YEP Letters: May 13

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Why do the people who advocate that a travellers site should be in Leeds south again, not have it in their area?

We have a site at Cottingley Springs that could be extended and not interfere with any others.

Surely the infrastucture should be made first to accommodate any building in the area schools, which are already full as are the doctors.

It would also create an eyesore to the local residents and commuters who use the railway to and from Leeds which overlooks the proposed site which, by the way has only one entrance and exit which, in my opinion, would be unable to accommodate the high volume of road traffic.

I will be attending the public meeting.

Barbara Osborne, by email

Go north, rather than Morley

Morley town centre has managed to pull itself up out of the doldrums following its decline when the White Rose Centre opened.

Now it has street markets, literary festivals and the wonderful St George’s Day weekend along with lots of other activities.

The opening of a traveller site virtually in the town centre will set it back to where it was, this site if opened will be the start of Morley’s decline.

Let the north side of Leeds have a site for once!

A Morley resident

Powerful truth in Orwell’s 1984

People generally desire the world and society to be “fair” and for governments and those in authority to exercise “justice”.

The same people often believe that with a sufficient amount of “moral” argument and peaceful protest the apparent injustices and wrongs can somehow be reformed away by reasoned argument; by, for instance, the use of facts and figures and tales of woe and misery that those in authority have perhaps, inadvertently inflicted upon them and those who oppress them can then somehow become their friends.

Why are you being persecuted, oppressed, marginalised, demonised and being made to feel less than fully human?

Orwell wrote this, and alas for all the naive ones out there, it is an immutable truth.

“Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.” – 1984, by George Orwell

Louis Kasatkin, Wakefield

Clarifying my views on Syria

I would like to thank Philippa Lloyd for reading , and taking the time to respond (YEP, May 8) to my views on the tragic situation in Syria (YEP, May 1).

However , I must take serious issue with her interpretation of my views.

At no point did I call for military intervention because it simply does not help anybody (with the possible exception of extremists who would love something else to blame on “The West”. )

If the YEP would care to re-print a letter from myself which was published immediately prior to the Bush/Blair invasion of Iraq, on the false pretext of WMDs, then she might better understand my views .

Whilst Mr Putin is allowed to “showboat” at the UN, preventing any meaningful resolution of the problem, then a negotiated settlement is very unlikely .

It is , sadly , very true that many European countries rely on Russian gas but it is also true that Russia would be in dire straits without the income from this exported energy!

It is in this regard that I call for action and bravery from our (global) politicians .

Hope this clarifies my position, Ms Lloyd.

Jack Banner, Leeds

Give Malcolm a daily column

I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms at the lack of input from Malcolm Nicholson in the YEP on Saturday May 10.

There was no letter or mention of Malcolm in this edition.

Mr Nicholson is one of Yorkshire’s funniest writers, only just behind the great Alan Bennett and your own Oliver Cross.

Malcolm Nicholson should have his own daily column or we should be informed on the front page that he is not featured for that day.

Kevin Wilson, Cottingley Grove, Leeds

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