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No excuse for not wearing seat belt

Shaun Kavanagh, by email

The wearing of seat belts when driving is simply a no brainer.

Drivers who choose not to wear seat belts should expect the punishment they rightfully deserve, including having penalty points added to their licence. There can be no exceptions unless accompanied by lawful reason.

The law states you will wear a seat belt when driving, including passengers being carried, for safety reasons and the safety of fellow motorists in the event of an accident. It is only the idiot element of drivers who choose to disobey the law and they more than deserve the outcome.

Sensible, law abiding, motorists do not have an issue wearing seat belts as statistics prove only too well.

Perhaps the law should be changed, especially for those motorists who choose not to wear a seat belt whereby their actions result in injury being caused to others.

In such circumstances those offenders should be sent on a short holiday at one of Her Majesty’s hotels. There can be no excuse for blatant stupidity.

Commuting into the city: YEP readers’ views

Yorkshire commuters face an average daily journey of 53 minutes – the equivalent of 25 working days a year according to new figures.According to Trades Union Congress analysis released to mark Work Wise UK’s Commute Smart Week getting to work in the region now takes an extra four minutes a day on average compared with a decade ago. Nationally commuters are facing an average daily journey of 58 minutes – up five minutes from 2017. Rail commuters face the longest journeys taking an average of two hours and 12 minutes every day while drivers spend 52 minutes on the road to work and back and bus commuters must set aside 39 minutes a day. We asked YEP readers for their views and here’s what some of them said on social media...

Murray Craigen

The habit of placing retail parks at every major junction is driving motorists mad. Why clog up every important artery in the city?

Case in point. They have placed temporary traffic lights on the A58 at Lower Worley next to the Dragon pub and also placed restrictions on Gelderd road running parallel to it.

That’s two major arteries blocked causing a traffic heart attack.Surely someone can drop a pin on a map of where proposed road works are taking place and stagger them so as not to shut down the city?

They’re now planning to build houses at the bottom of Wyther Lane right next to the little bridge leading down to Broad Lane at Kirkstall Bridge.

That will cause more havoc than there is at the moment.

It’s not us who are mad, it’s the city planners looking at Google earth without zooming in to see vehicles or think about traffic requirements.

Janjan Loreal Wilkinson

It’s not just Leeds, getting to my job in Bradford is a nightmare.

Granville Wilkinson

In the meantime we will get congestion charges/pollution charges. And still the people in charge cannot see that all their meddling creating white elephants like cycle lanes and bus lanes narrowing arterial roads leading to and from our city are causing the problems.

Victoria Louise Daniels

It’s horrendous and makes me really stressed (Woodlesford to Horsforth by car) wish I only had to do it a couple of times a week but that’s not to be.

Brendon Bremner Sullivan

The planning in this city is a laugh. Crossings near roundabouts obviously chaos, traffic lights all over again causing chaos, I don’t know how day after day people commute, I would go nuts. Glad I work out of busy periods.

Jon O’Leary

If ever a city needed an underground it’s this one. LeedsBradford is simply horrendous, one of the worst in Europe for traffic.

Nickie Grimston

Luckily I work from home, but if I do go to the office, mine is a 7.5 hour round trip on the bus and train!

Hayden Harris

I gave up driving three years ago and have a boat base in the city, sorted!

Think about role of the military

Don Burslam, Dewsbury

WITH the departure of Sir Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, the opportunity could be taken to focus on this country’s defence policies.

Can anyone claim that our limited capability has been used to advantage? On the contrary.

First of all we are blundering out of Europe, so prejudicing co-ordination with the forces of our near neighbours. We long ago lost our empire and our economic situation precludes our abilities to respond effectively to global crises.

This does not seem to stop the posturing and gratuitous involvement in troubles across the world. My advice to Gavin Williamson would be to pursue a policy for non-interference in overseas affairs unless vital interests are involved.

All the advice from the military should be treated with the utmost scepticism and caution and we should now adopt a policy commensurate with our reduced capability and status. The power of the top brass is biased in favour of increasing their vast empire in Whitehall.

The civilian complement is numbered in hundreds of thousands. Any further adventures in the Middle East should be looked at askance.

Such exemplary public service

Charles Elliott, Crofton

Earlier this month, Wakefield Council staff undertook a routine cutting of the hedges around Spring Lane.

When I pointed out how blind the corner was when coming out of the slip road into Spring Lane, the staff agreed with the problem and, on their own initiative, went the extra mile to cut back the offending hedge. This made it much safer for us entering Spring Lane.

Could you please forward 
our grateful thanks to the staff for being a Wakefield Council example of truly 
public minded public servants. I hope their director learns of their exemplary public service.

Millions not merchandise

Tarquin Holman, Farsley

CAN anyone please tell me where I apply in order to get ‘ill-advised’ information to acquire a few million into my bank account.

I also need a good optician to treat me for my ‘oversight’ of my Council Tax and other bills!

Was Britain an island that lived by exporting goods? Sorry, correction, it’s now ‘our cash’.

Now, ‘millions not merchandise’ is our new selling slogan.