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Killingbeck Cemetery.'By Paul Goodyear.
Killingbeck Cemetery.'By Paul Goodyear.
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Killingbeck cemetery is a ‘mess’

Richard Walkin, Otley

on Friday my wife and I went to a cemetery in Bradford to put flowers on my wife’s mother’s grave.

This cemetery was in a very neat and tidy condition and a credit to Bradford.

On Saturday we went to the cemetary at Killingbeck in Leeds to dress the grave of my mother. The contrast between the two cemeteries could not have been greater.

Killingbeck cemetery is a mess and that is being civil.

Why do we treat our dead as though they don’t matter, because when we do this we have lost all respect.

We should, as a city, love and respect the resting place of our dead.

Contempt for residents is ‘staggering’

Mark Smith, Morley

I felt compelled to write (again) to voice my utter disgust in Leeds City Council planning department’s decision to approve Persimmon Homes’ application to build 550 homes at Lane Side Farm, Churwell.

The contempt they obviously have for Churwell residents/council tax payers is staggering; the thousand or so objections obviously mean nothing when compared to Persimmon’s drive for profits.

I realise there is a need for extra housing in the Leeds area but this is not the place for it. Redevelop brown fields sites not the only green fields left between Morley and Leeds.

Apparently the planning report said objectors concerns (including environmental ones) had been addressed – how can that be? Once this precious green space has gone, it’s gone - forever.

I dread to think what the traffic on Elland Road/Victoria Road will be like both during and after construction of this development – it is already seriously congested at peak times.

Hopefully the members of the planning committee that made this decision can sleep peacefully, safe in the knowledge they don’t have to live near it.

Cycle lane is causing bus delays

PJ Spence, by email

With the council installing the cycle lane (which is used by few) and the track reducing the road width, and the bus company taking the bendy bus off and replacing it with a one-man operated bus, the whole traffic is at a standstill until the driver has collected the fares.

Everybody is late, particularly in the Armley, Bramley, Stanningley and Pudsey areas, it is this that is causing the congestion.

It is unforgiveable and was predicted by thousands of people that this would happen. They should do a survey on the useage of the track.

The council has only itself to blame and should stop trying to blame others. I recently travelled to Leeds on the 72 bus and experienced the problems these drivers have to contend with particularly at peak times, I think the council should have a trip on this route and see for themselves.

Some of the statements Coun Judith Blake comes out with begger belief.

Her statement regarding flooding in the Kirkstall area installing barriers is a total impossibility due to the geographical layout of the river and the fact that it is collecting rain water the length of the valley.

The flooding did happen before about 65 years ago when we had the same situation. It happened then and it will happen again!

In the valley when the water is flowing with such force you can’t stop it.

Have good grace to accept defeat

Jim Kirk, Middleton

With monotonous regularity reader John Cole (‘The inanity of Brexit’ YEP Letters March 24) demonstrates his inability to accept the fact that we will no longer be a member of the European Union.

If the very action of voting on the issue was so inane, surely the paradox is why did John Cole bother voting at all? I can only assume that Mr. Cole voted to remain In Europe as he felt it was in the best interests of the nation to do so.

The result was clear! More votes were cast in favour of leaving the European Union than were cast in favour of remaining. That’s a fact, and facts don’t care about your feelings.

The tedious excuses to try and overturn a democratic victory in favour of the Exit vote is nothing short of petulant behaviour by sore losers. Almost identical to the behaviour of Jean-Claude Juncker a spiteful, petty man who shows his true colours. Why would Mr Cole ever want to see Britain re-allied to a man who makes it clear, should we leave, he will damage us further?

Nothing will stop the process of leaving the European Union, regardless of how determined Mr Cole is in fighting the inanity of brexit.

The mandate was clear, give the people the opportunity to ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’ in the European Union.

Unlike a vote for a political party, who once in government, are under no legal obligation to fulfil any election promises made.

No Government would dare refuse to accept the will of the people on such a monumental single issue.

I exercised my democratic right to vote to leave the Union just as millions of others did, Democracy is a system of rule by laws, not by individuals.

No one is above the law Mr. Cole, Have the good grace to accept defeat.

Burden of taxation shifted

Alan Slomson, by email

John Watson’s argument (YEP Letters, March 25) that raising income tax wouldn’t produce extra money for the NHS is flawed because the percentages he quotes represent the amounts raised from all taxes not just income tax.

Cuts in income tax have been matched by increases in other taxes, for example, Valued Added Tax which was ten per cent when introduced, but is now 20 per cent.

