YEP Letters: May 16

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THE formation of the eight ‘core’ cities to campaign for partial devolution is welcome. London’s dominance has for too long blighted our prospects.

Let’s, though, not overlook the self interest which directs and informs this process, particularly in respect of Glasgow and Manchester.

The former has been a major beneficiary of EU and UK funding over 50 years; positioning itself to gain from its Westminster connection (the over-representation of Scottish MPs) and from the independence movement (the bribes to keep it on board).

Its wee sister Edinburgh is not a dram behind. With its appropriation of our city’s Supertram funding it should be re-named Auld Cheekie.

As for those to our left on this uneven playing field, never onside, achieving dubious victories long after normal time (e.g. tram-line extension) and whose every twist and turn and appeal is indulged by weak officialdom and a fawning media. Significantly Glasgow has declared its common interest with Manchester and Liverpool (Westminster’s ‘Kept Woman’).

Our MPs, like theirs, must put their city first, then their constituency, then the county. They should infiltrate the committees, consultative bodies and commissions in what is effectively a parallel parliament.

Time to wake up and smell the haggis!

PAUL KILROY, Spennithorne Avenue, Leeds

Customer care doesn’t exist

CUSTOMER care 2014? Laugh, I thought I’d never start! In recent years it has become a myth. Companies these days clearly do not accurately read letters of complaint then send back lousy formal letters like paper planes (they mean as much).

That’s why if Royal Mail want to carry on driving us to emailing with their nasty price rises, let them.

We received our mail at 
the disgusting time of 4.30pm the other day but I wouldn’t bother writing to the local sorting office these days, why bother? The company has obviously elected the motif of a lemming.

I did complain strenuously about an extremely rude bar woman in Leeds, but it is easier to keep out if they don’t need my regular custom.

Finally, supermarkets have to be the most arrogant. Not content by duping us with halal meat which should have been labelled (boycott those responsible!), they simply will not listen regarding how grossly unpopular 
their frustrating, time-consuming self-service machines are.

When it comes to the all of the above customer courtesy they must only recognise when in invisible ink.

MEGS CORAZON, Meanwood, Leeds

Stamp out privatisation

I went to the post office to buy a first class stamp.

On enquiring whether it would get the letter there by post the next day I was told there was no guarantee, there only would be if I paid over £6 to get it there next day.

I said forget it, I will 
take that chance It’s scandalous. Exploitation by privatisation.

I understand a first class stamp should get it there the next day and a second class stamp may not. I think this is extortionist by privatising this part of the post office.

Let’s get back to a public postal service throughout, and stop this privatising.

PETER BAGNALL, Barfield Crescent, Alwoodley, Leeds

We need new turbine design

REGARDING the promotion of land-based wind turbines for electricity generation.

It seems to me that a problem that arouses opposition to land based 
wind turbines is the fact that there presently seems to 
be only a single design of turbine.

The horizontal axis, three rotor blade model ought to be only one option of design at land sites for electricity generation.

They do have a visually disturbing presence that is unsuitable for some sensitive countryside areas.

It is perfectly possible to design less visually disturbing and equally efficient models 
of wind turbine such as 
designs rotating on a vertical axis, sail powered with wind lenses, where the rotating parts of the mechanism are hidden from view and so have a reduced disturbing visual impact.

Given the depth of feeling and strength of opposition in some areas to the current ubiquitous model why have alternative designs not been developed and deployed in sensitive sites?

MICHAEL B HEATH, Cliff Road, Woodhouse, Leeds

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