YEP Letters: May 22

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Patricia bentley (YEP, May 21) whinges about Yorkshire folk calling her ‘love’ or ‘lovey’.

She should learn to live with this or approach them and no doubt most will stop immediately.

The reason is that when people call someone ‘love’ it is generally well meant and in no way intended to cause offence.

I would ask Ms Bentley, has she approached these people and asked them to stop? If not then she has no right to complain.

I’ve been a Yorkshireman for knocking on 60 years and never used these terms to all and sundry, but know many who do.

I’m sure that it is gradually going out of favour but as far as I can see we have far more terms of abuse than affection and so should cling on to what we have.

Over the years I have worked or holidayed in many parts of the country and been addressed as ‘mate’, ‘mucker’, ‘pet’, ‘hinny’ and others.

On no occasion have these ever been taken as an insult or an over familiar expression – even when called ‘love’ or ‘dear’ by another chap.

I might not like all of them but see no cause to complain, after all they are trivial issues.

If Ms Bentley is upset by this then how must she feel about things like litter, dog mess and cycling on pavements? Not to mention crime, unemployment, the housing crisis and global warming.

She must be afraid to leave her house.

Ivan Kovacks, West Leeds

Dialect fun

I could not resist a chuckle to myself regarding the comments from Patricia Bentley about the use of local dialect. The lovely lady is obviously not local to Yorkshire. I do wonder where she may be from?

Maybe London, where she could be called ‘me old cock’ or ‘treacle’, Nottinghamshire where she could be deemed to be a ‘duck’ or anywhere in Scotland where she could be called a ‘wee hen’ or ‘lassie’.

Is it just the use of Yorkshire dialect she finds so offensive?

David Leckenby, Iveson Grove, Leeds

Suffering over the pond

Having been a big Leeds United supporter in the Bremner, Charlton, Hunter, Giles era, I now have to suffer the jokes and ridicule of the American soccer fans about the unbelievable situation at Elland Road.For the last 32 years I have watched soccer in America grow in popularity, along with the interest in the UK leagues.

The TV coverage is here is outstanding – all the Premiership games are shown every week, a lot of the information about the game is first class due to commantary by ex-pros from the UK.

Unfortunately the situation at Leeds United is something that is highlighted as every debacle unfolds.

Now that I am an official I am constantly around soccer players, coaches and fans and they want to know how this can be happening to a club with such a great history, such a great stadium and with such a great fan base. For goodness sakes, Leeds is a major modern city. Someone please knock some heads together and put Leeds back on the right track to the Premiership and give this poor lonely ex-pat something to boast about again.

Rick Mitchelson, USA

No wonder they are desperate

MY GRANDDAUGHTER was on sickness benefit and an alcoholic.She went on a course to stop drinking and hasn’t touched alcohol for over six months. Suddenly, without warning her money was stopped and even though she was still getting sick notes she was told to make an appointment to get unemployment benefit.

She still owes money to friends from when she was drinking which she needs to pay back so she cannot borrow any more off them.Is it any wonder that thousands in Leeds are desperate for food from food banks? There are many people out there like my granddaughter who have suffered some form of illness and really want to get back on their feet again.


Buses blues

WE HAVE seen pensioners get free travel on the buses and trains in South Yorkshire. Pensioners here in West Yorkshire do not get this. We have to pay full fare on trains but we do get free travel on buses after 9.30am during the week and all day Saturday and Sunday.How come free travel is different in other parts of the country?

Jack and Sue Lewington, Wortley, Leeds

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