YEP Letters: May 1

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Together we can stop deaths in Mediterranean

Martin Schweiger, Leeds

Many people have expressed compassion over the drownings in the Mediterranean in recent weeks (Woodward’s World, April 23).

That compassion should also extend to all those who perish as they flee from war, persecution and poverty.

None of us can resolve this human disaster on our own, nor can we realistically expect anyone else to do so.

However there are many small things we can do that together will make a meaningful difference.

For instance:

Learning about the factors that are driving the large scale movement of people is worthwhile. Groups like Global Justice Now have plenty of information on their websites and publications.

Encourage those who have fled previously from affected countries to work for peace, education and development and to reject the option of funding weapons for any faction fighting there.

Buy Fairtrade goods whenever possible, making a real contribution to a fairer world trade system.

Contribute generously to charities working in poorer countries, we have Christian Aid Week from May 10.

There are many other effective charities but all need our help if they are to work.

Lobby for more international aid from Britain and that it is used effectively to help the poorest. The coming election may give new opportunities.

Until people in all countries can live in peace with hope of a better future the Mediterranean will continue to claim more lives.

Royals okay as long as they pay

Phil Crowther, Bingley

I REFER to recent letters regarding the Queen and her family. Whilst everyone is entitled to their views, I do believe some of those expressed display the rose-tinted and somewhat naive views many royalists do.

Firstly let’s look at the “nobility who made Britain great”. Is this the same nobility who throughout the last millennium have waged war, plotted and schemed to protect their interests at the expense of their fellow man?

The royals were not created on another planet but born like you and me, but fortunately for them in the right location at the right time. Hence all the bowing and scraping has no foundation.

As for the cost, the taxpayer funds the main players 
through the civil list but let’s remember, the Queen in particular has personal wealth beyond most people’s comprehension.

If she and they wish to live the lifestyle they do, why can’t they fund it themselves or at least pay for an odd hospital or school each year?

Their income from land and property ownership (much of it probably obtained by questionable means at some point in the past) is vast and based on allowances, methods and terms the ordinary person or business could not contemplate.

Yes, the royals do bring tourist income into this country but they would whatever funding scheme prevailed.

As for their longevity, anyone who was born without the worry of affording their lifestyle from cradle to grave would be expected to rack up some years.

You can be sure Kate will not worry about the sort of traumas we read of in the YEP that happen to normal mothers giving birth.

She will have multiple doctors, midwives and a whole hospital wing on hand, with no question of expense or available resources.

If you want your pomp and ceremony, fine, but I say let’s have more fairness and cost sharing.

Audience got it right on Europe

Derek Barker, Moortown

After watching the Election 2015 debate on the BBC, I am heartened by the reaction of the members of the audience who were selected to provide a genuine broad section of the voting public in Yorkshire.

On every single question in relation to our political union with the rest of Europe, at least 80 per cent of them were in full agreement that we should be given a referendum of our membership of the EU, and that the politicians who believe they know what is in our best interests should stop treating us like children.

Prior to our entering the EU trading bloc, unemployment in this country was no more than 200,000 including youth unemployment, and yes, the rich had to pay a higher level of tax and they had to pay their employees a decent living wage.

It is clear to those of my generation that the Labour party has deserted the very people who created it, therefore it should come as no surprise if those who still profess to represent the workers of this country aren’t voted back into their day jobs.

A new error for Look North

Paul Kirby, Wetherby

What is going on at the BBC in Leeds this year?

I started noticing mistakes on Look North at the beginning of the year and have been logging them since then.

There have been a staggering 13 so far in 2015 and that is only the visible errors, not the verbal ones made by presenters and reporters.

This is far too many for a so-called professional news organisation.

Spelling mistakes, like ‘lonliness’ and ‘medecine’, are quite unforgivable and should never slip through the net, if they have a proper checking procedure carried out by the editor or producer.

There are many great reporters and presenters on Look North and they are being let down by staff behind the scenes.

Editor Tim Smith has not bothered responding to my latest email containing the latest examples.

And incredibly, the mistakes still keep happening after I first wrote to them in February.

I wonder if there are management problems at BBC Leeds for the programme to reach such a low ebb.

Whatever the reason, the licence fee-payers of Yorkshire deserve better.

Daft ad is a sight for sore eyes

Edna Levi, Moortown

Being subjected to political broadcasts daily, I have held my own poll on the adverts in the breaks and have elected as the most tasteless and daftest for a banking company the guy in the shortest pants, shaking his posterior in the face of Sharon Osborne and wearing higher heels than her.

I am now going to Specsavers for a better view!