YEP Letters: May 16

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Put CCTV in all ‘care’ homes to stop the abuse

A carer (name and address supplied), Leeds

WHEN IS the Care Quality Commission going to take off their blinkers and see the problems within the care system (YEP, May 13)?

It is over 10 years since I first contacted CQC regarding a care home (I use the word “care” here very loosely) my late mother had the misfortune to be in.

They advised me they would investigate, however no reply was ever received.

The only feedback I got was from the manageress of the home when she ranted at me for reporting them. The truth obviously struck a chord.

I have worked as a carer for over 13 years and have felt compelled to report sub-standard staff on a number of occasions, following which they received little or no disciplinary action and were allowed to continue in their jobs.

Furthermore, until the CQC allow 24-7 CCTV surveillance in all care homes the abuse will continue to happen. Undercover workers would also be effective.

The management at the CQC do not see what goes on with care staff and the extent of mistreatment as these so-called carers believe no one is watching so they will get away with it.

I know it has been classed as an invasion of privacy, but I would rather have my privacy compromised than to be treated and handled like a sack of potatoes by these so-called carers.

CCTV for all homes now please to stop the abuse of vulnerable people.

Anger over poor standard of care

R Kimble, Hawksworth

It was with a good deal of anger and sadness that I read in the YEP about poor standards of care in nursing homes.

I have to wonder, having seen some of them appear in court, how some of these “staff” actually get a job?

How could you give a job as, say, a care assistant to some bloke with a face full of metal, covered in tattoos?

What on earth would make you think that an elderly, vulnerable person would want someone looking like that leering down over them?

What sort of questions are asked at interview that such cruel people succeed in getting a job in the first place?

Some I’ve seen I wouldn’t allow anywhere near a resident if I was still a Home Manager.

How, also, can registered nurses turn a blind eye if they know support staff are not up to scratch?

Have they heard of accountability or the code of conduct? Some are a disgrace to the profession, frankly.

BBC bias against white rose area

Paul Kilroy, Lawnswood

I HOPE the newly-elected Tory MPs will stop the BBC licence fee piracy in 2017 and revoke its charter as a publicly-funded mouthpiece of liberal-atheist values.

Its egregious reach has now extended to the realm of regional propaganda and patronage.

How else to construe the blatant exposure and favouritism lavished upon Manchester, and serving of its delusions of northern hegemony?

All this happened around 1965, before the advent of local radio, when we were regaled daily by the up and unbecoming Judith Chalmers; with tales of goings on in Crumpsall and the doings of Tommy Entwhistle.

Now we are affronted by meaningless running through the centre of Manchester, while truly global events like the Tour de Yorkshire and the Tour de France are met with sullen silence.

There is a blatant bias against Yorkshire and a complicit undertaking on behalf of Manchester and its self-aggrandisement.

Lancashire folk are my favourite people, but they must not be fed delusions of grandeur. The red rose must be pruned, while the Shepherd’s Bush growth should either be uprooted or extended to cover the white rose area.

Bye George... we’ll miss you

Rosemary Edmondson, Whitkirk

I AM quite sure there are lots of people in George Mudie’s East Leeds constituency who will greatly miss him.

He was always there to help if at all possible, with immediate replies to all letters.

Thank you, George, and all good wishes to you.

Pelt the animal cruelty culprits

M Whitehead, Chapel Allerton

I DON’T suppose there is any possibility of re-introducing the stocks or the pillory? No, thought not – human rights and all that.

I would dearly love to put in one or the other the creatures who seem to find pleasure in ill-treating animals.

I would take great delight in pelting them with unripe fruit and veg. The harder the better, none of your squishy overripe stuff.

What puts it into the mind of such evil people to pour oil on and set fire to a tethered pony?

That poor creature must have been in absolute agony. We know how it hurts if we accidentally burn ourselves getting something out of the oven. I don’t suppose these monsters will be caught or the ones responsible for the suffering caused to chickens on an allotment.

If they are caught they will just get a slap on the wrist and perhaps a measly fine.

But they probably won’t be caught unless they start bragging about their actions no doubt while “under the influence” because surely no one in their right mind could do these things.

Selfish parents are no surprise

A Hague, Harehills

I FOUND “My View” by Stephanie Smith very interesting (YEP, April 21).

That selfish parents do breed thoughtless children does make sense and should not surprise anyone, those who demand the best for their own children with no thought for others.

Then the MMR jab to protect children from measles, mumps and rubella, which needs a 95 per cent take up to prevent an outbreak, but some parents said that their children didn’t need it.

My mother wrapped me in cotton wool because I had Petit Mal but eventually I fought myself free, and survived.

Children must learn how to cope themselves, not be influenced by parents’ views on how they should live their life.