YEP Letters: May 27

Garry Monk has resigned as Leeds United head coach
Garry Monk has resigned as Leeds United head coach
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GARRY MONK has defended his decision to resign from his job as Leeds United head coach saying it was his “intention to remain at Elland Road” and that he and owner Andrea Radrizzani had been “unable to agree a suitable way to move forward.” In a statement released on Twitter Monk said that “no agreement could be reached” during negotiations with Radrizzani after the club accepted his surprise resignation. Monk walked out of Leeds after 12 months and 53 games in charge - two days after Radrizzani’s takeover of United and 24 hours before the club’s chairman planned to activate a clause to extend his contract to the end of next season. Here’s how YEP readers reacted to the news..

Rich Kaye

Can’t be too disappointed....otherwise he’d have stayed!

Sean Brittain

They are both now saying they wanted a long term deal. So go for a beer and get it sorted if it was all just a miscommunication?

Andrew Lenaghan

Should do everything to get him back.

Josh Wilson

Good riddance as far as I’m concerned. Wasn’t willing to fight for promotion with a fresh set of players and new cash injections from new owners so not the right man.

Itachi Eclipse

Did you see where we finished? If someone said to me at the start of the season we’ll finish in 7th and Elland Road will be seeing attendances of 30k+ every match I’d have laughed in their face. This man made it happen and I respect him for that, it’s just a shame he’s decided to leave.

Larner Caleb

He’s a grown man. Having an agent does not absolve you from accountability.

He wanted to stay and made that clear. Plenty of other factors beside an agent affecting this, such as recruitment budget, final word on signings and releases, training strategy etc.

If Monk and Radrizzani are not on the same page about any of those aspects, the job becomes increasingly difficult.

David Brook

His agent clearly influential in this as with most things in football. Time to get rid of agents and allow clubs to move forward at a fraction of the cost.

StunniSh Zee

Think he’s got a better offer at Crystal Palace and Hull offering better player kitty and longer contract...if I was Leeds owner would have slapped £50m in his face and gave him a 3yr deal full stop. He’s done amazing with Leeds.

Chris Gibson

Monk has let himself down - big time. Unlucky to get sacked when he did so at Swansea but they were on a terrible run when he left there.

Got the job at Elland Road, got the best out of the players he had and we flirted with going up but ended up in a terrible run of form. We had a lot of luck last season which is unusual for us as it usually doesn’t go for us, but it ran out late on. He had the opportunity to have a full close season, and to add to a promising young group of players but his head was turned. Good riddance. It’s now up to the new owner to show us what he is made of, appoint the right man, and back him. Let’s forget about Monk now - he will have by this time next week when he gets a job elsewhere. Come on Leeds.

Andrew Tomkinson

Was a stop gap til a bigger pay day came along.

Nigel Lyon Davey

If he goes to the smoggies, it’s a big kick in the teeth. Nearly as bad as Kewell. Monk has won nothing. Thinks he is bigger than the club. His loss.

Dave Fenney

Anyone who can’t read between the lines is an idiot.. new chairman said no money for players.

Lizzy Leigh

The truth will come out eventually always does until then I think we are all a bit disappointed.

Nick Cash

Trouble at mill as per usual. Just when you think things are on the up you get kicked in the teeth again,

Mark Gaines

He wanted a 30 million pound kitty with assurances that no one left unless he gave the green light.

He also wanted every penny of any players sold to replace. He never asked for more money. The owner refused him the transfer deal. End of.. He knows the job and I think he could not be a success without the right financial recruitment structure.

Lyall Marshall

Bet he was told there would be no money for players.

Geraldine Shepherd

Very disappointing - no doubt next week he will somewhere else telling them what a great club they are...

Chris Dalby

Huge disappointment Leeds don’t have £40m of parachute money to play with.

Pete Long

Monk knows he can’t work with Radrizzani. They are not on the same wavelength. That is why he’s walked. Sorry folks but Radrizzani hasn’t proved himself to me as yet, though I live in hope.

David John Birkinshaw

Monk walked away not LUFC. I’ve thought out a few angles but can’t get away from the fact that he wanted 1 year we offered 2/3 and he bailed. He didn’t exactly stick around to thrash things out.

Phil Heppenstall

Probably didn’t fancy having to work with someone else being in charge of player recruitment.

Ian Johnston

Team before self, head turned elsewhere, Monk will regret leaving Leeds too early.

Marc Blackburn

Monk unhappy at a clause being activated in his contract that he agreed to last summer?

Nigel Ambler

Back to square one. It was 75% that Monk would leave after doing such a good job for Utd.

Peter Jose

Top manager, done brillantly this season and should have been given more time. Instead of rolling contract should of tied down on three year contact. Here we go again.

Si Miller

His agent obviously thought he was getting a three year deal but in his previous contract it would have clearly stated 12 months with an extended 12 months then an option of a permanent contract.

Bit of poor advice by his agent or he wants a Premier League club to get money who knows but gutted non the less. He was getting a team together to get us back where we belong and do well.

Like he said it wasn’t about the short run but long run so should have scrapped the last contract and given him a three year contract.

Seems to be people getting rid of managers too fast instead of defending them and standing by them to build a good squad.

Bill Phipps

He was never going to stay. Made his reputation at Leeds and now going for higher paying club.

No loyalty in football... just money. Just hope he doesn’t poach our best players. I think Wood, Jansson and Bartley will be gone before next season starts.