YEP Letters: November 21

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Relief at city council’s fracking vote

Philippa Lloyd, Farsley

How good to see that Leeds Council has voted to withdraw fracking exploration licences in south and east Leeds because of safety concerns.

My relief is for a somewhat different reason. Fracking my very well be dangerous, but far more dangerous are the consequences of digging up even more fossil fuels.

If we use all the fossil fuels we already know of we will certainly destroy all life on this planet, we must not use all of what we already have.

I believe absolutely that if we hold back climate change long enough to survive, history will look back on this time and wonder why we did so little, so late.

The longer we lieave it the more difficult and expensive the change to sustainable energy will be. Next month there will be another meeting of world leaders in Paris aiming to reach commitment to reduce carbon dioxide and other polluting emissions and really slow down climate change.

At last it seems many countries large and small have understood the urgency and are committing to big changes. China and the USA are making big changes in the right directon. Norway, Sweden and Germany are already producing a much larger proportion of energy from sustainable sources, while our government has cut back very hard on subsidies for solar and wind energy production. Why?

Mrs Thatcher, as a scientist, warned of the dangers. There will be no escape in an air conditioned room, no escape for the rich or anyone else.

If we allow the planet’s temperature to rise much more, increases in storms, floods, droughts, starvation and conflict will inevitably follow.

All other issues which distract us are insignificant by comparison in the long term.

It is up to all of us to ensure our government is taking a proper part in worldwide commitments to cut harmful emissions right back and we all need to do our best to save energy in whatever ways we can.

To young people in particular - it’s your world, your only world, look after it!


No forward thinking

D Angood, by email

Having read the article regarding the provision of upgrading the road system to improve the access to the airport I feel that the electorate are once again being let down by their elected representatives.

They are showing a lack of confidence and or capability in not following the most apt solution to improve access. Cllr Lewis states that they must make the access as best as they can but is their option of road and vehicular access the best they can achieve?

They had a survey commissioned and then held a consultation period and published results from both.

The survey said that the rail link was the most apt solution but questioned its viability and the consultation report also gave it some column inches. At that time viability may have been a point but the now “Proposed Northern Powerhouse” gives the local politicians the opportunity to harangue Mr Osborne for the necessary funding for such a link.

Instead they have taken the softer option of a revue of the road system and any of the three choices will obliterate a large degree of the surface area, whether buildings, woodland or pasture.

There seems to be no forward thinking in their choice. They improve access for vehicular traffic but at what cost? Where are they going to build the needed car parks and the access from them? Traffic is increasing on the surrounding roads all the time so time is of the essence. They envisage completion of the accepted route by 2023, that is if they can overcome the mountain of objections that will surely be raised about each of the chosen routes.

The rail link would only require the area for the station, preferably underground, which should have adequate facilities for passenger and baggage transfer. The option of inclusive tickets from the station of choice to the airport and onward travel would surely alleviate or curtail many of the vehicular journeys.

The link would enable people from all areas of Yorkshire (with the link between the Bradford stations in place) to access the airport from a convenient station. It would also be more cost effective and if marketed correctly would increase passenger numbers.

I would say think again you councillors and show a bit of courage and tackle Mr Osborne for the necessary funding. Get behind MP Stuart Andrew and follow a vision not a blind. Have faith in your ability and give the people of Yorkshire what everyone says is needed.

They do not need or want a few years of consultation and bickering then some years of surface construction that will blight travel like the roundabouts in West Leeds and “Super Highway Cycleway” have over the past year or so.

The Cross Rail tunnelling machines are redundant, the modern tracklaying machines are superlative, so what is to stop you? Money? Tackle Mr Osborne forcefully. The environment? A rail link will cause less damage both during and after construction--think about air pollution of all those extra vehicles as the “Greens” would argue.

Have a vote on whether the public of Yorkshire would prefer a rail link or a road link. Give them the facts and figures, the positives and the negatives and the consequences of each. A vote that should have taken place years ago.

Get that result and then take action instead of spending more money on ideas that the majority see as a folly.

Close Europe’s borders

Chris Sharp, Garforth

When will the politicians in Europe wake up?

Borders must be closed across Europe. We in Britain should do it immediately whether the EU like it or not. Terrorists cannot be appeased they must be opposed in every way. Fanatics will not be reasoned with they only understand their own,sometimes twisted, point of view and should be treated accordingly.

Save the steel industry

FE Sharpe, Plymouth

READERS do not stand by and let the British steel industry be destroyed.

Join others signing a petition to the government. First we hear of imported steel from China then from Sweden while jobs go here.

Go to the website and enter the section Business sign petition save the British steel industry.

If you do not have internet access please try your local library.