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Let youngsters have a childhood

D Angood, by email

What happened to having a childhood nowadays? For whatever reason, parents of today have denied their children the values and experiences of the older generations.

Society has not helped either parents or children and together with the remarkable advances in technology they have taken away many of the social activities that make a childhood. Whichever education system is used, the necessary requirement is some sort of evaluation as examinations are the accepted way of measuring that progress. Teachers and parents talk about the pressure being put upon children and how it is affecting them.

The question is, where does that pressure emanate from? Do the children put themselves under this pressure or is it because of outside pressure from both teachers and parents? We all have to learn to live with pressures as we progress through our lives so surely the responsibility to teach children to absorb pressure lies with both parents and teachers.

Leeds viaduct transformation plan: your views

Ambitious plans to transform the top of a Leeds Victorian viaduct into a park – based on elevated public space in Manhattan – are set to be approved. The arches of Doncaster Monk Bridge - off Whitehall Road in Leeds - would also provide new commercial space for shops and restaurants if councillors agree to the scheme today (May 18) as recommended. Members of Leeds City Council’s City Plans Panel will also decide if they should delegate approval about whether to allow apartments across multiple buildings to be built next to the historic bridge. Here’s what YEP readers think about the proposal..

Sarah Coyne

The Highline in NYC is a really lovely space – this is a great idea.

Bill Palfreman

That’s not going to be very safe to walk along and goes right through a red light district. Just knock it down. No need for that viaduct ever since the second Leeds station closed and they rejigged the tracks so they all went to one. Let it go. Commercial development would be much more use.

Ciaran Gavin

Whilst I think it’s a great idea and a fantastic way to preserve the viaduct, I’d love it even more if it were to be used as part of a tram/tram-train/metro system for Leeds.

Robert Batty

Was wondering if this could be explored one day, bet it would open up a number of different snaps.

Paul Goodman

Think there are two separate plans. One for the Holbeck Viaduct which has gone quiet recently and is owned by Railtrack. This one is Monk Bridge behind YEP on Whitehall Road?

Andy Baylis

Great... in planning a few years, glad it’s ready for approval.

Paul Ratcliffe

Great idea. Beats the run of the mill glass and steel unimaginative developments we seem to get all the time.

Philip Wilson

Initial plans were to have a cycle route the full length of the old railway track, hope that’s still part of the plans.

Julie Gelder

I’ve worked on a number of projects in London where we have reused arches for business very successfully. As well as a park on the top there should be a cycle path too.

New tobacco laws affecting Leeds vapers who smoke e-cigarettes will come into force this week. The Tobacco Products Directive is set to affect those who smoke traditional cigarettes when it comes into force on May 20. Smokers have been warned that the new rules will ban smaller packs of cigarettes and reduce the sale of menthol flavours. However a different part of the laws will also bring about changes in vaping and e-cigarettes. Although vaping itself will not be made illegal under the new laws new restrictions on the strength of liquids and the size of tanks will be introduced. Here’s what YEP readers think about the new laws...

Christine Young

So because vaping and e-cigarettes are slowly but surely overtaking sales of cigarettes and tobacco, they’re changing the law to make it even more difficult for people to stop smoking. I think these are good alternatives for people to wean themselves off. Proven to have a higher success rate than nicotine gums and patches. It’s all just about money making and how to control how much is being sold.

Susan Selmon

Ridiculous...vaping stopped me smoking and was only thing that has worked. Surely is in the interest of government and the NHS saving millions of pounds on people with smoking related illnesses.

Paul Hazlewood

Been a smoker for 33 years and now stopped for three years thanks to vaping, by far the easiest way to stop. The new regs are ridiculous. As usual the EU sticking its oar in where it’s not wanted.

Mark George

After heavy smoking for 17 years, gone seven days with out a cigarette and using a vape and now this comes in. Closest I’ve got to stopping, what a joke.

Jonathan Jonjo Wilson

This country is an absolute joke, surely people vaping is better than smoking? It’s just another way of picking people’s pockets.

Michael Squires

What a shame. People shouldn’t be doing that inside anyhow and prices should be a lot more than they are. If you can afford to smoke then it’s up to you but don’t let others smell it.

loinerbornandbred, via website

I am neither a smoker or a vaper, having given up smoking years ago when I realised the health problems it caused.

Vaping has been massively promoted in his country as a safe alternative especially by the tobacco industry who are seeing this as an alternative product to cigarettes.

My question is, if vaping is so safe why is it still banned in many countries e.g. Australia on health related concerns about the health risk? Is there something we are not being told as there was with cigarettes where the tobacco companies own research had identified cigarettes as carcogenic but the general public were denied thus knowledge for many years.

Brilliant care at injuries clinic

Bryan Hyman, Leeds

I am writing to compliment the staff and organisation of the minor injuries clinic at the St George Centre, Middleton, Leeds.

From booking in /being seen /x-rayed and treated took no more than 40 minutes.

In times when all you ever hear about are long waiting times, this was brilliant and if more people used this type of facility I am sure there would not be the problems at accident and emergency departments.

Big thanks to all involved.

Glad to be at school in the 60s

Judy Goodwin, Altofts

With all the complaining from teachers, parents and pupils about the stress of SATs exams, it makes me grateful I was educated in the 50s and 60s before stress was invented.

I dread to think the damage that would have been inflicted on myself and fellow pupils with the weekly test we sat every Friday afternoon year in and year out.

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