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Use £102m Tour money to support cycling

Martin Phillips, Cookridge

John Copperthwaite (Your Feedback, May 18) does not provide one reason why we should be using taxpayers’ money to fund cycling events rather than the £102m purported to have been raised by the Tour de France.

Instead he launches a personal attack on me which in every way is totally inaccurate.

He claims I know nothing about the sport of cycling. Well I happen to own four bicycles, two road cycles and two MTBs. Due to disabilities and health issues, cycling is one of the few forms of outdoor exercise I can still enjoy.

For some unknown reason Mr Copperthwaite also attacks me over bus passes. The fact is I rely entirely on a disabled bus pass since brain damage caused by meningitis means I am not allowed to drive.

What I am trying to ascertain is why is cycling not benefiting from the claimed economic benefits of the Tour de France?

That money could be used in many ways to promote cycling e.g bringing Cyclo-cross events to Yorkshire, organising off-road cycle training events for youngsters; filling potholes on quieter minor roads for safer road cycling etc.

Perhaps Mr Copperthwaite can tell me where all the money has gone? Just for the record I do not have a miserable life – despite having to cope with constant pain due to arthritis and nonarticular rheumatism.

Bus pass holders shouldn’t moan

Nick Keer, Cottingley

I WRITE following the letter from John Copperthwaite.

During and just after both the Tour de France last year and the Tour de Yorkshire earlier this month I heard quite a lot of moaning; and guess where most, if not all, that moaning came from – free bus pass holders!

“We couldn’t go anywhere!” was what one couple said to me on a bus up Scott Hall Road a few days later. I can’t believe these people can be so selfish, especially when they’re travelling for free.

Surely one day or one weekend a year without a bus is not that difficult to cope with. If it is – hard luck!

The dates of the Tour de France last year were announced over a year in advance. If you didn’t want to be anywhere near it you could’ve simply gone on holiday. Blackpool would’ve been far enough.

It’s high time bus pass holders stopped moaning whenever major sporting events like this take place and buses are reduced or diverted.

The financial benefits to the Yorkshire economy far outweigh the moans and groans of these ungrateful people.

Praise for 1940s US foreign policy

R Bates, Shadwell

R KIMBLE expresses grave disquiet at US foreign policy leading to a number of top Nazi intelligence experts being given safe haven in America after the War (Your Feedback, May 16).

Factually he is right of course, and I might also add that Uncle Sam turned a similarly pragmatic blind eye on war crimes committed by those Japanese scientists involved with germ warfare experiments using Allied prisoners of war or human guinea pigs. However, as a deeply thankful Englishman (and confirmed realist) on the anniversary of VE Day I can only applaud US foreign policy in the 1940s.

Mudie was a true ‘local’ MP

D Boyes, Rodley

ALTHOUGH MANY people have praised the good work done by former Leeds East MP George Mudie, none so far have mentioned one of his most important qualities – the fact that he was a true ‘local’ representative.

Although not a Yorkshireman, but born in Scotland he came to Leeds, I believe, in his late teens as a Leeds corporation employee who became active in the old NALGO union, was a councillor, then leader, eventually becoming an MP.

Unlike so many other ‘career’ politicians, George Mudie made his home and family life in Leeds which was to his great credit, and we can and should wish him a long, healthy and happy retirement.

We should also wish that Leeds had more like him.

Tory cuts will hit the elderly

D Cawood, Great Preston

I AM just writing in response to Bernard Duffy’s letter (Your Feedback, May 15).

I don’t know if he has elderly parents, but look what the Conservatives did to the students. Most of his cuts will be welfare payments again. The bedroom tax is a disgrace and the winter fuel allowance will be hit again.

I am waiting for the free bus passes to be stopped.

All those who voted for Cameron – just wait and see what else he does.

Only 1 in 4 voted for the winners

Max Nottingham, Lincoln

THE TORY win was a shock to the system. Certainly to mine.

But we must remember that only one in four registered voters actually voted for the winners. It is also clear that winners under our “first past the post” system will never make sensible changes.

A lady I once knew used to face adversity by reciting the phrase: “This too will pass”. So us non-Tories can live in hope of escaping the current compassionless Tory cul-de-sac. Painful, innit?

Signs are poor advert for city

Sue Lewington, Wortley

HAS ANYONE else noticed the signpost at the corner of Wellington Street and King Street, for “The International Pool” which I think was demolished several years ago?

Also, there is still a sign stating that the “Visitor Centre” is in Leeds railway station. This has now been moved to the art gallery.

What such poor advertising for visitors to our fantastic city.

Disappearing water feature

Jennifer Bookbinder, Beeston

I AM wondering what has happened to City Square’s water feature. The pigeons seemed to like to have a shower and must be missing it. Has it gone for good?

Bradford has a magnificent coloured water feature in a lake and it looks almost magical at dusk. If Bradford can do it, then why can’t Leeds?

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