YEP Letters: May 12

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After watching a bowls match at a Beeston club the other day, when it was almost over, footballers of Beeston St Anthony’s came to the club where they had food and drink while commenting upon their recent game.

Now when we here so much about the youth of today being off the rails, along with all the other adverse comments, it was pleasantly surprising to note young fellows who were polite, well behaved and a tribute to their club and coaches.

But while walking back home in the pouring rain, as two more of these young sportsmen approached me I thought they were both big enough and strong to be centre backs and said so. Now at the age of 87, I have to say that I have never met a more polite, well mannered healthy looking and handsome couple of young men than those two.

Although our conversation was short, and the rain still poured, I formed the opinion that with young men such as these we still have much to be proud of. They were a credit to their parents and teachers and, likely, their religion. In addition to which, the two lads in particular, with whom I spoke will soon have the young ladies ‘swooning in the aisles’ as they say, if they are not already.

ERNEST Lundy, by email

Why knock down homes?

If there is a shortage of council (social to put a posh word on it) housing, WHY have the Council demolished a lot of houses on the Seacroft and Gipton Estates (those are the ones that I know about) and many of those were built just after WW2 and less than 70 years old.

They are also talking about demolishing Amberton Court Care home at a cost of over £100,000. Why not sell the houses and the care home as they are and save demolition costs. People would be glad of them.Amberton Court might be bought by the private sector and re used,seeing as there is a shortage of care homes, also partly due to council closures. They make decisions like these and the idiots want us to vote them back in.If brains were dynamite they would not have enough to blow their hats off.

David Green, by email

Figures speak for themselves

In reply to J.Appleyard’s letter, Bob Dylan also sang,’The times they are a changing,’ which the Conservatives could have adopted as their slogan,when they started the coalition.

The figures are not only Government figures but they are backed up by international bodies like the IMF.

The figure of £1600 has been plucked out of the selective air by a ‘busted flush,’ Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls who together, with the sixth form debater, Ed Milliband,are the reason we were in the mire ,in the first place. Now the economy is gradually picking up, Ed Balls who has staked his whole reputation on knocking George Osborne’s stratagy, has no where to turn. The up turn is fragile but it is in a much better place, than the one left by Liam Burns,’Good luck,theres no money left,’ Government.

One of the biggest reasons energy prices are so high is because of the ridiculous ‘Green Taxes,’ thought up and imposed by Ed Miliband! These taxes are a joke, until the main polluters, China,India,Russia and the USA agree to cut their emissions

We are at the halfway stage of the cycle that Conservative Governments have to correct every time they come to office, following Labour’s ruinous terms of borrowing and piling up debt and living beyond our means.All this before the usual, ‘red herring,’ banking crisis Any housewife could run the economy better than Labour! Attlee, Wilson, Callaghan and now Blair/Brown Governments, have all left huge deficits for the Conservatives to sort out. Let them finish the job and lets get the country back on its feet. Firms are re-locating their business back to this country,now that they see a return to a viable stable economy.

Let J.Appleyard continue to peddle Labour’s doom and gloom message but the figures speak for themselves.

B.Duffy, by email

Iron bad for you

I see Malcolm Nicholson is again singing the praises of “The Iron Lady” and seems to think that taking a country to war is something to praise and admire. I would like to point out that Iron is an inanimate substance with no feelings. An excess of it in the body can cause, among other things, liver failure and death. It can be highly toxic, therefore.

R Kimble, by email

I’m not so ill-informed

Apropos the letter from Gary Heaton in today’s YEP (May 9) I was in fact being ironic rather than sarcastic or ignorant : I just found the thought of a similar advert for “Sleeping Night Nurses” (as opposed to “Waking Night Nurses”) mildly amusing.

I would appreciate, however, not being referred to as “ill - informed” : I am a Registered Mental Health Nurse, Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing & Sociology of Health & Illness, I have been a Ward Manager and Nursing Home Manager and I have 43 years experience in this profession.

Having worked in the East End of London in a highly challenging mental health unit where I once had a gun pointed at me, I know full well what being a Registered 
Nurse sometimes involves or requires.

I am astounded by how some members of the public think they can treat us, dumbfounded by the lies that Cameron, Hunt & Lamb are telling at the moment (Student Nurse recruitment, for example, has been cut not increased as they state) and I am angry at the poor performance of our regulatory bodies.

If I read one more letter from Malcolm Nicholsonabout our huge public sector pensions, you will hear my scream of indignation across the whole of Yorkshire.

Oh yes, I’m not scruffy, either.

T Maunder, by emial

These are not listed buildings

I don’t understand why a heritage watchdog has condemned plans to demolish some buildings for a temporary car parking scheme in Leeds (Yorkshire Evening Post, April 25).

None are listed buildings and would have to come down later for the Victoria Gates retail project, although I understand that no contracts have been signed yet.

The proposed car park would have 795 places which would provide an extra 253 places which will be a boon for shoppers in Leeds.

Construction has already started on Victoria Gates first phase.

AE HAGUE, Bellbrooke Grove, Leeds LS8.

City rivalry

IN reply to Andy Viggars (Yorkshire Evening Post, May 1), I didn’t know the greatest band ever, The Beatles, came from Manchester. Take note Mr Goodman.

Also, as for football, Liverpool has five champions league wins, Manchester three.

Liverpool for me any day. Living in Pontefract I have seen bigger car boot sales for shopping, you have a lot to brag about.

Get a life.


Hospital thanks

I’m contacting you from BITMOs GATE which is a community resource centre in Belle Isle. One of our regular users of the centre was rushed into hospital a couple of weeks ago due to poor health and received excellent treatment at LGI hospital and has asked for a ‘Thank you’ to be put in YEP. She said: “I’d like to take a minute to say how grateful I am to staff on the number 19 Jubilee Ward at LGI Hospital. I was treated with the best care and support by Professor Hall and all the nurses. Thank you so much!”. Mrs Jean Bryne

Jess Dewhurst, Belle Isle Tenant Management

Kirkgate Market, Leeds

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