YEP Letters: November 24

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A trip back to the past for school reunion

Ann Squires and Sandra Hunter (nee Ford), by email

In the midst of all the awful things happening around the world this week, a group of senior citizens were given the treat of a lifetime. We were granted a trip back in time, something most of us had been wishing for, especially Mr H Jepson OBE.


All of us had lived in the little white prefabs which had formed the first Cottingley Estate, it was the most wonderful place to live and we were lucky enough to also have a new school built for us and to have Mr Jepson, who began his teaching career there, as our teacher. The estate and the school provided us all with some wonderful memories to look back on and talk about with one another whenever we met up.

A reunion was planned for this year which was expected to be held in the nearby Drysalters pub but it took the tenacity of one of our group to contact the headteacher of the now Cottingley Primary Academy to ask about the possibility of holding the reunion there.

The response was unexpected as Kelly Bentley welcomed this suggestion wholeheartedly and soon became immersed with the organisation along with Chris Went, our reunion organiser, and between them they pulled off the most perfect day.

We hadn’t known just what to expect, was the dear old school in a state of neglect with it being so old, would the children not show any interest in us, would we all end up wishing we had just gone to the pub – not on your life. We were all made to feel very welcome by Mrs Bentley and her staff and most of all by the children who were all immaculately turned out in the their red uniforms and all wearing lovely smiles. The children had written out questions that they wanted us to answer and we all did our level best to remember, so that we could answer them and we didn’t really mind that some of them thought we might have written on slates! All the children without exception were polite and so well behaved and really did seem interested The school itself had been kept in very good condition and state of repair and it was easy to see why the children were so happy to be there. In the school hall we all stood on the very same parquet floor that we had previously stood on as children, this too still looked as new as it did then. Before the end children gathered together to end our day with some lovely singing.

All in all a really wonderful day was had by everyone and I think the headteacher, her staff and all the parents should feel really proud of the children they are nurturing and we hope that one day the children will look back on their school days with the same warm memories of the school and their teachers.

We are all grateful for the organisational skills of Chris Went and the willingness of the whole school to acknowledge our feelings about wanting to return to our past for a short while and send all our thanks for giving us another precious memory to store.

We can tell fact from fiction...

Ivan Kovacks, by email

In view of the attacks in Paris last week I understand the vast amount of coverage on the various news channels and also when the coverage extends in to other programmes.

However I believe Radio 4 has treated its listeners in a very condescending way in the way that it changed the scheduling of one of its entertainment programmes.

I always enjoy listening to the afternoon theatre and was looking forward to a series of three courtroom dramas under the title of Behind Closed Doors. I heard the first two and was out when the third was playing so tried to catch up on the iPlayer. It was not the play I was expecting and went to the Radio Times to check it out. I then noticed the Wednesday play was about a man accused of being a terrorist.

So, as there was no explanation on the iPlayer as to why the play has being changed, I have to assume it was due to a convoluted link with the terrorists attack in Paris. If this is true then I feel angry and insulted by the BBC, what they are trying to say is that I am incapable of telling fact from fiction and not able to understand that the plays were probably scheduled months in advance. Come on BBC get your act together and start to treat your audience like the adult, intelligent, free thinking and aware people that you often say we are.

Disabled being demonised

N Norris, by email

The article regarding the most vulnerable being charged more (‘400 facing rise in care charges’, YEP, November 23), is related to the new care reform act which came into being in April this year.

This has a nasty little clause in it (S14 charging) which states, ‘despite opposition from the select committee, that protection from charges that a disabled person can practically afford to pay, be retained, this has now been removed’.

Many disabled who rely on carers have already been accessed as to their charges, which doesn’t take into account many of the other costs involved for disabled people or their carers, who in many instances have had no option but to stop work to provide care (even David Cameron in PM’s Question Time stated, “carers deserve all the help Government can give as they save the country billions”).

Many carers are left to care for disabled children or adults alone as their partners leave, and already are being demonised by this Government and the right wing press, which has led to more attacks and abuse to the disabled.

But the richest tax avoiders still owe billions.

Airport lagging well behind

Roger Cliff, Bramley

While Leeds debates whether to upgrade the present road, build a new link road or build a new rail link, Manchester Airport goes from strength to strength.

It was in my monthly rail magazine yesterday that the New Metrolink Airport Line, carried 1.88 million people on its trams in the first year.

Its not just the airport that’s prospered, nearby Wythenshawe town centre has prospered.

It has welcomed thousands more visitors, and new businesses creating new 

All this investment does not come cheap, with a 337 metre long viaduct over the River Mersey, pushing the final cost to £400m.

For a fraction of this cost, a spur rail link off the Leeds-Harrogate line could be built.

Wake up Leeds/Bradford Airport, you’re getting left well behind.