YEP Letters: November 10

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Station revamp still needs trams

Bob Watson, Baildon.

THE “eye-catching image” of the proposed redevelopment of Leeds Station, encompassing a new hub for HS2, trans-Pennine Northern Powerhouse Rail and other local and national services is all very well.

However, it will still not be the hub that the region deserves unless it is all linked to a new Metro Tram system.

This should, of course, have been in place years ago but for the inept actions of Leeds City Council, and now needs to be brought forward as a matter of urgency.

Good news and bad news on hospital plans

Carol A Gannon, Leeds 15

Firstly, good news that a new children’s hospital is proposed for Leeds but then my heart sank when I read “redevelopment at the LGI.”

Almost without exception everyone finds parking and travelling to the LGI a nightmare. A friend with walking difficulties was dropped off at LGI by her daughter and by the time a parking space was found (some distance away) her mum had been in, had her scan and was out again.

Please, please can we have better parking and public transport around this site? Surely this remains a priority.

Secondly, the issue of so-called “bed blocking.” Why weren’t Seacroft and Killingbeck hospitals updated and used for convalescent beds?

Patients could have transferred there before discharge and eased the bed situation in them main hospitals. At least these two hospital sites were not in the clogged up arteries of Leeds city centre. Sadly now it seems too little too late.

Don’t let our green space be destroyed

E Towning, Leeds 9

Very few people are aware of Leeds City Council’s plan to alter the use of King George V playing fields at the Fearnville Centre in east Leeds.

In 1925 these fields were place in trust in perpetuity for the people of east Leeds to use for sports and recreation. Various attempts by the council in the past develop the land have failed because of public opinion (the last attempt in 2006).

So many of my neighbours were not informed about the so-called consultation meeting at the Fearnville Centre on October 24, all comments to be in by October 31.

This proposal is to build a new 1200-pupil free school plus a large wellbeing centre, all on the green field area off South Parkway Approach. There is already a well used sports centre at Fearnville with plenty of adjoing flat land to build a new school. The building of this school, plus centre, would mean widening of the road plus widening of the bridge over Wyke Beck. Traffic on Foundry Lane junction with Wykebeck Valley Road is already dangerous, the increase in traffic would be inconceivable.

As for building a new school, look what became of Foxwood, another council failure.

Don’t let our green space be destroyed.

Give small builders loans

Brian Berry, Chief Executive, Federation of Master Builders.

IF the Government wants to solve the housing crisis, it must address the access to finance issue that local housebuilders continue to face. The Chancellor needs to commit to underwriting loans from banks to small house builders to get finance flowing into our sector once more.

Nearly a decade after the financial crisis, difficulty in accessing finance remains a major barrier to small house builders increasing their delivery of new homes. Indeed, the FMB’s 2017 House Builders’ Survey showed little signs of improvement in this picture and, if anything, suggested slight deterioration.

If local housebuilders are to build Britain out of the housing crisis, the Chancellor must use the Budget to pull as many levers as possible in order to enable more finance to reach SMEs. One thing that the Government can do is act to reduce the capital costs of lending to this sector for smaller specialist lenders.

If the Government wants to meet the ambitious housing targets it has set itself, it will need to ensure the long-constrained SME housing sector can once again access the finance it needs to meet the challenge.

No confidence in government

Tony Green, by email

It is hard, whatever our politics, not to feel distressed at how our country is being governed and by whom.

The irresponsible behaviour of Ms Patel and Mr Johnson, the increasing evidence that Mr Davies is not up to the job and that his department is shedding experienced officials by the day (alongside murmurs that the staff of the F&CO is demoralised) are just the latest indications that, as a Prime Minister, Mrs May is inept, even if she is honest.

And these, among others, are those who are leading us through the most delicate and difficult negotiations in living memory. I respect the sincerity of those who voted to leave the EU and those who voted to stay; but either way it’s no longer possible to have confidence in the ability of the present government to deliver anything that will be to the advantage of the United Kingdom.

We need county boundary signs

Ian Goldman, Leeds 17

Mr Sykes of Dewsbury (YEP Letters November 7) is absolutely correct.

We should be taking every opportunity to showcase our wonderful county.

When you travel southbound on the M1 there are signs for Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire etc. Northbound, not only did there used to be a South Yorkshire sign near Woodall Services but also a West Yorkshire sign close to junction 38.

Were these signs destroyed when they were needlessly removed? If not, surely they could be re-erected at minimal cost. It is much the same story on the A1, although coming southbound there is a County of North Yorkshire sign just south of the Tees.

If Yorkshire finally achieves its long desired devolution, it is imperative that people know where God’s Own County begins and ends.

Perhaps if we make our visible mark now, it might even help in some small way to hasten the process.