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Time to revisit tram system? Your views...

Leeds should revisit once again plans for a mass transit service linking the city centre with the South Bank a top business leader has claimed. The new president of the Leeds Chamber of Commerce Paula Dillon said that a tram route between the city centre and Stourton would increase the viability of the South Bank development and help bring people from south Leeds into the heart of the city. Leeds is the largest city in Western Europe with no mass transit system and previous attempts to create a local transport infrastructure first with the Supertram system and then a Trolleybus scheme have both ended in failure. However Ms Dillon said a smaller-scale route solely concentrating on south Leeds would add further credibility to plans to expand the South Bank and that past disappointments to deliver a mass transit system should not deter Leeds from revisiting the plan. We asked YEP readers for their views and here’s what some of them said on social media..

Simon Finley

HS2 will take passengers off the existing network and will allow for more local train capacity.

Plans have already been put forward for additional train stations on the existing rail network at Thorpe Park, White Rose, Leeds & Bradford Airport.

The success of Kirkstall Forge Station provides the evidence, if you invest in the rail network, provide stations in places people wish to use them which are accessible, modern, have car parking facilities when needed people use them.

That’s providing the costs to passengers are affordable. Why not consider now a local train station in Armley, Stanningley, Beeston, Quarry Hill, Calverley and all the others closed in the past prematurely?

Trolley bus will not solve congestion on the roads. An upgraded Leeds City train station, modern signalling, new local stations and rolling stock will make a big difference.

Richard Lucas

A load of rubbish. It’s time for Leeds to improve the current shambles of a transport system we have, not spend millions making it worse!

Charles Middleton

The public transport in and around Leeds is a joke, it puts a big popular city to level of the little pit towns around Yorkshire, but saying that Sheffield a smaller city has its own tram system.

Come on, the people who manage Leeds, get us an up to date transport system.

Richard Lodge

Leeds has been there done that! Trolleybuses won’t solve anything as they run on the same roads which are already full and don’t solve the traffic problems – you just spend a ton of cash on a massive white elephant.

Gary Hardwick

No, what is needed is a tram. Manchester and Sheffield both have systems that are both huge successes and carry vast numbers of passengers.

Why is the largest city in the north of England left out?

Ruhel Uddin

The transport management team of Leeds live in the 70s! We’re so slow in adapting to change and so far behind leading cities.

Andy Baylis

There are no two ways about it. Tram or T bus, both use city centre roads but then off road outside in many cases. Clean, efficient, needs doing NOW, or we drop down the pecking order.

Gem Thomas

The links with south Leeds are the easiest to build because of the lay of the land.

Living in Pudsey we will never be privledged to such a scheme, it’s a shame but then our lovely town is most certainly on a hill.

Roger Charlesworth

Trolleybuses thrive on hills. The DC motor has a huge starting torque which is great for stopping and starting going up hills. Coming downhill, regenerative braking puts power BACK into the grid!

Mike O’Halloran

We will never have the mass transport system we need until we get an underground which won’t happen in my lifetime!

David Hargreaves

Trolley bus system needs burying once and forever. We need a tram system for the future and we need it now. We’ve had too much talking and feasibility studies, all wasted money.

Daniel Ratcliffe

I don’t think a tram or trolley bus system would help us and I don’t think tube is feasible. But could a monorail system that’s above ground work for West Yorkshire?

Mark Brook

Should have given us the tram like we were promised years ago, works in Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham and every other major city in Europe that doesnt have an underground.

We got the guided busways that the new buses aren’t made for.

Nice one.

Berni Kellett

Just improve what we have, enough money was wasted last time on planning and talks that went nowhere, let’s not put anymore in their pockets.

Stephen Fawcett

Pointless when there’s not sufficient roads leading in and out of the city centre.

Add more transport to a bottlenecked one way system? Better knock down some buildings to make room first!

Angela McPartlan

I agree, it’s outrageous that Leeds doesn’t have a tram system.

Every large city in the country has one, why not Leeds?

Liam Wright-Braidwood

At least it will cut out the emissions/ polution and make the city cleaner so they say.

Mikey Franks

No to trams, we need something better, Metro or underground.

Cliff Owen

We’ve already spent millions on previous aborted schemes, don’t waste any more money.

Thomas Newby

Why build the infrastructure and cause the inconvenience when electric buses are widely available?