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Should fireworks have tighter regulations? Is the legal ruling over Article 50 ignoring the will of the people? And did you know Hallowe’en is not rooted in American tradition? These are just some of the topics up for debate in our readers letters today.

More control over fireworks

John Sutcliffe, Leeds

As I write this note, my senses are assailed by explosions and flashes that going on around me. Bearing in mind that the time is 11.20pm on Friday November 4, I feel that things are getting out of hand somewhat.

In this day and age is it not time that steps were taken to curtail the indiscriminate setting off of what are in effect miniature explosive devices, dangerous, noisy and powerful?

I have no problem with organised firework displays as they tend to have a set start and finish time, I do take umbrage at the setting off of these fireworks at all hours of the day and night and for several weeks from about mid October. Maybe we should ask why we are having this “celebration “ at all, it is no longer referred to as “Guy Fawkes” night, but is usually simply called “Bonfire Night”, many of the young people don’t have the faintest idea of the history behind the event.

Perhaps greater control is needed, ban the sale of fireworks to the general public and only sell them to licensed display organisers; after all the vast majority of the fireworks sold are cheap imports from the Far East, which does nothing for our balance of payments!

Union used its members as pawns in game

Bernard Duffy, by email

In response to Terry Maunders’ letter (YEP, November 4, Miners were enemy within’) I would like to make the following points: The Conservative Party IS the party of hard-working people, reward for effort and striving for a better life for you and your family. Aren’t we all hard working people, all people who go to work or have worked?

The construction industry is a much more harsh working environment than the mines were, witness the number of deaths and injuries at work. The miners were reaping the benefits of their forefathers, who did work in awful conditions. Latterly the machinery did a lot of the hard work.

He conveniently forgets that the Wilson and Callaghan Labour Governments closed more pits than Mrs Thatcher’s.

The police were only upholding the law, brought in by Parliament, voted in by the majority of the country.

The greatest manipulation was carried out by the Miners Union in rigging the ballot, as witnessed by the Nottingham miners, who demanded a proper ballot, which was denied. The Police are there to protect the public, applying the laws, voted for by the public, not a renegade union leader, using his members as political pawns to further his political beliefs. He never lost a penny during the strike.

A vote for democracy

Judy Goodwin, Windross Close, Altofts

As most of our MPs have no wish to leave the EU they will now do everything in their power to block this happening.

They have no wish to see the EU gravy train leave the station without themselves onboard. But in two years we will have a general election and then the people of this country can show them what democracy is, as most of them are professional politicians and unemployable outside of Westminster a few years in the wilderness would focus their minds no end.

Blair should not stop our will

Jim Sokol,by email

Tony Blair’s meetings with Francois Hollande demonstrates the treachery of the most hated British politician of modern times.

He is largely responsible for the ongoing disasters throughout the middle-east and now he is colluding with a foreign power against the British public, who elected to forge our own future in the world.

Blair’s plot to overturn the referendum result demonstrates his contempt for the UK public is almost tangible. His action is no different to the clandestine meeting between a disgraced royal and a certain German chancellor in 1937, plotting the submission of the British nation, albeit politically.

Blair is obviously angling for the job he has always craved - the European presidency. If he succeeded by thwarting the enactment of Article 50 with the overwhelming support from the left-wing British media and socialist political allies - it would be the most bitter pill to swallow.

He must be repelled at all costs.

Money down the potholes

Shaun Kavanagh, by email

Joe Sheppard’s article (YEP, October 29), reported the cost of fixing potholes in our roads.

With the national cost to do so being around £11.8 billion and to taking 14 years to complete then I would suggest the estimate, provided by Labour’s Councillor, Richard Lewis, is likely to be doubled, or even trebled, over such a period.

Coun Lewis said the cost to repair roads in Leeds will be in excess of £100 million, so why has his department wasted over £40 million on cycle tracks used by the few? It does not make financial sense when there are so many far more important needs within Leeds. There cannot be any more useless projects than the two cycle tracks introduced onto Leeds roads.

To make matter worse Coun Keith Wakefield, recently announced LCC is offering free lessons for those who wish to become cyclists so they might be encouraged to use the cycle tracks. It has been stated, by those with cycling knowledge, the tracks are of poor design and dangerous, so inexperienced cyclists will most probably add to the accident statistics, as experience cannot be gleaned with a few lessons.

The roads in Leeds are abysmal and need sorting. Leeds City Council should get its act together and embark on worthwhile projects which will ultimately benefit of the masses, as opposed to those which favour the minority and at colossal expense.

Not the best example

Terry Maunder, Kirkstall

I HAVE spent my career nursing and educating people with mental health problems and mental illnesses and also educating their relatives and my own family and friends. It goes without saying that I support the Yorkshire Evening Post’s Speak Your Mind initiative.

Recently Channel 5 had a programme on called Me And My Mental Illness. Well done for that. However, it was on at 10.00pm, which says something : why not earlier to potentially widen the audience? Furthermore, I question the constant use of certain celebrities: why not use ordinary people only - much easier to relate to than the former adviser and spin doctor to Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell.

Whilst I acknowledge his willingness to talk, we must not forget that he is associated with spin and self-promotion. I believe that at some level his presence might reinforce the idea that people with mental health problems are dangerous, unreliable and manipulative. His presence, therefore, could be counter-productive and reinforce stereotypes.

Come and join the party

Kendal Wilson,Barlby Road, Selby

The UK Yorkshire Socialist Alliance Party was founded in 2012, in response to Government reforms which could cause hardship to vulnerable groups in society. Over the past four years, we have been challenging policies which threaten hardship to people in need with no consideration of the complexities of individual cases and with no advice on how to support individuals who are personally affected by ‘Welfare Reforms’.

The party is now recruiting new members from Leeds area, with the hope of opening a small branch in the West Yorkshire region.

If you would like to know more, or if you feel you could take an active role in campaigning or representation, we would love to hear from you.

Email us at Kendal Wilson (party leader) 0794 8710324 or janet.wilson.1@hotmail.co.uk

Hallowe’en is not American

Dominic Burns, by email

I read an article by Jayne Dawson in the paper which I enjoyed, but I noticed she wrote that ‘the newly invented Hallowe’en....Completely American custom’.

I’d just like to point out that this isn’t true. Halloween is probably a Celtic tradition, but definitely not American in origin.

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