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station plan: A �500m plan to remodel Leeds Station has been revealed.
station plan: A �500m plan to remodel Leeds Station has been revealed.
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Spend money on local rail stations

Martin J Phillips, Leeds 16

Before more money is wasted on a new ‘status symbol’ railway station in Leeds, money needs to be spent on ensuring the local stations in the area can accommodate the three, four, and six carriage trains that the various train companies keep promising us.

If there is money to spend it would be better used on providing a station at Leeds-Bradford airport and another near to the White Rose shopping centre.

Hopefully these will be better served than the new stations at Kirkstall Forge and Apperley Bridge; they are great stations but hardly any trains stop there!

City is region’s worst area for rough sleepers

A housing charity has named Leeds as the region’s worst area for rough sleepers as it launches an urgent appeal for support. Shelter published a new report today which revealed that the number of people recorded as homeless in Yorkshire and the Humber region had reached 4800. Although Leeds was found to have the highest number of rough sleepers in the area it ranked 19th out of 21 overall for homelessness. The charity’s analysis found there were 81 homeless people with one in every 9651 people recorded as being homeless. Meanwhile neighbouring Wakefield and Harrogate were ranked in the top five worst areas for homelessness. We asked YEP readers for their views and here’s what some of them said on social media..

Simon Banks

One of the reasons Leeds has so many is due to all the homeless charities in Leeds feeding and clothing them most nights. I used to help the homeless two years ago now and they were coming over from Sheffield, Doncaster, down from the North East too because word had got out about being fed and clothed. I was out of work when I was helping but living on savings and I was always brought up to cut your cloth accordingly, so I had no credit on my phone at the time. Yet out feeding supposedly homeless people they were on their phones. It’s an absolute joke. Some are in need, don’t get me wrong, but many are just addicts begging.

Benny Karr

Leeds is the biggest city in the area so obviously there will be more in Leeds. Plus homeless people/beggars (not always the same thing) will always be attracted to a big city. Like moths around a lightbulb.

Sarah Fawcett

Apparently we give them more money. A lot of them are fake, but then the genuine ones need help from our council.

James Anthony Scully

You can make a difference by sponsoring the founder of the street kitchen, he’s doing a 48-hour sleep-out to raise money to feed the homeless.

Margaret Friar

Leeds gave homes to loads when the homeless had that tent city last year and they nearly all have made themselves homeless again. Can’t blame the council.

John Vowles

Don’t think they have looked at Manchester. I’ve seen at least 40 people sleeping rough in just one place.

Graham Wagstaff

A lot of people that are sleeping rough don’t beg and some have been in the services and come out traumatised.

Steven Cockx

It stands to reason Leeds will have more homeless people as the population is larger than anywhere else in Yorkshire, no?

Hazel Dean

Leeds City Council should be ashamed.

Neil Watson

Another example of Tory cuts affecting the poorest in society. Funds are from different places and some are ringfenced, the cycleway, as much a waste of time as it is, was financed by multiple sources, not just Leeds Council. Central government cutbacks have reduced Leeds Council funding by tens of millions of pounds, therefore is it most certainly a Tory problem.

Jo Cosgrove

Leeds City Council is Labour-run and if they choose to spend money on useless cycle lanes and a hotel that has had to be scrapped, that is not a Tory problem.

Martin Tee

There is no reason for anyone to be sleeping rough nowadays. Local councils bend over backwards to provide housing for any old reason. Many rough sleepers make a conscious decision at some time in their existence to walk the path of their choice.

Heather Royce

Leeds keeps closing resources for the homeless too. St Anne’s kitchen, where food was served, closed down and I just noticed Holdsworth Court has gone too, which provided overnight accommodation.

Sparks will fly over lost fire

Hilary Andrews, Leeds.

CAN anyone tell me if there have been any injuries in the 30 years that Rawdon and Little London have held their annual bonfire?

Leeds Council workers removing it this year will have deprived many of a looked for entertainment in their community.

Sometimes “health and safety” and Leeds Council seem to lose their care for the people they are responsible for. Odds are that the councillor in that area might not be re-elected.

NHS does care

Mrs SM Abbott, Wakefield.

IN the last two months, I’ve had two planned operations, one staying overnight and the other as a day patient at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield.

I cannot thank all the staff enough from the nurses to the excellent medical team who put my mind at ease and performed the operations.

Speaking to other patients, we all agreed about the excellent care we had received and were very thankful for it, but also concerned that the NHS should not be abused!

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