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Motorists being used as cash cows

Mark Norris, by email

Interesting to read the story re the speed awareness course the YEP editor recently attended.

Motorway and other roads are now festooned with millions of cameras to catch anyone inadvertently creeping over the speed limit, with the result that drivers’ behaviour has become unpredictable, with sudden heavy braking, and erratic driving in general.

North Yorks are allegedly catching 70,000 motorists a year with their proliferation of small camera vans often hidden on bridges, behind pull ins, behind trucks on slip roads, and more often than not on long straight relatively quiet roads where speed may creep up.

Funny how the police are always saying they haven’t enough money, so now seem to be using motorists as cash cows, which has a knock on effect of damaging their reputation with the public who get little response when their home has been broken into.

Penalty points for seatbelt lawbreakers?

Almost two-thirds of the British public don’t believe motorists should face penalty points if they are caught driving without wearing a seatbelt.Last month road safety group GEM Motoring Assist called for the Government to toughen the punishments for drivers breaking the law. But a Johnston Press survey has found limited support for the move with only 38 per cent of respondents in favour and 62 per cent opposed. We asked YEP readers for their views and here’s what some of them said on social media..

Paul Clemmens

If you are injured in your car, and you’re not wearing a seatbelt, you should pay for your hospital care. That might make people wear them. Why should the NHS pay for people who don’t want to wear them?

Beverly Golesworthy

What’s so difficult about putting on a seat belt? It’s a lifesaver and takes two seconds to put on. And I thought it was against the law not to wear them? Idiots if you don’t.

Lindsey Bell

Here’s a statistic for you. 94% of the driving public wear seatbelts but 65% of people killed in road traffic collisions were not wearing a seatbelt! Of course the 94% law abiding citizens will say no to penalty points. The other 6% die hard anti seatbelt drivers won’t give a monkeys about fines or penalty points.

Phil Hanson

Only an idiot drives without a seat belt, laws are there to protect people from their stupidity and ignorance, kids did not used to have child seats, but now they have, it is called progress! Fines and points, lots of them. The cost of a fatality on our roads costs the taxpayer over £1,ooo,ooo a pop, that is reason enough.

Michael Taylor

The seatbelt law is ludicrous. I don’t affect any third party safety in my choice to wear/ not wear. It should be a matter between me and my insurance company and not the law.

Julia Parish

I’ve seen lots of parents on the school run with kids in the back clamoring about without seat belts. Seen it far too many times on the motorway too.

Parents who don’t bother to ensure their kids are belted in should be very harshly fined.

Barbara Oleary

A person not wearing a seat belt could be the one flying around the inside of the car and killing the other passengers and driver. Selfish!

Anthony Dilworth

I agree that you should always wear a seatbelt especially the driver. However the not being able to touch your phone rule when you use it as a sat nav is a disgrace.

Steve Waterhouse

Why do buses not have seat belts then and you’re even allowed to stand or trains where standing is common? I know.

Anna Clarke

That’s what is totally baffling. If bus was in a collision and passengers got thrown around even slightly...there is high risk of head injuries as well as other injuries....strange law regarding seatbelts.

Omar Farook

Instead of slapping a fine on drivers and passengers , why not make a regulation for car manufacturers to increase the noise the vehicle makes so it annoys us so much. This way 100% seatbelts are on.

Alex Pyett

Surely the same laws/policy should be applied to cyclists with regard to helmets?

Scott Fulton

It could save your life. Why wouldn’t you wear it?

Bring country back together

John Cole, Baildon

The convoluted contortions that the UK government is engaging in only underline the impossibility of achieving a successful Brexit.

Even the best deal that can be conceived of will not be as good for our country as staying in the EU - and we are currently well short of any deal at all.

A new book by Nick Clegg (“How to Stop Brexit – and make Britain Great again”) is far from being a blinkered “Remainer” tract. Clegg acknowledges that not only are the arguments in favour of UK staying in the 28 overwhelming, but there are similarly overwhelming arguments for reforming the way the EU operates. In that sense the book is even-handed and sets out routes by which the EU could be made better so that some of the legitimate concerns of the Brexiteers are addressed.

“I agree with Nick” and if Mr Clegg’s wise words are followed there should be a real chance of bringing the country back together again.

Sprinklers for high rise blocks

John Appleyard, Liversedge

The government is to spend £1.3m on sprinkler systems for Parliament as precaution against fire, no problem with that, but I do object to the government denying thousands of families in UK’s high-rise properties the right to have sprinkler systems in their buildings.

Independent research has shown that sprinkler are highly effective - extinguishing or containing 99 per cent of cases. In the wake of the Grenfell Tower block disaster, the government should give the necessary money to local authorities to carry out this vital work.

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