YEP Letters: May 25

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Spare us moans of the Leftie rent-a-crowd

Brian Johnston, Burmantofts

Less than 24 hours after the election, the Left rent-a-crowd took to the street – an alliance of well-heeled ‘show ponies’ keyboard Twitterati and trolls of social media denouncing the democratic will of the people.

The rise of this nasty, pampered, intolerant Left brigade is alarming. They shout down any opinion but their own at public meetings and media debates, hissing and booing anyone who dares to mouth Right-wing opinion.

They arrogantly write off 11.3 million people who voted Tory as “scum”.

Veteran class warrior Neil Kinnock spewed forth with, “those who voted Tory are self-deluded”. It’s called democracy, brother!

This noisy Leftie brigade live their life on Twitter and Facebook, dominated by Leftie student politicising nonsense, blinkered from reality.

No wonder it comes as a shock in the real world when they confront the millions who repudiate their nasty views at the ballot box.

The class warriors who trashed Westminster were not the so-called downtrodden, the starving food bank millions that the Left love to portray, but the well-heeled Metro class, enjoying the fruits of a capitalist paradise.

Socialist hypocrites all, the lot of them. The real vandals are not in No 10, but the blinkered intolerant Lefties.

Nurses good to the core

Malcolm Shedlow, Moortown

Following on from Percy Stern’s letter regarding his stay at Killingbeck hospital (Your Feedback, May 21), I too went there as a young boy during the war for observation for a couple of weeks with suspected diphtheria.

One day the nurses gave all the children a rare treat, half an apple each, except me.

When it was my turn to receive mine they gave me a whole apple.

I didn’t ask why, I just ate it as fast as I could in case they changed their mind.

It was only when I went home after being discharged that my mother said to me: “Did you enjoy the parcel of fruit I sent you?”

Help would-be traitors leave

Graham Waite, Leeds

It’s so good to see the police congratulating themselves, after stopping another 
would-be traitor from joining her IS buddies in some Middle eastern hell-hole whilst leaving the British public to contend with the prospect of another enemy within our borders.

I think a far better option is to have a ‘fast-track’ channel at all our major airports.

With direct flights to all the IS hot-spots, we would be helping to fulfil the treacherous dreams of our society haters and ridding our country of those who wish us harm.

What have MPs done for us?

Paul Kilroy, Lawnswood

THE RECENT departures and arrivals of local MPs and councillors prompts questions about their use and contribution.

Has Seacroft benefited from them?

I’ve not heard or read of any grand schemes or decisive Parliamentary interventions on its behalf.

Has Wortley been rescued from terminal decline or severe turn of fate?

I don’t recall any Commons motion in its regard.

And Hunslet. What dramas haven’t been played out on the national stage in its name?

So what are the guardians of our greatness, the prospectors of our prospects, the samaritans in our struggles up to?

I suggest very little in fact.

I have never known or heard of anyone whose situation has been significantly improved, which wouldn’t or couldn’t have been so, by recourse to local council or community service channels rather than by the involvement of councillors or MPs.

If we perfected better access to council-run services and departments and ensured their proper functioning, there would be no need for this nominal, gratuitous, expensive layer of support and representation claimed by otiose councillors and an illusory Parliamentary system.

The only reward or decoration any public servant should ever receive is the DCM (don’t come no more!) and the more exalted their erstwhile status, the more treated like the cinema’s “Carlton-Browne of the FO”.

Lights out as station shuts

John Wainwright, Tingley

The closure of Ferrybridge power station is yet another needless concession to the green dreamers and global warming fantasists.

Ferrybridge generates more electricity than a thousand of those monstrous wind turbines.

And it does so 24/7 instead of only 25 per cent of the time and at a third of the unit cost (a quarter for the offshore versions).

Of course we need a new source of power to replace coal, but we should only close stations like Ferrybridge when these new sources are up and running.

Meanwhile India, China and much of the rest of Europe are all opening new coal-fired power stations almost every week.

Any effect the closure of Ferrybridge might have will be totally irrelevant.

Stock up on candles and buy yourself a generator – you’re going to need them!

‘Mystery caller’ cost me £36.75

Margaret Whiteley, Wakefield

I MADE two calls to Directory Enquiries.

After giving me the numbers I was asked if I wanted BT to dial for me. I told them that I didn’t and replaced the receiver.

I then made my calls. I have now received my BT bill which includes two directory calls lasting 17:24 minutes and costing £36.75.

I spoke to a supervisor who suggested someone in the family may have made the calls – I live alone.

It’s 10 out of 10 for trying ...

Jennifer Bookbinder, Leeds

I SEE Morrisons have brought back the “10 items or less” checkouts.

The trouble is the number 
of people who cannot count to 10!

They need to adhere to the rules or I see no point.