YEP Letters: May 18

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Stop moaning, and let us enjoy cycling events

John Copperthwaite, Headingley

MARTIN PHILLIPS (Your Feedback, May 7) groans about the financing of the Tour de France and Tour de Yorkshire and, in so doing, joins the ranks of moaning morons who cannot see beyond the end of their noses.

Quite rightly, in our country of free expression, the cycling critics, the bus pass moaners and the monarchy whingers are entitled to their short-sighted, grudging opinions.

However, thankfully, right-thinking and progressive correspondents of your column are very much the majority and realise that their cycling events are massive money-spinners, as is the concessionary bus pass and the monarchy, all of which bring untold pleasure to so many millions of people in this country and around the world.

Mr Phillips asserts that “any plonker” can organise a sporting event – so get on with it, let’s see you organise next year’s Tour de Yorkshire.

It would appear that curmudgeonly people like Martin Phillips want us all to stagnate and wallow in a mundane world of misery, rather than spend public finance, get good returns on it, and promote our county and country to the world.

He criticises the cost of staging these cycling events and the policing of them, but such costs are also incurred in the mounting of any public event, be it a marathon or some kind of parade or protest march.

It’s just that, for some totally obscure reason, cycling comes in for special criticism from those people who know nothing about this great sport and leisure activities.

So, Mr Phillips and your kind, get on with your miserable lives whilst the rest of us enjoy all the wonderful events and benefit that life has to offer.

Delighted to see Galloway lose

Howard Richman, Moortown

In my opinion the best thing to come out of the General Election is seeing the back of George Galloway.

The look on this man’s face after he faced defeat was an absolute picture.

He thought last year by spouting anti-Israel comments he would increase his popularity and secure a bigger majority in the General Election. How wrong he was!

This man is an absolute fool to think he can get away with derogatory comments about Jews and Gentiles alike.

His speech after defeat, blaming everybody but himself, only shows what a bigoted and conceited man he is, and to ask for a re-count after losing by such a massive majority is unbelievable.

Seeing as he loves the West Bank and Gaza so much, he should do us all a favour and go and live there, but obviously he would never do that.

He will wait for another by-election or even try to be Mayor of London (God forbid) because the man is so full of himself it is not true.

He should do us all a favour and climb back under the stone from which he came from.

The age of the beard isn’t over

Tevor Crawford, Leeds

As one of the bearded ones I take great exception to the remarks of your columnist Jayne Dawson in which she suggests that beards are unhygienic. Maybe for some.

Personally I wash my face three or four times a day, my closely cropped beard included.

How often does your columnist wash her hair? There is an abundance of microscopic life forms living on the human body.

I am willing to bet that there are more of these merry little fellows enjoying their existence upon the scalp of your columnist than there are upon my chin.

Mrs Dawson also remarks that the age of the beard is over. I think not. Men grow beards at the dictate of Mother Nature just as women’s bodies are subject to other natural dictates.

To shave them off is surely a deviation from the normal. I notice these days that more and more ladies of a certain age are sprouting whiskers.

How wonderfully ironic it would be if, in the fullness of time, your columnist were to grant us the display of her own face fungus.

Looking for the middle ground

Chris Sharp, Leeds

Can Roy Pearson, the BBC and all the other weepers and wailers accept that Mr Miliband and Labour will remain unelectable until they move more to the middle of the road like that famous champagne socialist Blair.

Five years to find a solution, don’t hold your breath.

Two jags and the working man

Terry Dunwell, Swarcliffe

IT IS very kind of Roy Pearson to show me the error of my ways as he informs me I am a gullible “average English voter” (Your Feedback, May 12).

Well, I am not as gullible as someone who blindly supports a party who took us to the brink.

He also says “the majority of the sensible folk of Yorkshire did not swallow the scaremongering tales about Labour”.

You must be joking, Roy. I remember great Labour politicians such as Bevin and Gaitskill – now they have John Prescott and Ed Balls.

Labour the working man’s party? Pull the other one.

I worked all my life and could just manage a cycle to go to work on.

What kind of working man has two Jags?

4m votes for just one MP

M Burbage-Atter, Rothwell

I SUSPECT we shall now simply get five more years of the same, albeit without the Lib Dems.

Further cuts to welfare, minimum pay increases for the majority of the workers and perhaps very small increases for pensioners plus the usual small increases in personal allowances.

So we will still have the minimum hours contracts and low minimum hourly wages and once more we shall be robbing the poor to pay for the rich.

I voted for UKIP and note with regret that we get one MP for four million votes. If that is fair and equitable then I must be a Dutchman.

We need a fair system of PR but will not get it unless it is imposed by Brussels.