YEP Letters: November 17

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Humanity should unite in face of terror

Fiaz Rashid, Pakistan & Kashmir Welfare Association (PKWA), Batley

Human lives are precious and every soul is sacred. We are deeply shocked and profoundly saddened by the loss of innocent lives by the savage and brutal attacks by the terrorists across the world.

The series of attacks in Paris and Beirut were designed to shake the very foundations of all our societies.

They are an assault on our sense of connection and shared humanity, our tolerance, liberty and respect. our deepest condolences are with the family and friends of the victims, and the French nation.

We pray for peace and solidarity and hope that humanity unites in the face of terror wherever we may be.

We are determined that those who seek to divide our diverse and peaceful communities in will not succeed.

Like the terrorists who want to divide our communities, there will be some in the days ahead who will try to use the Paris atrocities to attack innocent people.

We equally reject their intentions, such acts will not succeed and will only increase our resolve to remain united.


These are terrible times

Ernest Lundy, by email

In the wake of the obscene, vile butchery in Paris on Friday, the French government has come out saying: “Considering recent, similar events in other countries we can do nothing other than agree that the world really is at war”.

But why should it be so and what are the reasons? Islamists state that the Paris massacre is in response to the French bombing of Syria.

Are we then to expect that other nations doing the same are also to be subjected to their atrocities, in support of what has happened in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places in the name of seeking democracy?

Speaking as a layman, what is wrong with we humans when we cannot work together to solve the world’s problems? Instead, like lemmings, we seem to be going headlong to total anarchy.

Furthermore, why is there so much anger and dissatisfaction, enough to prompt men to kill? Some lay the fault at the door of religions. But surely the concepts of religions do not preach sedition and cruelty to others. It is those with mistaken religious ideology who commit the atrocities. Although in the not too distant past most of the religions have proved to be fallible. But the idea of the one true God prevails.

Could it be the result of two thirds of the world’s population still living in poverty, while the oligarchs of extreme capitalism continue to line their pockets with little or no consideration for others? The recent perambulations of dodgy world bankers illustrate such a view. Communism has been tried, and patently does not work, as a result of too many professed believers in the ideal working their own little capitalistic fiddles.

Whatever the answer may be, it is certain that these are terrible times.

Worse even than when we were at war with the axis powers in World War Two. At least then we knew the enemy and where to find him, and able to challenge their lust for power.

The enemy today, whether it be Islamists or others, lies within, which makes the prospect all the more frightening.

While it is nearly impossible to know the absolute mindset of the perpetrators of such atrocities, and they may be far to immersed in their beliefs to listen to reason, surely it is time for governments and leaders of all nations and religions to come together in the hope of finding a solution!

Or even a compromise! If not we can only expect more of the same, and an almost complete collapse of civilised society.

Religion is cause of evil

John E Downing, Morley

Instead of trying to impose a political solution to a “religious” conflict, why are the leaders of all religious faiths not joining together in a concerted effort to appease the fanatical elements of rebellious factions?

With their entire religious teachings they could embark on faith crusades and neutralise the need for conflict, instead of the use of military force.

But alas this course of action will not be entertained by the faith mongers as religion is now more than ever the cause of all evil.

Politics and manipulation

R Kimble, Hawksworth

I know the events in Paris are horrific but there seems to be a good deal of manipulation going on.

The coverage on BBC News Channel (not BBC 1) was wall to wall with no mention of other news for pretty much two whole days. It also consisted of the same clips being shown over and over again.

I note that there have been attacks on Muslims and refugees in Scotland who have nothing to do with events in Paris.

Also I can indicate the following: this morning it turns out that there was knowledge that such an attack was imminent and that some of the attackers and their “co-conspirators” were “known” to the authorities - how many times has this happened. If they’re on the “radar” why are they free and walking about?

There appear to be significant holes in security and May MP just seems utterly incompetent in interviews. Already people are saying “lessons will be learned” and “politicians are only human”.

People are dead and that’s the best some people can come up with?

In Beirut the day before the Paris attack 43 people were killed by suicide bombers: no mention in the US or UK press.

In April 142 people were killed at a university in Kenya - again no mention in the Western press (or on TV, for that matter).

Can I also point out to the BBC that there are cities other than London that could be at risk?

I’ve heard a number of people ask whether it could happen in London again.

There is a good deal of bias and hypocrisy in the media about these events:why ignore Beirut where a significant number of people were killed and considerably more injured?

Politics and manipulation, that’s why.