All that the numbers John Watson quote indicate is that the burden of taxation has shifted from the better off to those with lower incomes.

It is not surprising that this happens when we have Conservative governments, but I wonder why John Watson, who tells us he is an ex-Tory MP, writes to draw attention to this fact, albeit in a misleading way.

There is no place for racism

Mike Harwood, Leeds 5

The murder of Jo Cox shows what racism can do.

The murders on Westminster Bridge show what racism can do.

These murders show that there is no place for racism in this country (or any country).

The Prime Minister of this country should now be able of recognise what racism can do.

The Prime Minister of this country, Theresa May, should now ensure that the racist, Trump, is not allowed to enter.

Appalled at homes NIMBYs

Liz Goodwill, by email

I cannot say how appalled I am by various letters in the YEP saying: “We don’t wan’t housing built.”

The same people are the ones that bleat on about homes, schools etc need to be built, just not near me, it’s “green belt.”

You know what, I live in Holbeck, for all its ills (thanks Leeds City Council) and I don’t want another 7,000 flats (private) built to expand the city centre, but hey I doubt they will listen to me or any beleagured Holbeck resident!

Search for players’ relatives

Gary Edwards, by email

I am looking for any descendants/friends of any players or anyone who worked for Leeds City AFC between 1912 and 1919.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I can be contacted at either or 0113 2860351.

Looking forward to TV drama

Mrs C Hand, by email

On reading David Behrens’ excellent report of Sally Wainwright’s forthcoming series on Anne Lister of Shibden Hall it brought to mind Helena Whitbread’s book I know my own Heart (published 1988) where Helena had painstakingly transcribed the selection of Anne Lister’s diaries and her life story (1791-1840), the code entries having taken her two years to unravel.

She also found Anne’s handwriting very small and almost as difficult to read as the code had been, the four-million word diary being written on scraps of paper. Anne Lister can be seen as a trailblazer for the emancipation of women in her day and she had shown an active interest in education in the schools in this area.

More interest was raised in March 2000 regarding the lost gravestone of Anne Lister which was found during renovations at Halifax Parish Church where plans were being made to have the stone restored and given pride of place there.

Always being interested in local life and the Yorkshire dialect in the Calderdale area I am looking forward immensely to the series which the BBC are filming next year (co-producing with HBO) after enjoying Sally Wainwright’s Happy Valley and Last Tango in Halifax.

Govern with no one else to blame

Mike Forrest, Selby

One of the reasons I voted Brexit is precisely the reason that John Cole quotes in his letter opposing Brexit.

I and many others were fed up of our government sucking their thumbs and looking over their shoulders and wondering what Brussels might say and then blaming them if things go wrong. Hopefully now at last our government will have to do what they are elected and paid to do. Govern our own country with no one else to blame. That’s my democracy.

Democratic vote

John Sheen, Dewsbury

Yet again we see these ‘has-been’ politicians crawling out of the woodwork.

Blair, Mandelson and Kinnock, all enjoying gold plated EU pensions which, incidentally, will cease when we leave the European Union.

Farron, Clegg and Owen are not happy with the people’s choice so they want another referendum. Then we have John Major, the ex-PM who signed us up to the disastrous Maastricht Treaty. Yes, this appalling piece of European legislation handcuffed us to the EU project, taking Britain from a UK/EU trading partner to a fully fledged political and judicial union.

He was happy enough to sign this without the consent of the British people or indeed Parliamentory approval but then has the audacity to shout foul against our democratic choice. The British people - 17.4million of us - have democratically voted to leave the EU. It’s time our elected and unelected parliamentarians showed a united and powerful voice instead of trying to gain unnecessary ‘brownie’ points.

Britain leads the world in commerce, technology, finance and sciences and we should grasp this amazing global opportunity whilst maintaining a friendly and free trading economic partnership with the whole of Europe.

Does Chancellor have any credibility left?

DS Boyes, Leeds 13

AFTER the most disastrous volte-face I can recall any Chancellor making for 50 years on the National Insurance rise, now cancelled, does Philip Hammond have any credibility left?

The reversal of a major part of the recent budget will leave a very big hole in the spending plans announced, where will the money to fill this be raised?But the most astonishing part of this fiasco is how could such a blunder where a key manifesto promise was broken have ever got as far as being in the budget speech. Who checks these things?

The Prime Minister’s reputation is also badly damaged, will the only solution be to sack the Chancellor again, or as Lord Hague suggests, call a general election.

Mind you, with the other furore over 2015 election expenses, now might not be the time.

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