YEP Letters: May 19

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Get city moving by giving road space to cyclists

Graeme Tiffany, Bramley

Paul Robinson’s article ‘Commuters pay high price for slow travel’ (YEP, May 11) coincided with the screening of Bikes vs Cars at the ever thought-provoking Hyde Park Picture House.

Fredrik Gertten’s powerful film lays bare the crisis being experienced by the world’s commuters and presents some hard facts; there were one billion cars in the world in 2013 and there will be one billion more by 2020.

Beyond the obvious negative effects on public health and slower journey times, where are all these cars going to go?

Sao Paulo in Brazil, for example, now devotes fully 60 per cent of its entire area to roads and car parking.

We must wake up and recognise this madness, and put in place a radical alternative.

A mass transit system is essential; it is an embarrassment that Leeds is now one of the largest cities in Europe without one. In contrast, cities like Copenhagen have found better and simpler alternatives that support better and simpler lives and strong economies; 40 per cent of all citizens commute by bike.

Of course, Leeds is no Copenhagen, it has hills and the rest. But there are still tremendous opportunities to significantly increase cycling and to do so cheaply; a good deal can change with little more than a pot of paint.

We now know that building new roads is costly and only increases the problem.

Better to give some of them over to cyclists; the road closures we have experienced during the Sky Rides and the Tour de France have taught us that.

The City Connect project offers some hope but it needs to be the start of something transformative, something that will redefine the commuter beyond the car driver.

Ukip’s the party of common sense

J Murry, Moortown

AS time goes on, and people realise that David Cameron does not keep any of his promises, people will be wishing the had voted Ukip.

Why? Because we are a small island, give it a couple of years when we have taken more people and they will be sorry.

Where are these people going to be housed? Schooled? The NHS is on its knees with people just coming to abuse it and then disappearing.

It’s common sense to want to close the borders isn’t it? And get out of the EU, the fat cats in Brussels have no idea how ordinary people live.

All this makes sense. But people voted Tory, Labour (even worse) and completely baffling, the Green Party.

Better luck next time, Ukip. It’s not a racist party, it’s a party of common sense.

People are too afraid to speak out. Where has the great in Britain gone?

4m votes is a fantastic result

Denise Best, Halton

Contrary to what Phil Cook thinks, Ukip had a fantastic election result polling over four million votes, in what way is that a “dismal performance”?

I hope Nigel Farage can build on this great showing, he’s proved there is demand for a party that will put Britain’s interests first. As far as dismal results go I think Phil you must surely be referring to the Lib Dems who got the drubbing they thoroughly deserved!

No development on green belt

Councillor Paul Wadsworth, Conservative) Guiseley and Rawdon Ward

I WOULD like to express my sincere thanks to everybody in Guiseley and Rawdon who gave me their support at the recent local election.

The campaign was hard-fought on all sides, but I was extremely pleased to see an exceptionally clean campaign from all parties, which is a real testament to our area.

I was both pleased and overwhelmed to secure another term on Leeds City Council, ensuring that I can represent everyone in our community (whether they voted for me or not) for the next four years.

Throughout the recent months, I have naturally knocked on a huge number of doors in Guiseley, Rawdon and Yeadon.

I found a diverse range of views and was pleased to have my own perspective challenged on a host of issues.

One area where I found some very strong opinions was with regard to the greenbelt, which I am glad to say has reaffirmed my belief that we must all work together to ensure that development on greenbelt sites is vigorously opposed.

Aireborough simply does not have the infrastructure to support any more housing, nor should we have to after over a decade of continuous development.

I once again say thank you to everyone who took part in the election and urge anyone with any local concerns to contact me either by post or at paul.wadsworth@leeds.gov.uk.

Labour to return after Tory cuts

Peter Pretty, Leeds

The reason people didn’t vote Labour is because they believed the Tory spin machine blaming Labour for the crash of 2008 and that the SNP would be running the Labour budget.

Labour will return after the son of Thatcher has finished with the majority of people facing more cuts, higher reliance on food banks, the SNP with no influence in Westminster and a higher deficit.

Mark my words, the majority of real people will be saying why, oh why?

By the way, let’s give Scotland total independence with no money from England in any way, shape or form. In 12 months they will be begging to return.

Top billing for Yorkshire Water

Sandra Morris, Moortown

I HAVE just received a cheque from Yorkshire Water for £60 for an overpayment I had made on my bill.

Not only was it a pleasant surprise but I was highly delighted that Yorkshire Water had not contacted me regarding the overpayment, they just sent the cheque.

Recently, I changed from BT to another company. I had to wait for over a fortnight for the overpayment of £90 they owed me – in fact I had to ring them twice to remind them.

Similarly, an overpayment of £200 (the sum over from two bills) was kept by Eon until I rang them and asked for the money. Thank you Yorkshire Water.