YEP Letters: October 13

Leeds City Train Station. Picture Tony Johnson
Leeds City Train Station. Picture Tony Johnson
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AN AMBITIOUS £500m plan to remodel Leeds Station into a “world class gateway” at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse has been revealed. Leeds Council’s Executive Board will be asked next week to agree the proposed blueprint for the future of the station that aims to boost regional connectivity and create an integrated “transport hub” and maximise the benefits of HS2 in the city. The masterplan sets out an ambition for the station - which is currently used by 100k people a day - to become a “major national landmark” with new entrancesand a new concourse as well as additional platforms and new retail and leisure spaces in the surrounding area. We asked YEP readers for their views and here’s what some of them said on social media..

Andy Baylis

Leeds City Station is the second busiest outside London and is already too small for the passengers and trains that use it.

It has to be enlarged and improved, HS2 is a separate build that will be linked to the station later.

David Brown

I’m afraid it’s rather short sighted. Coming into Leeds from London Birmingham, Sheffield we have six lines. However departing Leeds towards York, Newcastle, Scarborough etc we only have two lines. Plus our main maintenance depot is on this route.

Surely it would make more sense to upgrade the route towards York/Selby to alleviate delays?

Sam Walker

I’ll believe it when I see some shovels in the ground. I.e. it probably won’t happen.

Also, how far could £500m go towards sorting out the transport network and chaos in this city compared to making the station look 

Fleck Fletcher

Why? “The Northern Powerhouse”, as everyone knows, is Manchester. Please refrain from using the term in future. Surely it is immoral and probably illegal to send trains around the country with standing passengers.

This is a scandal and a disaster waiting to happen.

I don’t want a needlessly upgraded station or to arrive in London 25 minutes earlier, 
I want – and demand – a seat on all trains and cheaper fares.

Michaela Jepson

All looks good but the flow needs to improve, I use the station every day and on Tuesday morning we were queuing from the top of the stairs to get out, really dangerous.

Tony Mitton

Do you mean at the much exhaulted barriers which are supposed to be quicker! Only an idiot would put information boards directly in front of the barriers where the gazers all stand as if waiting for divine intervention!

Joseph Lynch

I wonder how many people will have died during the time this £500m is spent simply because they couldn’t get treatment because the NHS couldn’t afford to pay for it? It’s a really disturbing fact that unnecessary infrastructure projects come before lives! Leeds does not need this!

Sarah Taylor

They should reintroduce another station near the market/parish church. All major cities have more than one station.

Cath Sawyer

The station’s fine – the pick up and drop off point is a nightmare! And I don’t want Leeds to spend all that money on HS2 which will do us no good at all.

Rick Poppa

I thought it just had been transformed with the new entrance?

Rob Eagleton

We need to see the money. Masterplans are just marketing waffle without funding in place.

Alan Wharton

A “destination station” for the city centre.

Well, are they telling us that stations can be other than destinations?

How can we take local government seriously. when they won’t take our language seriously.

Harry Bendon

Here we go again. Another pipe-dream in the making.

Wonder what Blake and co will say when the Government tells them that HS2 will be terminated at Birmingham due to cost overruns.

As for completion date, 2040 or is it 2100? 
What a joke.

John Grogan

Leeds station will be the busiest outside of London, but its development costs will be half of those proposed for Picadilly in Manchester 
(£1bn), where it will go underground!

Sorry, correction, Manchester Picadilly to cost three times more than Leeds – £1.6bn – and to be more impressive than Kings Cross/St Pancras.

Redevelopment of Victoria station in Manchester has just been completed.

It doesn’t sound like a “world class gateway” at the centre of the Northern Powerhouse.

Steve Pearce

Transport hub? Do they mean disembarking the train and getting on to a bus or taxi? Modern Leeds with no mass transit in sight. How pathetic.

John Cameron

As well as improvements to the station they seriously need to review rolling stock.

The cattle trucks cleverly disguised as Northern Rail trains are a disgrace.

Greg Fraser

If it was London then it’d be happening already, as it’s in the north it’ll just be talked about for years, the costs will triple and funding will be pulled before anything happens (sadly).

Thomas Peters

Thank God for that, Leeds station is the most depressing station in the country, all in battleship grey and covered in muck. And then there is the equaly depressing tunnels of Neville Street and Swinegate to match. God only knows what first time visitors think on arrival to Leeds.