YEP Letters: May 17

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REGARDING The ChooseCycling Campaign. What a pity that the lovely, lively, local lass – Lizzie Armistead from Otley – was not able to complete the Tour of Britain Féminin last week because of ill health.

But also last week the YEP published an article in which she called for Leeds to back the ChooseCycling Campaign.

A council spokesperson said that they do indeed fully support and endorse the scheme.

This a council that, for example: thinks painting a white line a few feet into the roadway along a main road constitutes a cycle lane

thinks that a three metre long ‘cycle lane’ helps cyclists to negotiate the maelstrom which is the Sheepscar Interchange.

which imposed a three-line whip as the only way of getting its trolleybus plan to be accepted. A plan which, if implemented and built, will make cycling along the A660 corridor even more dangerous than it is now.

M McGlashan, Granby View, Leeds LS6

Achieving goal of hypocrisy

Having recently wondered if the English tradition of hypocrisy and stupidity was lost, I am now reassured by Greg Dyke and his FA colleagues.

They lament Manchester City’s title win as “depressing” as the team contains only two English born players.

Where have they been for 30 years? Have they not 
thrilled to Manchester United and their thousand-and-odd triumphs?

Or is that somehow different? Had a London club won it, would that have been different?

Over that period Leeds United has produced many fine native players. Have we been applauded and assisted?

Why hasn’t there been a restriction on foreign players and a salary cap and regulation on under 18s being sold 
by smaller clubs to larger clubs.

This might have been done by means of, a players potential market value informing a significant transfer fee and 
a sell-on payment clause thereby.

Because like many of their kind who inhabit 
the higher realms of public 
service and public life they are shabby, 
conformist, deceitful, self-serving nobodies doing FA work and not impressing.

Paul Kilroy, Spennithorne Avenue, Leeds

Quick response to travellers

I would like to say a big thank you to Alec Shelbrooke MP, our ward councillors, the Travellers Liaison 
Department at Leeds City Council and the police for the speedy way they dealt with travellers who moved on to the site of the former Nordens Builders Merchant in Allerton Bywater.

Your help was much appreciated.

Ken Hepworth, on behalf of the residents of Park Avenue and Barnsdale Road

Advantages of proposed site

REGARDING Barbara Osborne’s observations on the travellers site in Your Views (YEP, May 13), not for one moment do I agree with the proposed locating of the site, but it is perhaps as good as you will get for the following 

1. One road in one road out, better control of all travellers and visitors;

2. Only one simple CCTV camera to monitor all vehicles, complete with ANPR to identify and assist removal of all uninsured and untaxed vehicles; and

3. Identify all vehicles 
taking waste onto the site, hence easy check to ensure compliance with all waste removal regulations.

Whilst I doubt this proposal will proceed given the sensitivity, every cloud can have a silver lining – just think, if implemented correctly, all those uninsured, untaxed vehicles taken off the roads.

It makes you think.

James Jay, by email

I saw airship over Barnbow

IN response to the query in the YEP on May 10 regarding seeing an airship flying over Leeds by Geoff Whitton: at lunchtime my father and I came out of the house – I was returning to school, when we watched the airship flying over Barnbow.

The story has always been that they were taking photos of the Barnbow ammunition factory – and of course it was flying in the direction of Kirkstall.

Mrs Evelyn Fisher, Belle Vue Avenue, Scholes LS15