YEP Letters: March 4

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Global warming pledge is just a load of hot air

Terry Watson, Adel

David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband have signed a joint pledge to tackle climate change, which they say will protect the UK’s national security and economic prosperity.

“Acting on climate change is also an opportunity for the UK to grow a stronger economy, which is more efficient and more resilient to the risks ahead,” the joint statement says. What absolute rubbish!

The declaration was hailed as “inspiring leadership” by Al Gore, former US Vice President. Well he would say that, wouldn’t he? He made his millions out of global warming, which is now called man-made climate change, because there has been no warming for 18 years .

The levels of sea ice in the Antarctic this year hit an all time high – confounding climate change computers which say it should be in decline.

America’s National Snow And Ice Data Centre, which is funded by Nasa, revealed that ice around the southern continent covers about 16 million square kilometres, over two million more than is usual for this time of year.

The polar bears which were all going to perish are thriving. The Maldives, which were going to be flooded by raised sea levels, now have an airport built on the beach. Their Government don’t believe in fairy tales either.

An emeritus Professor of Physics at the University Of California resigned over the issue of global warming, saying it was the worst lie ever perpetrated on the public.

What are they not telling us?

A Shipman, Swinnow

THE Labour Candidate for Bradford West, Amina Ali, who withdrew after only four days citing ‘family commitments’ would have known this when she entered her name for the selection process.

Or is there some underlying reason for the sudden withdrawal? The constituency Labour Party are being economical with the truth with regard to this whole affair.

Shed some light on these savings

Hazel Tetley, Pudsey

I HAVE just sat and read a letter from the Highways/Transportation office at Leeds City Council regarding our street lighting.

It says the council intend to turn off our street lights between the hours of midnight and 5.30am.

Does this mean there will be a reduction in our council rates?

While the council may be saving £1.3m as quoted in the letter, they must be paying millions on new traffic lights at Thornbury – which by the way is taking it back to the way it was in 1960!

Saving money? I do not think so!

Terrible burden of young carers

Mavis Harrison, Leeds

I REALISED, when watching a feature on television about young carers recently, that I and my siblings were exactly that without knowing it, 
and our father was a senior carer.

I was 12, the others younger and my mother passed away when I was aged 20.

I sincerely hope that children now living in the same circumstances will be given the support they deserve.

Even after all these years, my conscience troubles me in that perhaps I could have done more.

Childhood is taken away, but you do what you have to do.

University boom and bust story

A Hague, Harehills

SO, Leeds Trinity University want a new block for 228 students at their Brownberrie campus.

This comes as Leeds Trinity chiefs estimate the student population will rise by another thousand over the next five years, yet we hear of a surplus of many places which students used previously and left.

Steven Oddy, Leeds Trinity Director of Facilities, says that the university is very excited with the development plans as it shows growth, but as the rest of us can only expect cuts it is no wonder that they are delighted, is it?

It seems that some people, like the university, can carry on regardless.

I hope that the sun shines on Ed

Joe McHugh, Otley

WITH the General Election getting ever nearer it appears that Labour and the Tories are running neck and neck – with the Lib Dems and Ukip hanging on for grim death!

If it is good weather on polling day I hope the electorate will turn out in droves and decide for a change.

And that change, in my view, needs to be a vote for Ed Miliband and the Labour Party.

The Tories have had a fair crack of the whip but they have failed to deliver the goods.

Hospital angels without wings

T Valentine, Leeds

I HAD occasion to be in St James’s Hospital for a few days recently and cannot adequately express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the people who work there – from the cleaners, right up the scale and, of course, the lads on security who are on occasions overlooked.

They all do a fantastic job, sometimes under stress and pressure and on the odd occasion receive abuse from the public in general.

I think this is disgusting and should never happen. I think all the people who work and devote time to the public are absolute angels without wings. God bless them all.

I don’t know what on earth we would do without them.

The quality of care is second to none and the food is not bad either!

Regards to Gavin, the best porter this side of the Aire!

Europe waging economic war

David Webb, Leeds

D BIRCH of Cookridge raised an argument about remaining in the EU (Your Feedback, February 28).

He mentions being in the infantry in the Second World War, but should ask himself who started that war and the First World War?

And which country, having failed on both occasions, is now using economic and political means to have the loudest 
voice in Europe?