YEP Letters: May 31

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HERE at Gott’s Park golf course, as we await our fate following the last reprieve from closure, we would like to outline the current situation for the people of Leeds.

Over the last year, despite all the problems imposed on us, we have managed to increase membership by 50 per cent.

We have improved amenities by starting a new social section comprising family fun nights each month and fitness walks around the park for OAPs and so forth, followed by free refreshments in the clubhouse.

I would like to make the public aware of what might happen if the course is closed by Leeds City Council. It may result in the course becoming a caravan/camping site, a motorbike racing track, or a haven for burnt out stolen cars.

These things have occurred in the past and it is not the police or security who have stopped this, but the golfers themselves.

In these times of cutbacks, the city council is spending a vast amount of money on the Tour de France which will be in Yorkshire for three days.

Gott’s Park Golf Club has been established for 81 years. I would like the people of Leeds, particularly those in Armley, not to wait until closure but to complain now to local councillors or their MP.

Gott’s Park is a beautiful golf course. It is a well-kept, peaceful oasis in an inner city area, and many dog walkers, golfers and members of the public have enjoyed using this fantastic facility over many years.

P Gregory, President, Gott’s Park Golf Club, Wortley, Leeds

Tropical World is excellent

Apparently, £3.40 to visit Tropical World, less if you have the gumption to get a Leeds Card, represents poor value for money (YEP, May 27).

I suggest a visit to any Sea Life centre might correct that particular misconception.

The water in the waterfall wasn’t clean enough? Erm, I suspect the Amazon isn’t crystal clear.

The temperature was too high? Strange that, in a representation of a tropical ecosystem containing many species that would die at colder temperatures.

I am surprised the letter writer missed the chance to take the council to task over the dangerous darkness in the nocturnal bat section. Tropical World is an excellent resource, the sort that is missing from most other cities.

Lewis Proll, Kirkstall, Leeds

Don’t be fooled on immigration

The letters from John Brown and Bernard Duffy letters (YEP, May 29), attacking Alan Slomson’s stance on immigration (YEP 26 May), are baseless tripe.

Hyperbolic statements such as ‘we are a bankrupt country, which is full’ and ‘we are a small country bursting at the seams’ are both untrue and unhelpful.

We are, in fact, a very rich country (David Cameron’s own words) and nowhere near to full or bursting at the seams.

The ‘burden’ placed by immigrants on the benefits system, the NHS, education and housing is so small that to remove it would make no real difference.

Only seven per cent of the overall benefits budget is spent supporting the unemployed, the bulk of whom are British citizens. If you stopped all unemployment-related benefits it would make almost no difference to the overall budget.

John Brown, Bernard Duffy and too many others are allowing themselves to be fed tripe by unscrupulous politicians, who are laughing all the way to the next election. Don’t let them fool you.

History, real history, teaches us that scapegoating of minorities always becomes more popular during economic recessions. Extreme right-wing ideology becomes much more easily sold to the masses.

Last week’s EU election results show this worrying shift in ideology to be Europe-wide. Ukip’s success shows it to be happening here.

Millions died in the Second World War, giving their lives to defeat this sort of ideology. Don’t swallow the tripe. Don’t let it happen again.

Dave MacFadyen, Crossgates, Leeds

Thanks for voting Ukip

I WISH to express my thanks to the electorate of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire who trusted Ukip with their votes in the council and Euro elections.

The people of our country have now realised that, despite the attempts of our politicians to conceal the facts, we have been misled for years by a political class which has assumed an absolute right to rule in any way that suits them.

The opinions of those who pay their salaries are of little or no consequence.

Voters in this region are among those recognising that and appreciating that the only route for change is to vote Ukip.

Many thanks to those who did and helped send myself, Mike Hookem and Amjad Bashir as MEPs to Brussels to fight tirelessly in your corner.

Jane Collins, Ukip MEP for Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire

Not all cyclists are careless

READING LETTERS about careless cyclists, as I got to a roundabout a cyclist approached from the right. Because he had right of way I waved him on.

As he got level he waved to me and mouthed ‘thank you’.

So please do not paint all cyclists with the same brush.

Eddie Leggett, Middleton, Leeds

Reasons behind lost Tory votes

WATCHING DAVID Cameron on television recently, he seems oblivious to the reason that the Conservatives lost so much ground at the recent elections.

It was because of the bedroom tax, the NHS, military cuts and the harsh benefit cuts to disabled people.

He has no idea of what goes on in the real world of ordinary people.

J Shedlow, Moortown, Leeds

Language of Parliament

SO, GREG Mulholland has been branded a ‘pseud’ for using the word ‘prorogued’ to describe the temporary dissolving of Parliament (YEP, May 28).

Perhaps he should have said ‘it’s ‘avin a break, innit?’

S Ballantyne, Headingley, Leeds

Children were a credit to school

There is often bad press about schoolchildren and their behaviour when out of the classroom.

However, I would like to mention the class from the De Lacey School in Pontefract who travelled from London Kings Cross to Leeds on the 16.33 train on May 23.

Both my husband and I are disabled and quite ill and it was with trepidation that we saw all these schoolchildren board the carriage of the train that we were in.

However, the children were so well behaved it was unbelievable and not only that but they also agreed to change seats with us as we had been allocated a table seat instead of disabled seating. I must say that these children were a credit to this school and the school as a whole should be very proud of them, as should their parents.

B Harrison, Bramley, Leeds

A bank that can’t reimburse £11k?

THE OTHER evening I watched a local news item about a farming couple who had been conned out of £11,000 from their bank account.

The bank is refusing to reimburse them on the grounds that they never contacted them about the initial phone call that led to them losing the money.

I wonder how many years they have been loyal customers to this bank and how much has been paid in bonuses to the staff in that time? Then they can’t afford to reimburse £11,000? MPs and bankers: the new white collar criminals.

R Kimble, Leeds

The Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth.

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