YEP Letters: March 28

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Appalling habit if ‘you know’ what I mean

Ernest Lundy, Leeds

I read with interest the views of fellow correspondent, R 
Kimble on the subject of words and utterances (YEP 24th March) used by many in delivering speeches; or in conversation.

I must say I agree with much of what he says, but having looked in my dictionary I found that the utterance “erm” to which he refers, call it what you will, is unmentioned.

At the same time I too am willing to confirm that the use of such, and other exclamations used to allow speakers time to think, is equally irritating.

A famous footballer 
and celebrity was once one of the world’s worst for using “you know” to achieve that objective; so much so that I found it to be more than an irritant.

However, I am now pleased to say, he seems to have corrected himself since.

But then I recently had occasion to listen to a speech of my own, and lo and behold there I was using the same words (or phrase) as much as he did in the past.

Fortunately, due to a vast amount of reading in my youth, the habit has never been co-opted into my writing; although my speech, often in the use of dialect also seems to be reasonably free of criticism, if not in grammar.

But when discussing the matter with a friend to day over a pot of tea, and thinking of it again, I noticed I was almost as bad, if not worse, in using ‘you know’, when others obviously do not, unless they (or we) are told.

Unfortunately, although the world won’t spin out of orbit if I do, I must now attempt to correct this appalling habit. Until when, and if I manage to do so, I can only admit that where the cap fits, I too will have to wear it.

If ‘you know’ what I mean?

‘Ghetto’ lifestyle is shaming our war heroes

R Kimble, Hawksworth

I watched a programme last night on the Comete Line in Europe in 1940’s (in WW2) who helped Allied pilots escape after their ‘plane had crashed.

One doughty woman told how she refused to put her hands in the air to a German soldier when arrested.

She refused to give information and was sent to a concentration camp. Another pilot told how, after months of torture, he finally broke and how guilty he felt.

I also watched a programme on The Long March when Allied POWs were marched thousands of miles on hardly any food so the Germans could retreat from the advancing Soviet Army.

Then I look at the hoodied, scruffy yobs and young women I see around the estate : reeking of cannabis; buying cans of lager at 8 o’clock in the morning; constantly spitting; moaning about the amount of benefits they get (which are I know are significantly more than my work pension after 44 years of unbroken service in Nursing & Lecturing and more than many Council staff) but they’ve all got expensive status dogs; they take the mickey out of older people on public transport and moan that their mobile phone is six months old.

All they talk about is Facebook and all they watch is Jeremy Kyle. I hope we never have to rely on these characters to defend this country, for gawd’s sake.

To think those people went through all that for this sorry state of affairs : and it’s not all the fault of politicians but Council housing policies play a part in bringing about this ghetto mentality I see.

Yah-boo to you too Mr Hague!

T Maunder, Kirkstall,

I have just watched Norman Smith interview William Hague about his career.

Smith mentioned the yah-boo culture of PMQs and how women MPs might find it intimidating.

He asked Hague how his wife viewed it : as in, what is your wife’s opinion of it ?

I’m not sure she does view it, says Hague in reply, she’s too busy doing other things. Need I say more ?

Gambling away pension money

A Hague, Harehills

SO PEOPLE aged 55 and over will be allowed to get their pension in a lump sum say our government and I have judged this to be an election gimmick. Why give some careless spenders the chance to blow it all then cry wolf when it is gone? I thought pensions were to help you live to a reasonable standard for the years after retiring from work, not to give the less wise spenders a chance to gamble it all away.

Ultimate action on terrorism

J Shedlow, Moortown

Cameron made a statement on TV the other day: that if and when our Forces capture the terrorists responsible for the atrocities in Syria they should stand trial in this country.

What is the worst punishment that can be meted out to them?

A lifetime of being looked after by British taxpayers in a way they could only 
dream of.his country needs to bring back the ultimate deterrent.

Time to take some care of NHS funding

N Knott, Bramley

BEFORE THE election I would like to point out a thing for two.

If the Tories are elected the many cuts they would make would cause too much stress to the NHS and I believe that this could lead to some departments having to go private. If this should happen it would not be long before the Tories stepped in and privatised it, for they are experts on privatising good things for their own benefit. The 1980s will bear that out. The NHS was founded for the people of this country, their families and also future generations. It is time that all governments funded this service in the proper way.

For over 50 years we have let many unskilled immigrants come into this country, but why have they come here?

A safe haven, benefits and of course our beloved National Health Service. I left Labour nearly two years ago and will vote for Ukip, for I believe in and like the things they stand for.