YEP Letters: May 24

23 May 2017.......    Red Rose White Rose for Manchester bombing. Picture Tony Johnson.
23 May 2017....... Red Rose White Rose for Manchester bombing. Picture Tony Johnson.
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Manchester bombing: your comments

AS news of the Manchester Arena bombing spread and the death toll rose readers of the Yorkshire Evening Post readers took to social media to add their comments and their condolences aswell as their praise for the emergency services and the acts of humanity which came to the fore at a dark moment for our city cousins across the Pennines.

Denise Wareing

Such terrible news my heart ❤goes out to the families who have lost loved ones.

Connie Cluderay

A cruel, evil and cowardly attack on a soft target. RIP

Cordelia Frances Threapleton

I sat and watched all this unfold. It as broke me as a mum to see this. And to think what have we brought our kids up into. Sick world we live in.

Ruqayah Khalil

What he has done is beyond evil. He is a coward and that is how he should be publicised. In fact let’s focus on the victims and not give that coward the publicity he was after.

Kathleen Smith

“Terrorists”, “terror attacks”, it should never be given that kind of publicity. They’re cowards, that is all. Cowards. Not terrorists.

To do something like this in the first place, but to do this at a concert where the majority of the fans will be young people/children.

Nadine Elvin

Those poor families who are missing children with no clue if they’re alive or not, to all involved my heart breaks. Awful, awful world we are bringing our children into. Sick people out there.

Allan DayStark

The aim of this kind of mass killings/attacking civilians is to divide society and fuel hate among different race and religions living in this country.

Remember at almost every terrorist attack there are victims from different religions, colours and races.

Please don’t behave the way terrorists wish you to. Remember they kill themselves too just to make us divided.

My thoughts are with the families of those innocent victims.

Sharon Peat

Politicians saying ‘we won’t be alarmed’, have their families been murdered? What a world. Unbelievable, unacceptable and unforgiveable. Love, thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families.

Nicola Lill

There are no words to say. These were innocent people’s lives.

Margaret Hartley

Watched it on TVs here in Australia and cried. This is not the England I grew up in.

John Kettle

We need find these people and stop the deaths of our children. The government needs to do more behind the scenes.

James Hall

This is why I’m not sure about having kids. Thoughts go out to the families of all involved.

Jane Sturdy

One hundred per cent cowardice, no other way to describe it.

Kayleigh Marie Goring

So sad, my heart is with those in Manchester and across the country. We, as a country, need to stick together. We cannot divide, that is what these sick individuals want.

Moynul Islam

Strongly condemn Manchester Arena attack targeting innocent people. Prayers and thoughts are with families of victims and injured.

Tony Oconnor

Today I’m a Manc. Never prouder of or sadder for Manchester. We defeat hatred by standing together in love. Heartbroken today but never defeated.

Richard Ellin

I don’t want to know who the terrorist is or give them publicity. I want to know how I can help the families and victims and how they are.

Trisha Hobson

The War of the Roses is a famous historical event but something like this just illustrates that it is only history and in today’s society and especially in times of tragedy people come together as one. Yorkshire and Lancashire together to fight terrorism.

Janice Grayson

Utter respect for the homeless man and all the other people from all walks of life that helped out. They all deserve recognition, just like the victims and friends and family it will be with them forever.

Craig Ackroyd

The report of the homeless man’s bravery brought a tear to my eye... I hope you find the strength to recover and support to improve your circumstances.

Cheryl Day Dockerty

So brave of him to help many would have just fled ... Nobody should have to see scenes like that let alone be a victim of them.

Philip Stogden

Give that man a home! Better use than a bravery award he will probably be offered, my heart goes out to everyone personally affected by this atrocity.

Elaine Christman

What a hero, let’s hope someone gives him the same love and care and helps him get of the streets.

Gregg Linnell

Those who have the most, give the least. Those that have the least, give the most. God bless this man.

Emma Louise Bradley

Wow such a hero! Such a brave man. Nothing but respect to anyone that helped out. RIP to all those innocent victims. They will never beat us.

James Shore

What an absolute hero. The things this guy did and went through along with the victims is horrible, he probably has no family to turn to for support and comfort I hope he’s alright along with everyone else effected.

Sammi Tait

Not all heroes wear capes, I hope that this man is recognised for his heroics and his luck changes for the better.

Margaret Smith

This man’s reaction to this tragedy was immediate and instinctive.

He put himself in danger to comfort the dying. I’m sure he would say he didn’t want an award but he certainly deserves to get some help finding a home and a job.

God bless him.

Victoria Mckenzie

Hope this homeless hero is identified and that he is awarded with a home after his act of compassion and bravery.

Sarah Reynolds

This poor man who is down on his luck didn’t think twice to go help. He’s a hero in my eyes.

Barbie J Eveson

That man didn’t have to help but he did and we as the public appreciate what he 
did, not many would, my heart goes out to the victims and their families, it’s heartbreaking.