YEP Letters: May 25

Armed Police at Headingley before the England v South Africa, after the Manchester Terror Attacks....24th May 2017 ..Picture by Simon Hulme
Armed Police at Headingley before the England v South Africa, after the Manchester Terror Attacks....24th May 2017 ..Picture by Simon Hulme
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Troops on the city’s streets? Your views ..

Britain is on critical terror alert with military troops set to bolster police forces amid fears Manchester attacker Salman Abedi did not act alone. Prime Minister Theresa May has raised the threat level to the highest possible rating meaning another atrocity may be imminent. There was a “significant policing presence” at yesterday’s international cricket match in Headingley and West Yorkshire’s assistant chief constable Angela Williams said extra officers would be on duty at the ground and other key sites including Leeds Bradford Airport. YEP readers have been reacting to the news..

Richard Edwards

I HAVE just heard on the radio that for the first time since he war, the Army has been drafted in to protect key installations and infrastructure.

However, whilst armed police and soldiers have some chance against a gunman (an unlikely method in this country due to the difficulty in procuring automatic firearms), there is little they can do vs. a suicide bomber or for that matter one who uses a car or truck to kill. Only intelligence can do that.

British intelligence is some of the best in the world, having largely prevented the major atrocities seen in other countries, but in recent years has suffered significant cuts.

One of the most worrying aspects of this attack is that it’s now very difficult to build an IED in this country: the information and materials needed are now controlled, restricted and monitored, and the level of planning required risks exposure to the security services. Yet somehow this guy was able to do so under their noses.

There is no point putting people on a watch list if there’s then no-one to watch them, 
and it makes me cross to read that precious resources have been squandered on monitoring of Green Party activists, anti-fracking campaigners, disability protesters and other left-wing ‘subversives’ who, whilst having the potential to cause financial disruption, are not about to kill anyone.

I fear that all this might do is put more people (this time members of the security forces) in harm’s way, and with so many guns around, increase the likelihood of a tragic mistake such as the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes.

Steve McMurdo

Not a problem at all, Paris, Brussels and most other European countries have had military on the streets and at major venues since they were attacked, it’s just a shame it took the murder of 22 innocent children and adults for our government to realise this threat is not going to vanish overnight, it’s real and it’s out there. The public are an asset to an already stretched security service and police force by being vigilant and reporting anything suspicious, but having armed forces on our streets sends a message to any extremist out there, the gloves are now off, Manchester was the final straw.

Tascha Spencer

For the last three years we have been on high alert for a terrorist attack.

Like fools we have always thought that London would be the target. It saddens me to see that we have to revert back to when the IRA had their bombing spree back in the 80s. This move by the army may be welcome but we must become more vigilant and report anything suspicious. My heart goes out to those who lost their lives. RIP.

Jon Kirkham

Troops on the streets because the Tories got rid of 20,000 police.

Angela Kelley

I WAS in Rome recently and there were armed army vehicles and armed soldiers literally on every corner. I had no problem with this, although with our country the funding just wouldn’t be there to do this permanently. Shame.

Sharon Taylor

This is England and I, for one, don’t want it turning into a replica of the Gaza Strip because people are scared of their own shadow. We do not change our way of life because a bunch of hateful, crazy people think they can rule the world.

Ian Lawrence Moody

The UK needs a National Identity Card with a database of every person with a background file. Need to isolate these terrorists who are taking apart the UK from within.

Rob Henry

It’s a bit late now isn’t it? May just wants to appear to be competent after the shocking week she’s had.

Gareth Jones

Critical means that an attack may be imminent.

The level has been raised as the intelligence services are not satisfied as yet that they have satisfied themselves whether or not the attacker in Manchester was acting alone or part of a group. Once they know and if required, found his network/cell then the level should change back to severe. We should all be vigilant and report any concerns to the police immediately.

Neil R B Rowbottom

Let’s bring the troops home and help the police find these evil people and make are borders safe and secure.

Pete Flynn

The army deployed because Theresa May has cut 19,000 police posts since she was Home Secretary.

Neil Watson

The army are unlikely to be on the streets, a critical status puts in place a plan where police guarding infrastructure and sensitive places are replaced by armed troops, this allows those police to go on the streets increasing presence and providing firearms support to a larger area.

Andrea Radrizzani has completed his takeover of Leeds United ending Massimo Cellino’s association with the Elland Road club. Radrizzani’s purchase of Cellino’s 50 per cent shareholding was finalised on Tuesday handing him full control of Leeds and calling time on Cellino’s turbulent three-year reign. Here’s how YEP readers reacted..

Tony Gudgeon

This is a positive, the man has put his money in, it’s my understanding that Gary Monk has had his contract extended.

Yes a lot to do but we are in better shape than we have been for years.

Andy Tunstall

For all you people who are slagging off Massimo just think a bit and look what he’s done for Leeds.

Tony Jackson

Good times ahead hopefully, I for one would like to thank Massimo, love him or hate him think we would be without a club now.

Arlo Roche

None of our last 3-4 owners have brought anything even mildly resembling success, so why should I be excited this time?

Doug Pell

But thanks to Cellino for getting us out of the financial mire that we were in.

Dennis Pedersen

Thanks for your time Massimo. Saved our club and look where we are today. Let’s sign Monk and a couple of good players and we are looking good.

Kevin Hall

YES. Now get our manager tied to a good contract please.

David Kielthy

Massimo’s heart was with Leeds and he did a lot of good things for our club after Bates and GFH stripped us to the bone .

I for one wish him all the best in his new endeavours and a very bon voyage.