YEP Letters: October 10

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Refugee housing ‘cop out and smokescreen’

Dennis Andrews, by email

After various people involved with housing the refugees soon to be arriving in Leeds assured us they would be spread out and not concentrated in one or two predictable areas, it seems that was an idle promise.

I noticed in the YEP Tuesday October 6 a small piece reporting that they had admitted the refugees will be housed in the usual various parts of LS7, 8, 9 and 11. Apparently they wanted to try other areas but rent prices means it isn’t viable.

This is nothing but a cop out and a smokescreen.

Obviously I wouldn’t have expected them to try and house them in Alwoodley or Bramhope, as if. But how about other parts of Leeds?

The rents in parts of LS2, 3, 6, 10, 12, 13, 14, and 15 to name but a few wouldn’t be any more than the postcodes in the ones they have ‘resigned’ themselves to housing them in.

Such a predictable outcome, despite assurances to the contrary.


Drivers: source of revenue?

Sue Egan, Otley

On Sunday October 4 I parked in my usual place, a spot I’ve used for several years.

To my horror, when I returned, I’d got a ticket! I couldn’t believe it. It took me several minutes to locate the discreet sign saying that this was now for taxis only (not that I’ve ever seen a taxi parked there!)

The parking regulations had been changed since the previous Sunday. I know it’s my responsibility to check signs , but , honestly, does anyone do this every time, especially in a spot that he/she has used for years?.

I’ve paid the fine but wonder why Leeds City Council could not have erected a notice warning motorists about the change. Or are we poor, beleaguered drivers just a source of revenue?

I’m now desperately trying to find a parking spot with easy access to Leeds Cathedral. Forget Rose Bowl and The Light - they’re okay for occasional trips but too expensive for every Sunday. Any suggestions?

Questions over new centre

John Hutchinson, Kippax

I am pleased to read in your October 8 issue that the forthcoming Victoria Gate retail unit will bring a huge boost to Leeds and create more than 1,000 jobs along the way.

The only question I have is how many jobs will it cost, as shops in other parts of the city centre and throughout the area close in the face of competition from the shiny new retail development?

And how long will it be before the previous shiny new retail development, the one called Trinity, is deemed to be in need of a refurbishment?

Just wondering.

Where is money coming from?

Olga Twist, Leeds 14

WHERE is Mr Cameron getting the £100m to help out the immigrants situation? Is he borrowing it from the World Bank and putting Britain into more debt?

When one thinks even half of that amount would put our NHS back on the straight and narrow path and considering most of us have worked most of our lives and helped finance the NHS surely the needs of our hospitals services should be the first on the list to be bailed out - or does Mr Cameron wnat to prove himself a big generous man throwing money around?

I know this immigrant issues seems to just involve Europe and the EU, but Australia, New Zealand and the USA all belong to this planet, but have they said they’ll give aid to help the situation?

I suppose they feel it’s Europe’s problem and as they don’t allow anyone to enter and live in their country unless they have a job or enough to live on for at least six months and after that no job and no way of providing for oneself they must leave.

But surely they could help with the expenses and also send goods to help with the living arrangements, if only with tents and help with the hygiene and sanitary situation? After all we’re all supposed to be in this all together.

Hurricane was battle’s workhorse

G A Hall, Alwoodley

REGARDING the article in the Yorkshire Evening Post, Monday September 21, on 609 West Riding Squadron RAF. It is stated that the squadron was based on the west coast in the summer of 1940, during the Battle of Britain.

This is incorrect, they were based at RAF Middle Wallop, Hampshire near the south coast, helping to protect southern England to the west of London.

The squadron’s greatest ace was Flt Lt John Dundas DFC with nine enemy aircraft shot down. Two of 609 squadron’s spitfires can be seen today, one at RAF Museum Hendon and one at the Imperial War Museum, London.

Although the Spitfire was the glamour-puss, the Hawker Hurricane was the workhorse in the Battle of Britain, and shot down more enemy aircraft.

This fact is not well known by the general public.

They shared the same power plant i.e. the Rolls Royce Merlin V12 piston engine, but the Hurricane could take more punishment in the battle. Its wider-track undercarriage also made it more stable on take off and landings.

Vision for the future

Terry Allinson, Bardsey

I’M afraid I don’t agree with the Chancellor when he urges Leeds to come together with the North (The Yorkshire Evening Post, September 25).

For me the gargantuan city of London should not be our model. We have sufficient room here for our two largest cities to come together with their near neighbours.

George’s vision is for the future!

Simply the best

Peter Cliffe, Armley

I would like to mention John and Val and staff of Best Wishes newsagents of Branch Road, Leeds 12.

They are in my opinion simply the best, always there every day from early morning serving customers, they never let you down.

I hope you will give these people a well-deserved mention, they deserve it.