YEP Letters: November 7

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PENELOPE GIBBS and others on the Standing Committee for Youth Justice have stated the sentence for Will Cornick is too long and that rehabilitation should be the emphasis.

Have any of these people listened to the testimonies of psychiatrists and do any of them know anything about mental illness/mental health and personality disorder?

PD is not classed as a mental illness and is not considered responsive to treatment/rehabilitation: it’s there for good. I’m not going to state which variety this person (I use the term loosely) has but he is unlikely to change.

Thanks to programmes like The X Factor, many young people these days want nothing but fame at any price and he has achieved this.

He should be put away for good for the way in which he chose to do so: he made a fully informed choice and should face the consequences of his carefully thought through actions.

This is one example of “liberal” do-goodery too far.

These committees are also supposed to take account of public opinion and they are sick to death of the needs of victims of this kind of violence being put secondary to the perpetrator.

Any therapeutic work should be given to the survivors, not the murderer.

T Maunder, Kirkstall

Defending the indefensible

HERE WE go again - another do-gooder, Penelope Gibbs, defending the indefensible by refusing to acknowledge the fact that Will Cornick carried out a premeditated, cold blooded murder of a totally innocent victim, with no more concern than that of a person swatting a fly.

According to the press reports this individual is unable to see the terrible wrong that he has done, therefore how can he be rehabilitated if to him his behaviour is perfectly 
normal? No doubt in a few years time some Home Office shrink will give themselves a big pat on the back by declaring that his psychiatric treatment has been successful and a parole board will set him free to kill again. Thus perpetuating the taxpayer funded legal aid gravy train for two more legal teams and others employed in the criminal justice system.

Do gooders only do themselves any good....

Derek Barker, Moortown

Will Cornick is not a ‘poor boy’

REGARDING YOUR pages 18 and 19 (YEP, November 5), to hell with the youth “justice” campaigners in the horrific case of the Leeds teacher’s murder.

On Tuesday (November 4) a Look North news report showed that disgusting little piece of pure evil who murdered Ann Maguire being described as “this poor boy”, predictably by some so-called mental health “expert”.

I could scarcely believe my ears.

My response requires 
four words - chuck the key away.

Alan Freeman, Leeds

Think forwards, not backwards

WITH REFERENCE to a recent trolleybus article I liked the suggestion by 
Bill McKinnon, chairman of the Friends of Woodhouse Moor Group, that they 
could run the trolley buses without cables, as on the Continent.

Years ago I suggested overhead stilts which would avoid interfering with road traffic and using less ground space.

Leeds has to go forwards, not backwards, as the opposition has shown.

AE Hague, Harehills

Political parties are all the same

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with comments made 
about UKIP voters by R Chester (YEP, November 5). The dyed in the wool Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem voters seem to be blind to the fact that there is very little difference between the policies of the main parties, who all favour creating opportunities for the wealthy to become wealthier while imposing limitations on the wages earned by the vast majority.

For at least the past 30 years those voted into Parliament have stuck two fingers up at the majority of the electorate after being voted in, and simply pandered to the wishes of the international commercial companies by introducing measures that prevent the ordinary workers demanding decent living wages, while creating massive profits and huge incomes for the already excessively wealthy.

Is it any wonder that increasing numbers of people are waking up to the fact that to vote for any of the three main political parties is simply a vote for more of the same, year in year out. Our membership of the EU has stolen the quality of life 
that our parents and grandparents struggled so hard to attain, in the belief that once achieved it 
would become established for future generations to benefit from.

What happened to the socialist ideals that the Labour party was founded on? Oh yes, that’s right, 
they were replaced by personal political career ambition.

Derek Barker, Moortown

By George, he’s got a nerve

What a nasty piece of work former drug addict and fouled-mouthed so-called comedienne Russell Brand is to drag little Prince George’s name through the mud. Perhaps Mr Brand should be reminded of the fact that if the Monarchy still had the powers they used to have he himself would have suffered the same fate the he recommended for Prince George.

Brand seems to be treated by the media with the reverence usually afforded to a precocious 12 year old.

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

Parents and mobile phones

EVERY DAY I see mothers and fathers walking their children to school with mobiles stuck to the sides of their heads while. On one occasion, one of the mother’s children was running around in the middle of the road (yes, I saw this the other day – she was oblivious).

There are some who I have yet to see without a phone stuck to their faces in eight years. Others watch their mobiles more than they watch their children.

If they speak to their children (some of them) it’s only to swear at them using words you couldn’t print. Some call it being “forthright Yorkshire”. I don’t.

They feed them on crisps and fizzy drinks for breakfast. They’re too busy to do anything else, apparently. Busy doing what? Oh yes, going on Facebook and texting.

Name and adress supplied

Our council is starved of funds

IT’S ALL very well the Government encouraging us all to involve ourselves in cultural activities, or exercise more, yet, due to the coalition starving Leeds City Council of funding, opening hours from next month are to be reduced at all public libraries. It is a sorry state of affairs, when someone looking forward to an evening or weekend visit to their local library, museum, art gallery or leisure centre, meets with locked doors.

A Shipman, Swinnow

Global handouts

I WOULD like David Cameron to explain to me why in 2013 we gave £11.5bn in global handouts when this county is in meltdown.

The National Health Service is in strife. They need billions now - and we give billions away. Our own people are suffering and yet we can afford to give all this money away. Charity beings at home.

Roger Watkinson, Halton

I’m no litter lout, thanks to her!

Reading Margaret Thompson letter (YEP, November 4) regarding litter reminded me of a time I was in a car with a friend of mine and his Mother (Gertrude Stevenson, former Lord Mayor of Leeds).

His Mother handed out some sweets, I unwrapped the sweet and threw the 
sweet paper out of the car window.

What followed was the biggest telling off I have had in my life - but I have never been a litter lout since and that was over 50 years ago.

Ken Woodhead, Alwoodley

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