YEP Letters: May 1

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ON APRIL 28 it was the eighth birthday of our eldest grandson.

We were in buoyant mood and hoping that he liked the rather expensive bike that our combined efforts had enabled us to provide. Our cosy complacency was stopped short as BBC News aired footage of a boy who was the same age being recovered from the rubble of Aleppo.

It is simply beyond belief that the Assad regime has been allowed to murder hundreds of thousands of its own people, including tens of thousands of children whilst the “civilised” world stood by and watched, hands in pockets and totally impotent!

The worst excesses of Adolf Hitler’s regime were only possible because of the ineptitude of the appeasers. It would appear that history has taught us very little. Doing nothing amounts to complicity and there are many presidents and politicians who should be sleeping very uneasily in their beds, but somehow I doubt it! If they had any moral fibre they would have stood up to be counted a long time ago.

We bestow millions of pounds in practical and financial aid upon the corrupt and irresponsible but leave Syria to its own devices and the cruelty of a despotic tyrant in Assad.

I am sure that there are millions in the UK who feel as I do and we must make every effort to get our politicians to act, and quickly.

Adults can, in most cases make informed choices but children must rely entirely upon the wisdom – or otherwise of the said adults.

Is there really no world leader with the bravery to say “Enough”?

Jack Banner, Leeds

Nominate brave youngsters

AS A proud ambassador for the charity WellChild, I invite readers to nominate some of the country’s most inspiring children, young people, carers and healthcare professionals for the 2014 WellChild Awards in association with GSK.

There are thousands of children and young people in the UK who are seriously ill. The WellChild Awards is a fantastic celebration of their bravery and courageousness. The Awards also honour the siblings, friends, doctors, nurses, health care professionals and healthcare teams who tirelessly make such a positive difference to their lives.

Nominations for the 2014 WellChild Awards close on May 5. The winners will be invited to a star studded ceremony at London’s Dorchester hotel on September 23.

I’m sure many of your readers will know of a seriously ill child or young person whose bravery in coping with their condition is an inspiration; or an amazing carer or health professional that has gone the extra mile in caring for a child with a complex health care need. I urge your readers to show them just how special they are by nominating them for an award. It’s easy to nominate at or by calling 0845 458 8171.

Duncan Bannatyne, WellChild Ambassador, Royal Crescent, Cheltenham

Manchester has beating of Leeds

Recently a letter was printed slating the current state of affairs at Manchester United Football Club.

I assume this was from a Leeds United fan. Will LU fans ever get over the superior status of MUFC? Will they ever stop being jealous of the fantastic success of MUFC? It is and quite possibly always will be, a greater club than LU – fact.

Manchester is in my opinion and based on recent visits a better city, offers better and more diverse shopping, with a wonderful array of outlets, diverse nightlife and it goes without saying has made a greater contribution to music than Leeds could ever wish for, not to mention the brilliant transport system.

Get those chips off your shoulders LU fans. You will always play second fiddle to Manchester in so many ways.

Am I a Man U fan? Absolutely not. I follow non-league football in the seventh tier of the football pyramid, and have never forgiven MU for many things; not entering the FA Cup to pursue a big payday elsewhere for a start, but I am not too blind and foolish to see sporting and cultural excellence on a level that LU and Leeds as a city can only dream of.

Andy Viggars, Pontefract

Rolling back the years

I AGREE with Pat Stewart about the pleasures of crown green bowling (YEP, April 28).

When I was a teenager I would spend my Sunday afternoons playing both crown green bowling and 18 holes of ‘putting’ on the local park which made for a cheap afternoon out. Sadly, a number of bowling greens are no longer in use, but near where I live the local council has introduced the French game of boules which is played with metal balls and proving to be popular with local people. I was also pleased to read in the YEP recently that the outside chess boards and pieces on The Headrow in Leeds which was introduced by Coun Elizabeth Nash 30 years ago is still proving to be popular.

John Appleyard, Firthcliffe Parade, Liversedge

Labour in a mess over economy

IN REPLY to DH Barker (YEP, April 19) bemoaning signs of a recovery, Labour were quick to bandy figures about when the economy was in decline, pouring all the blame on the Conservatives, for their disaster.

Now the economy is picking up (according to the IMF) faster than was anticipated, Labour are in total disarray.

Ed Balls has staked his whole argument on George Osborne’s measures not working, for Britain and the economy beginning to scrape our way out of bankruptcy has left Labour nowhere to turn. The best any Government could have done, with no money left for manoeuvre, was to stabilise existing businesses and save jobs and cut out excess in the economy. This the Conservatives have managed to achieve against all the odds and doom-mongers, even with treacherous Liberals onboard. D Barker should be grateful that he has retained his job, whilst thousands have lost theirs, but he should never forget where the blame for this catastrophe lies – Labour’s Brown, Balls and Miliband.

B Duffy, by email

Turning in their graves

AFTER READING the letter from Paul Kilroy regarding the desecration of St Anne’s Cathedral (YEP, April 18) it brought to mind the selling of St Patrick’s Church, which I rated as one of the best for its beauty, only to be used for storage by its new owners, Leeds Playhouse. Also years ago when Ripon Cathedral got rid of its old benches, I imagined the deceased who started groups such as English Heritage turning in their graves.

AE Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, Leeds

Remembering meeting Ivy

AFTER READING your article and subsequent letter from Peter Thorpe regarding the commemorative bench for Maxwell pensions campaigner Ivy Needham I remember my meeting with her.

It was around 1996 and I was working as a postie in LS10. I delivered a big card type package to her. She was excitedly telling me about how she had been to Buckingham Palace for an award and this was her commemorative photo of the day that she’d been eagerly waiting for.

A Dennis, by email

Bad memories

REGARDING the proposed David Oluwale Memorial Garden, do the people of Leeds really want their noses rubbing in police brutality, allegations of racism, homelessness, mental illness, death by drowning, family, grief, illegal immigration and – at the root of it all – the apparent awfulness of life (for some) in Nigeria?

R Bates, Elmhurst Close, Leeds

The Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth.

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