YEP Letters: November 2

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Green taxes destroying industry

Terry Watson, Adel

While Cameron is destroying British industry with crippling green taxes like the EU emissions trading scheme, the carbon price floor and the price reduction commitment, other countries not shackled by this nonsense are thriving.

John Coleman who co-founded The Weather channel recently shocked academics by insisting that man-made climate change is no longer scientifically viable. In an open letter attacking the intergovernmental panel on climate change, he wrote: ”The oceans are not rising significantly, the polar ice is not melting away,and polar bears are increasing in numbers. Heat waves have actually diminished not increased.” Man-made climate change has been ridiculed by many scientists, climatologists geologists and oceanographers who all say it’s the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the tax payer. What government is going to admit to lying to their own people? While Britain has the highest energy costs in the world, twice those of France and Germany, those green taxes are bringing £45 billion year to “Dave’s greenest government in Europe.”

He said in 2013: “It’s time we scrapped all this green c—p”. Someone must have told him what a good little earner it is!


Trust in politicians?

Martin J Phillips, Cookridge

Despite recently promoting many Tory backers to the House of Lords, the Conservatives still failed to gain support for the bill to change Tax Credits.

Chris Grayling, the Leader of the House of Commons, claims the Lords have blocked something the Tories were elected on in their manifesto. Rubbish! I have been through the Tory manifesto and nowhere does it mention changes to Tax Credits. In a clip shown on “Have I Got News For You” David Cameron was asked by a member of the public (in a televised debate) before the election if the Tories had plans to change the Tax Credit system. Twice he said not. And as for Tony Blair offering to back US intervention in Iraq a full year before weapons of mass destruction were even considered. It just shows how much trust we can put in politicians.

Memories of Percy Blackwell

Denise Dixon, Leeds 13

re the story of Percy Blackwell. He was my uncle. He was a plain man, affected due to an accident aged four. He used to go to work in Leeds every day,walking both ways. He chopped firewood, hence his strength. Most of the tram drivers knew him and when the weather was bad would stop and pick him up, dropping him off at the correct stop.

If he took a wrong turn down a street he would get lost and many times my father would have to go to the police station to collect him. Once he lost his way after work and ended up walking to near Ripon, where he was found, wage packet in tact, shoes worn out and cold.

The doctors said it was because he was strong and healthy and well looked after that he survived. They lived near the railway sidings over Hunslet Carr. We as kids used to sit and watch trains shunting up and down. Happy days.

Sorry state of European Union

John E Downing, Morley

The current immigration, self inflicted, problem demonstrates the EU’s constitution is destined for the annihilation of the organisation.

The Slovenian leader and Juncker are warning that the EU and Europe as a whole will start falling apart if the debacle continues. King Canute tried to hold back the waves and failed, a similar fate is staring the EU in the face. Angela Merkel requested that Turkey restricts the flow of migrants, so that she would not have to lose face by admitting her willingness to unlimited immigration and now other Balkan countries are rebelling against the EU policy.

It is now more than ever evident that the concept of Brussels’ attempts to control 28 member states cannot and will not be achieved. The UK on the other hand still contributes £55 million a day into the coffers of an organisation that repeatedly fails to have its finances correctly audited. Justice will be seen to be done when the original concept in 1957 of the Common Market is applied and the notion of a “Federal State of Europe” is rejected.

Answer to extremism

Anthony Craven, by email

Mohammad S Nayyer (YEP October 26) promises to work with Cameron against extremism, asserting Islam’s true values of loyalty, freedom and peace.

This ideal remains unattainable while President Assad annihilates fellow muslims and IS grows by converting or slaughtering fellow muslims. I think only Islamic nations can resolve these issues. The migrants should practise the Islamic values by removing the despot and establishing peaceful Islamic states.

Post Polio Syndrome

Ted Hill MBE, CEO The British Polio Fellowship

As new research conducted by YouGov reveals only seven per cent of Brits are aware of the neurological condition Post Polio Syndrome (PPS), this highlights what is now an urgent need for more support for those living with PPS from public and the medical community alike. Out of 2,034 people polled nationally, PPS achieved the lowest awareness rating by some distance when compared with other neurological conditions.

In contrast to only seven per cent saying they had heard of PPS, 86 per cent had heard of Parkinson’s disease. The results are shocking but confirm what we have suspected for some time and show how much work our charity still needs to do to ensure the community of polio survivors in the UK do not become polio’s forgotten footnote.

PPS affects an estimated 120,000 people in the UK, a figure believed to be similar to the number of people suffering from Parkinson’s and other serious neurological conditions so surely it is not too much to ask that PPS receives the same attention from the medical profession and the public?

We aim to help those who live with the late effects of polio and PPS by providing information, welfare resources and support. We don’t receive any government funding and we desperately need funds to conduct medical research into PPS.

For more information call us on 0800 043 1935, email at info@britishpolio.org.uk or visit www.britishpolio.org.uk