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12/10/05 The Leeds General Infirmary .
12/10/05 The Leeds General Infirmary .
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Our readers say thanks to Leeds General Infirmary

Leeds General Infirmary is celebrating 250 years of saving lives. Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT) - which runs the LGI - has unveiled a timeline detailing historical moments in the hospital’s history over the decades. The timeline - funded by the Leeds Hospital Charitable Foundation - will now be displayed along the blue bridge inside the Jubilee wing. We asked YEP readers to let us know how the hospital has helped them over the years and here’s what some of them said on social media..

Tracey Lynette Moreton

Had my little girl here 6th of this month, also my son in 2013.

Being under Foetal Medicine also at Leeds General with both pregnancies.

Also my angel son who was born sleeping 2011 at 22 weeks at the Rosemary Bereavement suite situated just off from the labour ward.

Thank you to all those, especially Dr Colette Sparey at FMU, Sally Rawson the Bereavement midwife and Rachael Palmer, the support midwife.

Helen Jackson

The amazing LGI helped us with fertility issues, delivered my babies, saved my son and me when I developed Hellp syndrome at 31 weeks. Cared for him on neonates for five and a half months and performed heart and gut surgery.

I am an outpatient for adult gastro given me numerous transfusions.

My children have had tonsils removed etc, currently on the amazing ward L42 with my 
son who had emergency surgery on Tuesday for a twisted bowel.

Truly amazing and thankful.

Happy anniversary LGI.

Keeley Walton

Saved my mum’s life six years ago.

The staff on the ward were so brilliant, nothing was too much for them.

If I had questions they were answered...or just a hug when I was crying. Old-fashioned nursing care where time is taken to reassure and support.

Thank you to all the staff, from cleaners to consultants, for saving lives, but also for having the time to support and comfort.

Wayne Rothera

Couldn’t thank them enough, been in and out of hospital all my life due to suffering several strokes and heart attacks, then having to have heart surgery under Professor Tan.

Excellent service and great care, wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the care and dedication of doctors and nurses at the LGI.

Many thanks.

Connie Cluderay

It’s helped on too many occasions and without it and its wonderful, caring and professional staff at all levels, our family would have suffered so much more.

Jade McCann

I WAS born five weeks premature unable to feed with my legs and feet bent the wrong way. I guess you could say the doctors and midwives saved my life.

Janette Lesley Moss

Grandaughter had open heart surgery. I had heart attack and now go to the chest clinic every 3 months. At all times the staff were very good.

Jayne Shippin

I WAS a pre nursing student on the children’s ward back in 1976 – often referred to as the yellow girl due to the overall we had to wear! The nurses still wore traditional uniforms (as I did at Huddersfield whilst training) and the routine was very strict. I could have done my training there but chose not to as boys were not allowed in the nurses home. Helped me confirm the career path that I wanted to take and looked after mum many times over the years.

Jane EM Shaw

My husband had amazing surgery for pituitary cancer 11 years ago this month. Always had great treatment from the neurosurgeons and endocrinologists. He wouldn’t be here without them.

Tony Oconnor

Retired nurse and long time patient at LGI until it moved to Jimmy’s.

Spent so much time in there felt I knew it inside out. On a long admission in the mid 80s I struggled to sleep at all, I’d wander the corridors and imagine the life that had passed through, sitting on the grand staircase inside the George Street entrance surrounded by the busts and images of great doctors and nurses passed.

It’s fair to say I’d be dead decades without the LGI. The nurses inspired me, one junior sister who later became my specialist nurse and treated me with compassion for a quarter of a century. To her and all staff past present and future, thank you. You make me grateful and proud (especially the nurses).

Elaine Nessa Woolford

My two oldest children were born here. My oldest son had all his corrective surgery for his cleft palate and lip ... my dad had a triple heart bypass ... at one point it was my second home for many months. Big respect for all the nurses and doctors.

Tracey Lou

Worked there one summer in the 80s as a relief canary (cleaner) when I was on uni break.

Met some great people and loved working all around the hospital. Loved the wards and the theatres.

Went on to meet a man there who gave me my first job after uni. Happy days.

Great respect for everyone involved.

Michelle Langridge

Had two of my boys at LGI. Had brain tumour removed.

My boy has been looked after by brilliant children’s ward after his ops. Clinics look after my boy now and staff are lovely.

Claire Wilkin

Saved my daughter’s life on two different occasions, will always be eternally grateful to the amazing staff there.

Julie Warren

Had my son prematurely there in 2006 at 27 weeks, looked after brilliantly by the nurses and doctors.

Neil Wilby

My son was born on Clarendon Wing 31 years ago. I just got back to the hospital, from training at Sandal RUFC, in time for the best moment of my life!