YEP Letters: March 6

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Equality has been lacking for past five years

Mel Haigh, Seacroft

It seems this propaganda of blaming the last Labour government for ruining (it’s a word that seems to be used often) the economy just won’t go away.

According to various sources, this administration borrowed more in three years then Labour did in 13, (£430bn to be exact, as opposed to £429bn by Labour up to 2013).

That’s despite the majority of us being forced to endure austerity measures enforced on those in society who can least afford it.

Meanwhile owners of big businesses get away with avoiding tax and bank owners and CEOs can pay themselves extortionate amounts of money, even though it was their fault the world came so close to economic catastrophe.

If after all the pledges this current crop have failed to deliver on promises to be more prudent with our finances, which the above figures prove, and the electorate trust them not to do the same again when they don’t need their votes for another five years, then we must be suffering a collective myopia.

If this country has now degenerated to the point where “clobbering” those who can least afford it, rather than those who don’t need it, is seen as fair, I think I’ll emigrate.

Equality in this country has been sadly lacking for the last five years, we need to get some of it back.

Many people are much worse off

Derek Barker, Moortown

I am sick and tired of the shameless propaganda being peddled by the Institute of Fiscal Studies which says we have now recovered from the recession and living standards are now back to where they were before the financial crash.

It is the biggest load of hogwash that has ever been spun on the behalf of any government since the weapons of mass destruction lie told by Tony Blair during the run up to the second Gulf war.

I, along with everybody else employed by the company that I work for, approximately 70,000 people within a group that boasts a multi-billion pound annual turnover have not had a pay rise for almost five years.

Then there is the health worker whose pay has effectively been cut in real terms.

The council worker whose pay has in act fact been cut from an average rate of £8.80 an hour to £7 an hour.

It’s easy to tell we are in a run up to a general election, Cameron and Co believe that if it is said loud enough and long enough that people will believe it.

But the fact is a huge section of the electorate are far worse off now than they were five years ago.

We can control climate change

Philippa Lloyd, Farsley

IN ANSWER to Paul Thompson’s letter about climate change (Your Feedback, February 17), climate change is the biggest threat to mankind, but there is still time to control it – just.

The evidence of global warming is clear, as are the predictions of what will come next. Mankind has made so many mistakes. Wars caused by greed and exploitation, development of nuclear weapons, and the huge increased use of fossil fuels springs to mind.

Now at least we have foresight, with evidence and science to understand what is happening. If we can act in time.

The problem is immense – to get agreement worldwide to reduce carbon emissions at a time when there is more and more demand for energy.

I can remember during the war, we lived in a remote place where there was no mains electricity or water. So we had a generator. Suddenly there was no petrol.

No one had fridges, washing machines, televisions or computers. We had oil lamps and candles, and a wood fire in one room for heat. This is very much as man has lived for many thousands of years.

Of course no one is suggesting we should live like that now, happy as we were,

But while we develop the production of renewal energy on a much larger scale, let us pause in our drive for more and more growth and more and more possessions based on fossil fuel energy.

If we can learn to share more fairly what we already have, there is a chance that the planet can sustain us.

Ukip in every area of the city

Geoff Holloran, UKIP campaigner, Leeds

I FEEL that I must respond to the very negative comments (Your Feedback, February 24) regarding Ukip.

The people of Leeds will for the first time be given the opportunity to vote for a Ukip candidate in which ever area they live.

The EU referendum and immigration are important issues. But I think it’s worth pointing out that in these times when we are being told that there is to be a “brutal budget” and that we face “grim choices” that Ukip local candidates will be putting forward policies that include the idea of reducing the number of councillors from the current three per ward to two per ward and scrapping the cabinet-style council executive.

This, together with the savings of holding a local election, would mean a saving to the Leeds taxpayers of £1.5m. It seems to me that the only people who will not be affected by all these cuts are the councillors themselves!

UKIP are committed to protecting front line services.

Council budget cuts go too far

A Hague, Harehills

AFTER READING the comment by Keith Wakefield, Leeds Council Leader, of our £45.4m annual budget cut in Leeds, how can the Government expect us to endure a reduction in services?

The Government cannot cut their own spending so why should we be punished because of their mistakes?

It is obvious that they and the bankers are a law to themselves, plus the rich who dodge paying their dues, while the rest of us flounder.

Remarks are just self publicity

Keith Ward, Boston Spa

I DON’T know if this Nick Keer is a pensioner or not but his recent remarks regarding free bus passes for pensioners seem to me to be a way of getting some publicity for himself.