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Cycle lane plea to council planners

D Beston, Leeds 9

Whilst it is good news to hear that construction of the ‘cycle super highway’ between Leeds and Bradford has just started can I issue a plea to Leeds City Council planners?

The Kirkstall Road cycle lane is not fit for purpose, and in my view a potential death trap just waiting to happen. I no longer use it, feeling much safer on the road itself. Cars coming downhill on the side streets from Burley just do not realise it is there.

I have had several ‘near misses’ already. And to the many ‘white van men’ drivers who like to scream abuse at me, this is the reason I refuse to use it.

City’s cycle superhighway to be extended

Work has started on a multi-million pound extension to the Leeds-Bradford cycle superhighway. The £7.9m project will see segregated cycle routes being created on key roads through Leeds city centre. Transport bosses say new routes will run along Wellington Street to City Square and from Queen Street to Westgate as well as north-to-south along the line of St Peter’s Street. The existing superhighway covers 23 kilometres east-to-west between Seacroft and Bradford but does not currently run through Leeds city centre. It is hoped work on the extension scheme – funded by the Government’s Cycling City Ambition Grant programme – will be completed by next summer. We asked YEP readers for their views on the scheme and here’s what some said on social media..

Judy Sismey

Hope they make a better job of it than they have in other areas. Start, stop, no markings leaving both drivers and cyclists confused!

Anthony Weston

To all those thinking cycle lanes are a waste of money, I can now cycle with my 11-year-old son from west Leeds to east Leeds to visit his nan, keeping us healthy and safe riding other than the city centre part where drivers are in a rush. I also see families going up and down Stanningley Road,if these lanes save a child’s life and get people doing exercise they’re worth every penny spent.

Michael Tosney

Won’t make a difference, cyclists have no proper training on the roads, money would be better spent teaching them to drive responsibly. Maybe introduce a driving licence for cyclists to give them more training and to allow them to be accountable when they don’t follow the rules. This would help keep cyclists and other road users safe. From what I’ve seen they avoid parts of these cycle lanes that are slightly longer than the route the road takes so they just jump onto the narrowed roads now more dangerous for them to ride on.

Sean Lawrence

That “licence” already exists. It’s called Bikeability, and the majority of the things taught in it (ie: riding centre of the lane when there’s an obstruction coming up which makes it unsafe for cars to get past, like a traffic island or blind corner for example) riles drivers. It’d soon get revoked because they’d bow to motorist pressure.

VVendie Blue

Licensing would also allow for mandatory insurance for the damage done by the less conscientious bikers too. I don’t think anyone should be using the road without some sort of licence and MOT style safety certificate insurance - car, bike, horse disability scooter etc.

Beverly Golesworthy

And still you go down past the one at Stanningley and what are the cyclists doing? Using either the pavement or the road alongside it.

Same council that turns street lights off way too early or keeps them off all night can find money for this rubbish nobody uses.

Mark Allan

Why? The other £32 million stretch is mostly unused and is a waste of time and money yet they now want to tear up our city centre!

Dadimal Craig Mulholland

I’m a driver, sure, it can be annoying some times but we need to share the road.

Bill Phipps

When can we expect all the potholes to be fixed? The roads are in a shocking state.

Paul Elletson

Another waste of money whilst the elderly suffer due to homes closing ....shame on you Leeds.

Greg Henson

I don’t believe this scheme is lowering congestion or pollution, putting in cycle lanes that cyclists can’t and don’t use is ridiculous!

Leeds currently has an embarrassingly high level of homelessness, this money would be better spent on local authority homes and low cost housing in the city.

£7.9m builds a lot of property, well in the private sector anyway, our jobs for the boys council would allow 30 to be built for that, based on what they believe is an acceptable amount to pay for three stations!

The national government can sort the pollution issues, however, without China and USA in board, there seems little point in Leeds wasting money on schemes that they portray as lowering pollution and congestion when they seem only to do the exact opposite.

Horsforth roundabout is a good example of how useless our council’s road planning team are. And with the head of the council being paid more than the prime minister of the country it’s a really bad joke that our spending is so out of control throughout the district.

Yaki Kadafi

Make buses and trains run on time and affordable to start with and have cyclists adhere to proper road etiquette.

John Vowles

How about building more facilities for kids’ activities. Try persuade them to get off the X box for what? Nothing much.

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