YEP Letters: May 11

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Focussing minds om city’s new leader

Paul Kilroy, Lawnswood

THE ANNOUNCED resignation of our council leader Keith Wakefield should focus minds upon a successor fit for the role.

He or she must avoid any complacent, indecisive or irresolute tendencies.

There must be a degree of foresight and good judgement.

Supertram, the delayed Leeds Arena and airport sale, “Kissing Towers”, a half-built Hilton Hotel, the Kirkgate Quarter eyesore, the seven-years of Headingley planning inquiries, the Vicar Lane ‘undevelopment’, and poor levels of monitoring at arms length and sub-contracted agencies, all confirm the impression of weakness, drift and slide.

We need a leader who can impose himself on government, who cuts a dynamic figure among the northern cities and is not a tool of PC pressure groups and lobbyists.

Someone to build upon the legacy, momentum and recognition gained from recent election publicity and the Yorkshire cycling extravaganzas.

We need economies, not cuts, principles, not ideology, consultation not tokenism and openness, not ‘corporate speak’.

Internationally-minded Leeds is the least characteristically English of cities, metaphorically most distant from London.

We should trade upon our stock and goodwill in Europe.

In short, our leader should be of the Churchillian stamp, ready to give the salute to London, but looking beyond.

Row over war threatens EU

A Stubbs, Bridlington

THE MOST bitter of the recent series of angry clashes 
between Greece and Germany was the one over Greece’s claim that it deserves compensation from Berlin for German aggression during the Second World War.

Their claim for €370bn would be enough to pay off nearly all the Greek debt.

But bringing up the Second World War was a sure way to anger the Germans who accused the Greeks of “conjuring up” German war obligations.

So now the Greek government is threatening to seize German properties right down to holiday homes owned by individual private German citizens in order to recover the money.

The emotions involved are strong enough to tear apart the EU.

Indeed, if Greece followed through with its threat to flood the EU with migrants, it would be one of the last things it did as an EU member state.

Stop building to save our land

J Taylor, Leeds

BY THE time this letter is printed we will know which political party got in.

But for several weeks now, politicians have been shouting from the rooftops about spending millions (even billions) on the NHS, the high speed train, on brand new houses on green belt land.

How will it be possible to grow our own food if we do not have any land?

We will have to import it from thousands of miles away, costing the British people a lot of money.

After the last war the population was about 50 million, now it is about 65 million.

No country can keep pace with this amount of people coming in and the most important thing humans need is water.

Where will those billions of gallons come from if we have a very hot summer which is forecast?

It will be once again stand pipes and water will be rationed.

I hope people thought of the next generation when they voted.

Scaffolding troubles

M Stickley, Armley

I WONDER if any other readers have experienced, or are experiencing, the same problem as ourselves.

In January this year we decided to invest in a new roof.

Our builder contacted a scaffolding company to construct the scaffolding necessary for the work to be carried out.

On January 20 they arrived, erected half the scaffolding, promising to return the next day to complete the work. It took several attempts of failed communication by both ourselves and our builder before they finally returned on January 30 to finish the work they had been paid to do, enabling the roofing work to commence.

On completion of the roofing work on February 10 we then of course required the scaffolding to be removed.

As we write, the scaffolding remains in place, disfiguring and restricting the use of our garden. All attempts at communication have been ignored.

We have two different telephone numbers for them, neither of which are ever answered.

Messages by text and voice mail are ignored. A letter sent by recorded delivery, received and signed for remains unanswered.

Obviously our property is being used for storage and as a result we are unable to hang out washing, our windows have not been cleaned this year due to lack of access for the window cleaner and our ability to tend our garden is highly restricted.

Has anyone else faced this problem? If so, what did you do about it? Help us please!

Stabbed in back by ‘traitor’ MP

Roger Watkinson, Halton

I HAVE worked in Sheffield a lot and met many lovely people, but I will never understand why they voted for Nick Clegg.

He stabbed them in the back and they still voted for him. The man is a traitor. Come on Sheffield, wake up to your realisations that Nick Clegg is no use to anyone. He will let the Sheffield people down time and time again. He has no scruples.

Slippery slope of private nurses

A Hague, Harehills

THE shortage of nurses in our Health Service is apparently being filled by paying private nurses up to £45 an hour for weekends. This costs us nearly £50,000 a year for each nurse just for two days a week, which is typical back door entrance by our ruling parties into our health service. While we continue to rob Peter to pay Paul, David Cameron is destroying our free health service, and it is just a matter of when we start paying