YEP Letters: March 6

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I was under the impression that in a democratic government it was the duty of those elected to represent the people who elected them not decide for themselves what they believe the people want.

The recent survey carried out by your paper in which 72% of respondents stated that they did not want the GTN trolley bus route obviously does not mean anything to this committee. Have they asked any of their constituents what their opinion of the scheme is or do they only speak with those who are favourable to it.

The views of the populace don’t seem to hold any water or is it the case of that there are none so blind as those that don’t want to see. Surely the people of Leeds have a right to express their views and also the right to be heard and most importantly have those views respected by their elected representatives. The majority of citizens are not in favour of any more money being spent on what they consider a folly and quite rightly deserve to be heard. The trouble is that most of them do not have the time to be actively involved in the anti trolley bus brigade so their voices are not enjoined to the throng but taking part in a survey gives them the opportunity to express their feelings. The figures speak for themselves so let the committee take notice and act accordingly with the wishes of the public and not their own designs.

D ANGOOD, by e-mail.

Help to trace soldiers family

I was wondering if you can help in trying to trace any relatives of a soldier who was killed in France in 1940.

This year it is 70 years since the end of the war and the liberation of Auppegard (a village in Normandy)

We having a memorial weekend In June 13/14/15 to show our appreciation for what was done for us by the Allies. We are trying to trace the relatives of three soldiers who were killed there and are buried in the churchyard.

I have wrote to newspapers in Perth and Middlesex, which is where the other two soldiers regiments were and have had some success.

Any relatives who decide to come will be guests of the village and once arriving in France, all accommodation and food etc will be provided for.

The details of the soldier I am trying to trace are as follows: Fred Hirst, quarter master sergeant in the Duke of Wellingtons (West Riding Regiment), Age 39, Number 3300461.

If this is something you would like to follow up and require anymore details me telephone number is 0116 2696626.

This the link to the graves in the churchyard

JOHN ATKINS, by e-mail.

Help to dispel adoption myth

RESEARCH by Action for Children and New Family Social has revealed that nearly half (43 per cent) of gay people in Yorkshire believe they cannot foster or adopt. We are writing to you to dispel this myth, so that safe homes can be found for vulnerable children in Yorkshire.

Right now there are more than 7,420 children in care in Yorkshire and the Humber - but if just one per cent of the LGBT community chose to adopt or foster, this could help to plug the gap and ensure every child has a place to call home.

We believe that being a good parent has nothing to do with being gay or straight. To mark the launch of New Family Social’s LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week (3-9 March), we are encouraging gay people from Yorkshire to find out more about fostering and adopting with Action for Children. Call us on 0113 8199290 or visit or

CAROL IDDON, Director of Children’s Services, Action for Children, Mea House, Ellison Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Memories of miners strike

I spent a weekend at Bridlington attending the Yorkshire Regional Labour Party conference. A fellow delegate, Colin Burgon, a teacher from Foxwood School in Leeds, later to become MP for Elmet, told me of the forthcoming miners’ strike and on our arrival back in Leeds we set up the Labour Miners Support Group which twinned with the four Leeds pits - Allerton Bywater, Allerton Bywater Workshops, Saville and Ledston Luck.

Our task was to provide whatever support we could to the miners. We raised money, attended picket lines and organised public meetings in their support. At the end of this strike a big social event was organised at the Shires Club, opposite the Allerton Bywater pit, in which a number of us were presented with miniature miners lamps in recognition of our support.

One of our supporters was Marina Lewycka who is now a successful novelist. Our group did write a book which covered the 12 month dispute in Leeds, unfortunately it was never published.

MR J APPLEYARD, Chairman, Leeds Labour Party, Miners Support Group 1984-85, Firthcliffe Parade, Liversedge.

Children’s Day memories

SEEING your article on Children’s Day brought back memories to me. When we were young my mum and dad always managed to take us to the event in Roundhay Park. We lived in Pontefract, myself and my three sisters, we were there in 1949 and seeing the Princess and the Duke of Edinburgh was exciting for us, the Princess Elizabeth looked very nice in her pink and black outfit.

We were standing on the wall outside the LGI and had a lovely view.

Getting to the park wasn’t an option as my father had to get back to work at Jacksons. Still we saw the immense crowds that had turned out for the occasion. Leeds was swarming with people, everyone happy and smiling.

As a girl of 13 I thought it was very romantic as the couple had just become interested in our city.

Though we didn’t get to the park there were plenty of pictures in the papers. There was a souvenir printed but we couldn’t afford it at the time. Many years later my husband and I were at a book sale and I picked one up for 30p, and still have it. It includes a picture of the queen of Children’s Day, 1949, and the queen was our very own queen of the day.

From: MRS MAUREEN BEDDOW, St James Walk, Horsforth, Leeds LS18.

Invitation to join battlefield tour

WE are calling upon anyone who is interested in going to Normandy for the D Day commemorations in early June. Battlefield Memorial Tours are a voluntary and charitable supporting organisation who are continuing the work started by Alex Bulloch MBE (now retired). In this special 70th anniversary year we can take you on an escorted visit to the D Day Beaches (5-9 June) and to visit the other sites of this beautiful area of France. We welcome individuals, clubs or groups and have hotel accommodation booked. Any veterans or their spouses would be entitled to lottery funding or a friend could go as a carer to accompany anyone on their own. We offer an excellent price of £385 for a five day trip, including accommodation and evening meals. We are also running a trip to Arnhem between 19-23 September for £430. We can pick up from Walsall, en route to Shirley and have pickups by arrangement via M42, M6, M1 and en-route to the Channel Tunnel. We can also visit personal military graves upon request.

A few places are still available for 5-9 July for a five day trip to WW1 areas @ £399 – Somme, Ypres & Mons, please ask as soon as possible.

Please visit the website at for further details or contact Brian Long Tel: 01629 650780.

TONY KNIGHT, Burman Road, Shirley, Solihull.

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