YEP Letters: May 22

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Extreme left will be gone for good one day

Nick Keer, Cottingley

In response to the letter of Mel Smart of Farsley (Your Feedback, May 13), does he not realise Labour were the party that brought Britain to its knees?

Britain needs a strong government to lead it forward; not one which always wants to hold us back with incompetence and higher taxes by pandering to those who always want everything for nothing.

The economy has slowly been recovering. If, heaven forbid, Ed Miliband had taken over, most if not all of Dave Cameron’s good work would have been flushed down the pan. The so-called bedroom tax being one notable point.

I have an aunt who lives alone in a two bedroom flat. She was a bit disgruntled initially, but considers it worth it for the extra space. ‘Where would any guests sleep if I moved to a pokey one-bedroom flat? I’ve lived here for 40-odd years so I’m not moving.’

I applaud her for taking such a magnanimous attitude when others are out on the streets protesting about properties they don’t even own. Honestly, some people have no shame.

Moving on, I must congratulate Andrea Jenkyns on winning the Morley and Outwood seat from Ed Balls.

It’s a great pity we couldn’t have toppled Hillary Benn from my constituency Leeds Central as well, but there’s always 2020 for that challenge.

The days of the extreme left are continuing to decline. One day they’ll be gone for good!

Pet dogs deposit 18 piles of dirt

R Kimble, Hawksworth

WITH regard to your clean-up campaign, I’d like to say thanks to the dog owners in Hawksworth who have between them allowed their pets to deposit 18 piles of dirt along Lea Farm Row, Hawkswood Place, Hawkswood Grove and Vesper Road up to Broadway.

I’d like to say an especial thanks to those who let their dogs do it on corners like the five piles on the corner of Hawkswood Place and Grove.

Three of these people have let their dogs do it right in front of residents’ gates.

What caring, considerate, socially-minded, hygienic people you are. I bet the mothers of young children round here just adore you.

Even trying to make you feel guilty won’t work, will it? It’s called sociopathy in some textbooks : I know what I call you. George Orwell once called socialism “common, human decency”. Clearly some of the locals who voted a “socialist” Labour MP back in again lack these criteria themselves, unless, of course, the dog owners are UKIP voters?

Promises to UK is the priority

Edna Levi, Leeds

I LIKE the people of Scotland – even if cannot always understand them, especially Lorraine Kelly – and it is a beautiful part of the United Kingdom.

But can we give it a rest? Ever since the election results were announced, the main topic of discussions has been on independece and their elected members for the government being interviewed.

It is evident that when more important matters are being debated, these MPs are going to keep forcing the issue.

I have visions of them 
forcing a coalition with the poor little Liberal Democrat members.

Let the government of the whole of the UK start on 
some of their new promises made to Brits, Scots, Irish and Welsh.

Woes over scaffolding

F Lennon, Beeston

I READ about the plight of M Stickley of Armley (Your Feedback, May 11) who has been left with scaffolding around his house for months.

I had my house pointed and a firm left the scaffolding up for 11 months after the job was completed.

So I took matters into my own hands. I dismantled 
the scaffolding and sold it on eBay.

I have never heard from the company to this day, but the money I made paid for the pointing on my house.

Using mobile was so easy

A Hague, Harehills

MY SON gave me a mobile three years ago but I made my first call on it only eight weeks ago.

If I had known it was so easy I would have used it sooner. I have never had a land line phone to avoid jumping up at meal times.

I phoned the Post Office last week to tell them I don’t pay tax so to not tax my new account but an Irish voice asked questions such as my birthplace and my date of 
birth, also my mother’s maiden name.

There were two one-minute music chimes in between, then I told him it was taking too long and cut the call when I realised that it had already taken seven minutes.

So, it’s back to letters again in future for those kind of calls.

What I don’t do is leave the phone on by my bed, as many others do, just in case something serious crops up.

A few hours is not going to make much difference and sleep is vital to most people.

Prince showed lack of respect

Tony Craven, Leeds

How can we take seriously Prince Charles, who has no expert knowledge or experience in any field other than “doing his own thing”?

The publication of his letters to Tony Blair and other ministers regarding military matters etc show how he has no respect for others.

The sycophant, Blair, angling for a knighthood, encouraged such illegal, undemocratic behaviour, inviting Charles to offer more advice on how to govern the nation more effectively!

Holiday firm boycott call

Roger Watkinson, Halton

I HAVE never travelled with Thomas Cook on holiday but the way they have treated the parents and family of the two children who died, Christi and Bobby Shepherd, is an absolute disgrace.

They have not even offered a decent apology or proper compensation to the parents and partners whose lives 
have been turned upside down by the loss of their children.

I hope people all over the world will boycott Thomas Cook and show them that they are a disgrace to the travel companies.