YEP Letters: November 7

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So Leeds City Council’s team of litter detectives have issued over 1,300 fines in an attempt to clean up the city centre with their zero tolerance approach.

In July, a Yorkshire Evening Post article stated that the council had raised over £44,000 in three months but it wasn’t about making money, how gullible do they think the public are?

If so much money is being raised, why are thousands of street lights being turned off between the hours of midnight and 5.30 in the morning?

The city centre does need to look clean and tidy and any improvement is good, but the city also needs to be safe and well lit between these hours.

Leeds City Council have made some big mistakes in the recent past and this is another one, turning the street lights off.

The council says if it doesn’t work they’ll turn them back on, but what if it doesn’t work out for someone returning home late at night or during the early hours?

Where is the reduction in council tax?

The public always ends up paying more for less.

I know about government funding cuts but isn’t the cash- strapped council wearing a bit thin with people?

There are many cash-strapped families out there who can barely afford to eat, who must wonder if the struggle is all worthwhile.

Everything appears to be in the council’s favour.

They are a ruthless organisation who ride roughshod over a heavily taxed public who deserve far better than they get for their money.

When the public make mistakes they pay the price but what happens when the council get it wrong, who pays then?

I think most of us know the answer to that one.

Peter Haddington, Bradford

Ferrets, pigeons and the tin bath

REGARDING Malcolm Nicholson’s recent opinion of council tenants.

I live in a council flat and would look forward to Mr Nicholson visiting me on a Friday afternoon.

You see, on Tuesdays I wash my ferrets after a night rabbiting. Wednesday, I clean out my pigeons and Thursday I refill my bath with coal, I need it for the fire since my electric was cut off.

On Friday morning, I take the tin bath from the shed and have a good wash down in the kitchen.

Saturday and Sunday I spend in the pub and take to my bed on Monday to sleep it off.

Well I must go now as I need to take my whippets for a run.

David Daniel, 
York Road, Leeds

Helping out the criminals

THE ARTICLE in the YEP (October 31) says about burglaries increasing after the clocks have been turned back and criminals taking advantage of longer periods of darkness.

And what does Leeds City Council do?

Switch streets off to give criminals an even greater advantage to commit any crimes they wish.

Peter Dawson, Leeds 16

Rapid transit will be slower

I OBJECT to the trolleybus proposals, on various grounds including excessive cost, and the fact that the NGT will create ongoing congestion along its northern route through Headingley.

The proposed reduction in buses along the NGT route will lead to increases in car traffic congestion.

The NGT stops do not coincide with normal bus stops.

How are the old and disabled to make use of the combination of old/new transport?

There is completely inadequate seating on the NGT, two thirds of passengers are required to stand. If you are elderly or disabled, then you will not be able to make use of the NGT since you will not be able to sit.

As for the estimated speed of the NGT, a proposed 12 miles per hour, this does not constitute rapid transit, in fact it is slower than the existing bus system.

This is a gross waste of public money for very little gain to the community.

Peter Pickering, Leeds 4

City MPs must play role in HS2

WATCHING the HS2 amendment bill being debated in Parliament, I noted that although all MPs representing cities to be connected, and even some hoping to be, spoke, there was none from Leeds. Why not?

Even those from Glasgow and Edinburgh expressed their wish for a northern extension.

At present we are the only northern point from which further extension proceeds southwards.

The could easily change if pressure from other quarters shunts us into the sidings.

For example if the route is changed to follow the M1 motorway from Birmingham towards Leeds, and the M5 towards Manchester, thus leaving Leeds connected last.

To preclude this, we should make common cause with Hull, York, Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Newcastle to advocate our strategic position, and their interests being served by connecting Leeds first.

We have no natural allies in Westminster so must buy them if necessary from wherever we can.

Our MPs should be a visible part in this process.

Paul Kilroy, Leeds 16

Bard education and no skills

in Saturday’s ‘World Today’ section of the YEP there were two articles that correlated. The first stated that young people were leaving school lacking the skills to find employment.

The second concerned the Department of Education’s changes to GCSEs which will mean school students having to study Keats, Wordsworth, Byron, and Shakespeare.

Well that should solve the lack of skills problem then!

Why not go the whole hog and make students study Latin and Ancient Greek then they can find employment as senior politicians ruining, sorry running the country.

Me ineptum, operis boni in rebus latinis alacribus et fructuosis potiri potes! (Silly me, you can get a good job in the fast-paced, high-paying world of Latin).

My own view of Shakespeare is that if you have to study his writings in order to understand them then he is a complete failure as a writer!

It probably explains why I only scraped through my ‘O’ level English at the second attempt!

Martin J Phillips, Tinshill Lane, Cookridge

Welfare is not a lifestyle choice

B Duffy and DS Boyes (Your views, YEP November 5) seem to think that Labour are to blame for the present high unemployment here.

They are so wrong – perhaps they do not know many young school leavers personally, they are not ‘workshy’, where are the jobs for them?

Welfare is not a lifestyle choice – do they realise that more than 700 young people in Yorkshire and the Humber face homelessness this Christmas (Shelter)?

Do they really believe it will be a happy time for them?

Can’t imagine many of these 700 will be from a Tory background!

Pauline Brearley, Leeds

Fees of private car parks

Whilst I sympathise with traders who are complaining about the charges – but should they not direct their anger at the private car park operators who control 70 per cent of the parking in Leeds city centre?

These car parks charge far more than the council charges and have never been free in the evening or Sundays.

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