YEP Letters: October 11

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YOUR ARTICLE about back-to-back houses (YEP, October 7) brought back many memories for us.

We bought our first home, a back-to-back, in January 1961. It was mainly in its original condition, namely an old iron fireplace, a plumbed-in bath in the scullery, a set pot – now that will be a mystery to most people – and a shared outside toilet up the street.

In the very severe winter of 1963 you didn’t linger too long in there.

We got “the key of the door” the first week in January and married on February 11.

While away on honeymoon a relative finished off decorating our living room. A wonderful gesture. It was just a pity he had put the wallpaper on upside down!

By 1965 grants were available for home improvements. As a result the bath went upstairs, along with a wash basin, but best of all the loo came inside. This was pure bliss.

The house was in Harehills, and still stands today, though the gas street lamps have gone.

We had very little for a good few years.

The telephone, the fridge, vacuum cleaner, car, TV, fitted carpets and central heating were all in the future back in 1961.

The city of Leeds was itself a dark and dirty place, smog being a regular visitor in winter.

How times have changed. However, our little back-to-back gave us a good start to our married life.

Sylvia and David Bird, Cookridge

I think the photograph showing children playing in the street (YEP, October 7) was taken in Oswald Street in Wortley.

The smaller of the photographs also shows the end of the same street and can be identified (with the aid of a magnifying glass) by the Beechams Pills advert on the gable end.

The Oswalds, along with their neighbours The Danubes, were situated along the south side of Geldard Road, opposite the cattle market whose wall can be seen at the end of the street.

The church seen in the photograph is St Mary of Bethany, now demolished, which was situated in Tong Road, just above what was the Crown Cinema.

The smaller of the photographs shows the two persons crossing the Leamington playing field which was known locally as the “Lemi”.

The large adverts on the gable ends of the streets must have been for the benefit of passengers on the Leeds to Manchester railway line which was on the raised viaduct on the other side of the “Lemi” – they were the only people who could see them!

Terry Smith, Wortley

Supermarkets brainwashed us

For years now the top four supermarkets have inflated lots of goods to double the normal selling prices, only then to do deals of buy one get one free.

You have only to go round any of the big four to find nearly everything is half price or BOGOF.

We the public have been brainwashed for a long time. Aldi and Lidl have done the great British public a favour.

I now shop at Aldi with no intention of going back to being brainwashed.

Stephen Johnston, Leeds

Pledges instead of promises

LISTENING TO the party conference speeches I have noticed they are no longer using the unpopular word “promises”.

They are now in the pawnbroking business, they are now giving their “pledges”!

Judge us on our “record”, a wait for months for the remaining “public services”. We have the lowest pensions in the EU, foodbanks are on the increase etc.

What a disgraceful way to run one of the richest countries in the world. Four years to turn the business round and it is not yet happening!

Robert Holman, Headingley

How can people be chairs?

I HAD to smile at the article (YEP, October 6) where the existing chair was leaving York Hospital and a new chair was required.

I always thought that the chair was either to sit on or relax in.

Can someone possibly explain to me how a person becomes a chair?

Peter Dawson, West Park

Milkmen are cream of crop

In response to Jayne Dawson’s article (YEP, October 1) on the supposed end of milk deliveries, the friendly milkman is here in LS16 with glass milk bottles – cream at the top – and long may that continue.

At 87 I certainly do not want to be carrying cartons of milk from the supermarket in addition to items I have already purchased.

Jean Woodcock, Cookridge

Reading value in different papers

I READ that we are being urged to sign a petition demanding an end to topless women on page three of certain tabloid newspapers.

I can read The Sun newspaper in 10 minutes so that rules me out.

The Daily Mirror can interest me for half an hour, with the YEP and Sunday People giving me over an hour of good value reading.

So the rest of you who read The Sun can squabble all you like about the contents of page three.

A Hague, Harehills

We’ve earned our bus passes

I SEE that K and D Ingle (YEP, October 3) have once again joined Nick Keer in his crusade against senior citizens over not standing up for them on the bus. Do they not realise that it was these same pensioners who braved war and hardship to give such as them the freedom to express their views, however biased?

This group of people that you malign so much also paid taxes to help bring up your offspring.

We are not – as you put it – “getting anything free” as we have earned it, however small.

If K and D Ingle feel so righteous about free bus passes then I suggest they pay full fare or alternatively send the equivalent amount to a charity, maybe Age Concern.

Terry Dunwell, Swarcliffe

Join RSPCA’s marathon team

AHEAD of tomorrow’s Yorkshire Marathon, the RSPCA would like to ask YEP readers to come along and be part of our team of supporters.

The RSPCA – the country’s oldest and biggest animal charity – would like volunteers to come along and cheer our runners along the 26.2 mile route through beautiful Yorkshire countryside.

We would like our cheerers to join us at mile seven next to the entertainment between 9am and 12pm.

As a fun twist, each of our runners have team cat or team dog T-shirts, depending on their favourite animal.

We are asking all our volunteers to pick their own team and we will be providing T-shirts, temporary tattoos, stickers and a pin to attach to your T-shirt on the day.

We would also love any runners who already have their own place to run for us too.

Anyone who chooses to run for the RSPCA will get a T-shirt, fundraising pack and after party.

Anyone interested in helping can contact us at or on 0300 123 0598.

Katie Sutcliffe, Events Manager, RSPCA

5 June 2015.......   Aerial shot of the M62  junction with the M606 Chain Bar Interchange near Bradford and Leeds. Picture by Tony Johnson

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