill – union is some back and forth booting, some rolling around in scrums, and vet little action - any doubters try comparing ANY world cup game against any of the last three rhinos game and you’ll get the idea.

The BBC’s blatant disrespect of rugby league should be addressed by an all out bombardment of their cosy back slapping event starting right now!

Why make the NHS look bad?

Angela Hainsworth, by email

i have just read the story of the curry and crumble and this must be some sort of set up.

I work at St James’s in catering and you would not believe the rules and the monitoring we go through at meal services. We serve all dinners first and then we do puddings. Even if the crumble was taken out of the oven by mistake by the server the person running with the dinner would have noticed, plus the staff waiting to take the next meal . Why do people always want the NHS to look bad, we work so hard.

Also why would the nurses apologise, it would be reported straight to our bosses and we would have to be file noted and apologise -and in any event a person does not get a meal then a snack box is provided from the main kitchen or there is always cereal and bread in the ward’s kitchen.

I think we do a good job in difficult circumstances.

No wonder they want us to stay

Terry Watson, Adel

Lord Rose, former Marks & Spencer chairman, has done a U-turn on our EU membership.

Six months ago he was a Euro sceptic and signed an open letter from industry bosses warning”businesses face ever more burdens from Brussels”. Now he has changed camps and is now a prominent supporter of the Britain stronger in Europe group. How hypocritical of the former Marks and Spencer chairman to say that “the quitters risk the nation’s prosperity”.

For years Marks & Spencer stores have been selling goods from all over the world.

I counted garments in one 
of their stores from 11 
different countries outside the EU, and found none from Europe.

These countries are doing fantastic trade with Europe 
and don’t have to pay £350m a week for the privilege as we have to.

No wonder Merkel wants Britain to stay in.

An honourable decision at last

Jack Banner, Meanwood

It has been a long time coming, but our illustrious Prime Minister has finally made a truly honourable decision! Why on earth did we ever agree to help train prison officers for one of the most repressive and cruel regimes on the planet, Saudi Arabia? This is not to say that I have any sympathy with the British man imprisoned for the possession of illegal alcohol in a country in which he has resided for 25 years. he only reason we tolerate the behaviour of this dictatorship is because they supply us with oil and we supply them with weapons! Human rights are only relevant to our Government when it suits them!

Arts festival is met with gusto

Coun Judith Elliott, Morley

Last week Michael Portillo was a speaker at the Morley Arts Festival, in the Alexandra Hall of Morley Town Hall.

Mr Portillo entertained an almost capacity audience for over an hour and a half speaking about his political career and his subsequent television celebrity status.

The Mayor of Morley Coun Simon Kimberley, Morley MP Andrea Jenkyns, sponsors for the evening Mr and Mrs Martin Oddy and our Morley centenarian Joe Merton were in the audience.

This successful event followed the launch last week of the Morley Literature Festival’s 10th year, newly named The Morley Arts Festival, with Gervase Phinn, Patron of the Festival, speaking to another full house.

On Saturday the newly formed Morley Women’s Institute catered for an afternoon tea with Carol Matthews in the Banqueting Suite, a fabulous affair.

They are all to be congratulated.

Your newspaper has supported this Festival from its inception in 2006 and has continued to do so by your able staff, for which the committee thank you.

Now it is being run over 36 days (longer, I am told, than the Edinburgh Festival). The festival chairman Coun Bob Gettings, along with the Committee and Director Rachael Kennedy, are thrilled that this year’s events have begun with such gusto, tickets already being sold out for four other events.

The rest of the programme can be found on the festival website

Let’s stub out this littering

David Speight, Tingley

Litter seems to be a problem in Morley and Leeds City Council could help resolve the problem.

One problem is smokers stubbing out their cigarette butts on top of litter bins. How and why this practice started I have no idea.A breeze and their litter is on the streets.

Disposing of cigarette butts is littering and carries an on the spot fine of £75.

Leeds City Council could remove these bins and replace them with the ones with a cigarette butt tray at the top as they have done outside the town hall.

Myself and others have requested this a number of times in the past.

Another issue is flytipping behind Queen Street and I know others are as concerned as I am about the flytipping and mess left by some in Beryl Burton Gardens.