YEP Letters: November 23

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Good news! According to your report (November 20) it is only going to cost us citizens of Leeds £700,000 to replace felled trees along the short trolleybus route proposed in north Leeds and here I [and most residents] were worried there may have to be another £14m added to the price of this scheme which will serve a very small portion of our communities.

The down side of this cheaper cost is it will take about 50 years for these trees to reach maturity, by which time, no doubt, the trolley will have been replaced by rockets! – or perhaps all the potholes will have been repaired and cars can have smooth surfaces to drive along!

It is time our city council put our money to better use and got rid of these hair brained money wasting schemes.

Edna Levi, Leeds

Costing in a ‘public amenity’

Very interesting article based on the report by Sam Turner.

I note with interest the Metro spokesman’s statement that ‘the CAVAT method reflects a tree’s contribution as a public amenity.’

Enough said really. ‘Public amenity’ is what we’re talking about. If that’s how it’s costed, it should be costed in.

As I understand it, Leeds City Council uses CAVAT itself when it suits it.

More importantly: we’re discussing the destruction of hundreds of mature trees in a very attractive townscape which any major city should be proud of; which will not be recovered until decades after the trolleybus infrastructure has been dismantled as obsolete, at more vast expense.

Tony Green, Grosvenor Mount, Leeds LS6

Greed figures for energy firms

THERE are not many things I get hooked on but Sudoku is one of them.

If I get stuck I copy it, enlarged, onto an envelope as it’s much better for my eyes. If I then get stuck I take a gamble on a number with only two possible places, on a line with only three numbers on it.

I mark lightly the numbers in dots, and if it goes wrong I gently scribble out those numbers and fill in solidly after putting the number into the correct box.

It’s exciting discovering more ways of how to complete it and it can take two hours on average to do.

Starting going across then down all lines with more than three numbers (which come later) then where there are two boxes of nine with a number, see if the third has a definite place to go in. Repeat across then down again as position changes every time you mark a number.

Some may say my gamble method is cheating but nothing like as bad as our energy companies who increase our bills by over twice the rate of inflation every year, even though they are buying it cheaper. My gas supplier (EDF) have announced only a 3.9 per cent increase which shows how greedy the others have been.

AE Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, Leeds 9

Trading away from the EU

Much alarmist nonsense is talked about the UK trade position when we leave the EU. Let me just flag up a few facts, always woefully sparse when emotions run high.

Our top 16 fastest growing export markets with the exception of Poland (No.9) are all outside of the EU. Our trade balance is massively in favour of the EU to the UK, over £300 billion since we joined (The Pink Book, 31st July 2013), so any talk of trade barriers is absurd.

The rate of growth for UK exports is 9.3pc Asia and America 5.2pc and the EU 2.4pc. The very same big business executives and politicians wanting us to stay in are the same people who told us staying out of the Euro would be a disaster.

To suggest political union is necessary to trade is the mark of the economically illiterate. The political and bureaucratic elite and the CIA want us to stay in. What better reason can there be for getting out?

Godfrey Bloom, MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire

Cost of full body scanners

I have just heard that Leeds and Bradford airport are to start using full body scanners.

How much will they be charging?

Walt Emsley, Leeds 8

Few recycling bins put out

Interesting to see the response to the new bin collection regime in the area where I live. Normally, on the day both grey and green bins are collected, you see a few green bins here and there, which either means that people have no recyclable materials or put it all in the grey bin (I suspect the latter).

This week, green bins were to be collected yesterday (Thursday) for the first time. Many people still left their grey bins out on Wednesday as usual and there were, as usual, few green bins left out yesterday

This would seem to suggest that few people actually read the letter the council sent out about the changes in collection services and, also, that few people bother recycling?

Will this mean that, with a fortnightly grey bin collection, we can expect pavements to be strewn with full bin liners as well as the grey bin?

T Maunder, by email

Invest in GPs for good of patients

Last week the British Medical Association and the Government agreed a set of changes to the GP contract that will deliver real benefits to patients in West Yorkshire.

The deal will cut unnecessary targets and reduce bureaucracy which will enable doctors to spend less time looking at the computer and more time meeting the real needs of their patients.

With practices working more closely with community nurses and social care it is hoped that we can support more of our most vulnerable patients in the community rather them being admitted to hospital, particularly as winter begins to bite.

This deal does not bring with it any new resources and so local GP practices will still have many challenges to face, particularly as workload continues to increase.

However, the new GP contract is a step in the right direction but what we really need now is for the Government to work with us to reverse the years of funding cuts and instead invest in general practice so we can take on more GPs and nurses and develop our practices to meet the needs of all our patients.

Dr Richard Vautrey, British Medical Association, GP representative

Patriotism of eurosceptics

Nick Clegg has accused eurosceptics of being unpatriotic.

A patriot according to the dictionary is a person who loves and zealously supports his own country.

That’s exactly what eurosceptics are doing.

We want to be governed by an elected sovereign Parliament in our own country, and not by an unelected bunch of power-hungry morons in Brussels. How can it be unpatriotic to want to be free of all the controls that are strangling business and leaving Britain powerless to control our own borders?

British exports to countries outside Europe are soaring. We are doing more business outside Europe than ever, facts that Clegg and Cameron choose to ignore.

While we are paying £52 million a day to be EU members, our shops are full of products from countries outside Europe, so what’s the point?

We should be investing that money in Britain instead of wasting it on Europe.

Terry Watson, Adel