YEP Letters: March 30

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Jobsworths sifting through my rubbish

Alex Toft, Armley

SINCE WHEN did the Leeds bin men become judge, jury and executioner when it comes to what we can put in our bins?

The jobsworths servicing my neighbourhood seemed to take grave offence at the presence of two small offcuts of wood in my bin this week and refused to take them.

The rules are quite clear, easily found on the council’s website, and my bits of wood are not even remotely close to being illicit contraband.

These actions are arbitrary, punitive and completely at odds with published policy.

This isn’t a “no fly” list; you can’t just change the rules without telling people.

I sincerely doubt that the bin men themselves particularly care what goes in the back of their wagon, which makes me wonder what kind of pressure is being exerted upon them from above and why.

Ultimately I’m sure there’s an overriding financial motivation, just like the fortnightly black bin collections dressed up as “being green”, but no sane council tax payer in their right mind could possibly regard such a cynical stealth cut as anything other than the deliberate degrading of service quality to save a few quid.

If the council want to save money how about not desecrating the nice little cul-de-sacs unfortunate enough to be within a nuclear blast radius of the gimmick cycle lane.

You couldn’t do 20 mph in most of these streets even if you wanted to, yet this doesn’t stop the council pointlessly haemorrhaging money on thousands of unnecessary road signs and vandalising the streets with speed bumps that residents unilaterally despise.

Whilst I acknowledge the council have a lot of money to save, I struggle to find myself sympathetic when they continue to burn cash on options whilst going to enormous lengths to cut statutory services which carry a long-term liability.

All I want is my bin emptying in line with your legal obligations without having a random pedant sifting through my rubbish to decide whether they like it or not.

I’ve paid for this service, I expect to receive it!

Civic Trust on the wrong line

M McGlashan, LS6

Given the huge amount of damage to buildings and open spaces that will result if the line is built, I find it very strange that the Leeds Civic Trust support the NGT Trolleybus scheme.

I have written three times to Leeds Civic Trust asking if they would kindly explain why they are in favour of the scheme but have not had the courtesy of a response.

Are they now embarrassed, for some reason, by their support for a scheme which is so widely opposed and objected to.... Perhaps your newspaper(s) can obtain an answer from them?

Honoured by King George

Ray Bapty, Burley

REgarding THE article about royal visits (Your Feedback, March 21) the dates shown viz 1918 and 1933 are correct but unfortunately in the piece it shows the first visit as 1915.

My dad was in the hospital when King George came and he was presented with the Military Medal which he won for rescuing wounded comrades in No Man’s Land.

His name was Robinson but he was known as Willie and his medals showed his name as W Bapty.

Unfortunately they have gone astray; I think someone may have bought them in good faith.

Don’t fool for $21m letter con

John Appleyard, Liversedge

I RECEIVED an envelope recently which was headed ‘notice of pending forfeiture’. I half thought that after over 50 years of owning a premium bond, I’d finally won but it is a scam and other readers should be made aware of it.

The letter is from a company in Australia who says you are in danger of forfeiting a shared claim of $21,000,000 if you don’t send them within 14 days a £10 registration fee and that your winnings will be paid by certified cheque or electronic bank transfer.

Please don’t be fooled, bin it!

Praise for nurse Rachel and NHS

J King, Leeds

I WANT to thank Rachel, an angel of a nurse at Seacroft Hospital. My elderly mum recently went in for an eye test and got talking to this nurse that was doing the test about the struggles of looking after my dad who has early dementia.

Rachel took it on herself to get agencies involved to support myself and my mum in caring for him. Mum is now coping really well. Thank you to Rachel for caring so much and thanks to the NHS.

A waste of resources

A Hague, Harehills

IN A national newspaper Carol McGiffin tells us that the Met Office have got a new computer costing us £97m. What a waste.

It is marvellous how this kind of money is available and now the BBC, who recently found £1bn for their new headquarters want to change from a TV licence to a charge for every building (as they say five million people are not getting a licence).

The dodgers will find a way of not paying.

Lying to secure UK citizenship

T Maunder, Kirkstall

COMING FROM a profession of liars, has it not occurred to Theresa May that prospective citizens (with a possible hidden agenda) might lie through their teeth when filling out a citizenship questionnaire/test or verbally stating their allegiance to our British values?

How many suspected “deviants” from the Party line in the old USSR would have openly stated that, yes, they disagreed with “The State” when facing the “Siberian salt mines”?

Banning “hate preachers” is about as valid a piece of legislation as banning smoking in public parks or using hand held mobile ‘phones in cars while driving.

Just who will implement it and how will it be implemented?

After all, freedom of speech is one of those British values, is it not?