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Buses in Leeds City Centre.
Buses in Leeds City Centre.
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Vouchers are just a ‘sticking plaster’

Carol A Gannon, Leeds 15

So a number of our local bus companies are offering vouchers and money back schemes for poor service?

Surely just a sticking plaster in an attempt to cover the real problems? What good is a voucher if you have already paid for a month or a year’s travel or you are a concessionary pass holder? Additionally, claiming back the cost of your taxi fare has been available for years. My father has done this on a number of occasions when his once a day service has failed to make the return journey (daytime). It seems they are now only choosing to advertise this option as if it were something new.

What the general public of Leeds require is a reliable service to get them from a to b and to ensure they arrive for work/appointments in good time, not gimmicks such as these.

Councillors need vision over city’s transport

Rev Robin Paterson, Leeds 15

Last week the Yorkshire Evening Post revealed that secret meetings involving senior figures in First Bus along with other interested parties together made efforts to scupper the Leeds Super Tram.

This week City Buzz’s Emma Spencer reveals the extraordinary naivety of those who ask “would a radical new transport system benefit Leeds?” Public transport in Leeds is in chaos as recent anecdotal evidence in this paper reports transport bosses frustrated by traffic bottlenecks, drivers that tinker with their running schedules, and cancellations.

Our senior Leeds councillors have habitually shown little interest in taking advice from transport experts until very recently when Coun Judith Blake coyly referred to a possible future involving trams as mass rapid transit. Suddenly the word “supertram” is out of vogue.

I am still of the opinion that there are powerful individuals in this city that will never use public transport but resist to the last any reconfiguring of streets and junctions in their area to accommodate tramways. The answer is always, “It may be ok somewhere else, but not right for Leeds”. Leeds is a city that says “no” when it comes to transport.

One thing is clear; Sheffield, Nottingham, Croydon, Birmingham and Manchester did not say no to trams. I rode the latest cross-city tramway in Manchester last week - the trams were packed! Why is it so difficult for Leeds, and yet other cities have managed innovation. Indeed 21 cities across the world will open new tram systems this year, not to mention upgrades and extensions to existing networks.

We need councillors with responsibility for transport who have vision and a willingness to learn, not keep bleating that somehow Leeds cannot undergo the capital works needed to achieve what our other great cities have done.

Oh, and I wonder; what happened to the 250 Boris Master buses that First said would benefit Leeds when the trolleybus was scrapped?

Issues at railway station

Julian Mawson, Guiseley

Re ‘Guiseley station also deserves some attention’ (YEP Letters, March 27), David Bowe correctly highlights a number of issues including overcrowded trains at peak times, more parking and a later evening train service.

In respect of improving the road and pavement surfaces, I received an email reply from a Customer Relations Officer at Northern Customer Relations on 18 March 2016 which advised their maintenance team was going to attend to resolve the problem of frequent flooding.

Has it happened a year later? Regrettably no.

Cars are still forced to drive on the wrong side of the road and pedestrians leap across the large puddles after any small amount of rainfall

It would be fantastic if this and any of the issues raised by David Bowe could be attended to and appropriate to support the significant past investment in the excellent electrified line and manned ticket office.

Residents sold down the river

Shaun Kavanagh, by email

Well said Patricia May, Gildersome (YEP Letters March 18), Leeds City Council (LCC) scored yet another “own goal” when allowing developers CPD Ltd to desecrate land on Gelderd Road, ploughing up greenbelt in order to create another unnecessary commercial area, when there are already many unoccupied premises around the city.

LCC are forever making decisions which ruin open space areas favouring developers who, in turn, enjoy vast financial profits.

This latest development will create another blight on the landscape with 70 acres of open land gone forever, and for what?

It will be just another massive complex with vehicles of all types being constantly on the move adding further congestion, noise, pollution, and potential danger to the area.

The decision to grant the planning application was disgraceful in itself, irrespective of whether CPD Ltd were forced into restoration of woodland, which everyone knows LCC failed to secure for the community. Another case of profit before thought.

The council leader, Judith Blake and her transport and regeneration cronies have sold Gildersome, and its residents, down the river.

Until sense is elected into office at the Civic Hall such occurrences will continue around Leeds.

China doesn’t need British cash

Terry Watson, Adel

Theresa May said on August 6: “We need China’s money not their friendship”.

Why then do we send them so much money in overseas aid? For years we have sent them millions to combat flatulence in cattle, money to plant trees to combat emissions from their coal fired power station which they are still building, while we import trees from America to burn in our power stations!

The Department for International Development is now offering through our embassy in Beijing a£1.3 billion fund for improving care in the community for their elderly people.

This is an insult to the British taxpayers. China is one of the richest countries in the world and certainly does not need money from Britain.

The Hinckley point power station which the French are going to build is being financed by China!

We should scrap the DFID and the 0.7 per cent of GDP which Lord Bountiful Cameron provided should be repealed immediately and replaced with a more affordable and accountable system.

The money saved could help our bankrupt NHS and fund care for the elderly instead of increasing council tax.

Volunteer to help Marie Curie

Jen Aspinall, Marie Curie Fundraiser, Leeds

I am appealing to readers to volunteer for Marie Curie’s Great Daffodil Appeal, and help people living with a terminal illness in Leeds get the care they need.

We’re looking for people who can donate a couple of hours of their time to collect for Marie Curie this March.

All they need to do is encourage people to give a donation in return for a daffodil pin.

Collecting for the Great Daffodil Appeal will help Marie Curie Nurses care for someone with a terminal illness in Leeds so they can spend more time with the people they love.

The Leeds Street Collection is this Friday on March 31.

If you’re able to volunteer some time to help then please contact me on 01274 386190, or visit

Thank you for your support.

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