YEP Letters: Michelin Star winner’s menu has ‘cruel’ dish

Man Behind the Curtain, chef Michael O'Hare.
Man Behind the Curtain, chef Michael O'Hare.
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Chef Michael O’Hare won a coveted Michelin Star award for his Leeds city centre diner, Behind The Curtain.

But one YEP reader says the eatery’s French foie gras dish, where ducks or geese are force-fed before being slaughtered, is “cruel”.

Jennifer Bookbinder of Leeds 11 wrote to our letters page to say: “I was disappointed by the YEP’s article on September 17 about city chef Micheal O’Hare’s Michelin Star award.

He sees fit to put the immensely cruel foie gras on his menu.

I am sorry, but he gets no stars in my book.”

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