YEP Letters: March 28

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THANK YOU to Alison Bellamy for publishing the story about my photo of Monument Moor being shown on a big screen this week at Waterloo Station, as part of an exhibition by Friends of the Earth (YEP, March 26).

If the trolleybus scheme goes ahead, the grassed area with the crocuses would become a hard surfaced trolleybus stop, the trees that you can see in the centre would be removed and the trolleybus road would pass very close to the left hand side of the Henry Marsden statue.

Monument Moor is part of Woodhouse Moor, the most intensively used park in Leeds.

Dawn Carey Jones, Ash Grove, Leeds

Bus price hike could undo First green efforts

I write in reference to proposals raised by the First Bus Company to introduce a price increase on its £1.10 and £2.10 tickets on many of its services.

Whilst I recognise previous measures by First Bus to prevent price increases, including an extension of £3.90 off peak tickets into on-peak times in January 2014, these proposed price changes will cause real concern amongst many Leeds residents.

Although the 10p price reduction of a quarter of £1.10 services is a positive step, the new range of price increase planned for March 30 could limit the company’s good work in promoting the use of public transport.

I of course understand that the First Bus group is operating in a challenging economic climate, but this price increase will surely be a major challenge to the company’s goals of increasing the 100,000 new customers that used the service in the previous 12 months.

First Bus have contributed to decreasing car reliance, and therefore congestion, in Leeds, cutting journey mileage from 2,080,925 in 2007 to 1,978,815 in 2012. Increasing bus fares could reverse these trends.

A rise in car use would pose problems for Leeds, challenging the positive impact that public transport has had on environmental effects and could have in reducing congestion levels.

The daily reliance of many Leeds residents on First Bus buses gives the company a potentially pivotal role in the continued battle against congestion in Leeds and on the affordability of bus use for those families that rely on them.

Although I appreciate the dedication of First Bus to keeping across the board price increase to under 1.5%, the 10p rise on £1.10 tickets hits First customers with an increase five times above the UK February 2014 inflation rate of 1.9%.

Record numbers of bus usage occurred in 2013, but a continuation of this success will surely be prevented by the decision to introduce price increases on popular services in tough economic circumstances.

Coun Paul Wadsworth, Guiseley & Rawdon Ward, Conservative Shadow Spokesman for Environmental Services

Hip hip hooray for Hunslet Club

I THINK a big pat on the back is deserved for all volunteers and organisers of the Hunslet Club who do immeasurable work for the community.

For example, they had 13 teams out on Sunday of all age ranges for both soccer and rugby. A whole host of activities including fitness, boxing, dance, gymnastics etc are available at the club. The two open age rugby teams are both currently lying top of their respective leagues and the Under 15s have just reached a cup final.

My wife and I have derived much pleasure supporting the Old Boys rugby league team and wish them luck in their remaining three games which would see them crowned Pennine League champs.

Three cheers for all involved.

Steve Richards, Bramley

Vinnie should have said ‘hello’

I WAS surprised and disappointed that Vinnie Jones had no thought to go over to the wheelchair-bound supporters when he made his much publicised return to Elland Road last Saturday.

When he was a player he gained many plaudits for his regular greetings to the supporters in the wheelchair areas of the ground.

Keith Handley, Horsforth

Teachers fine, parents fined

FOR THE past few days the media has been awash with comments, views and opinions on the subject of the teachers’ strike. Many are in favour while what seems to be an equal number are not.

And although a certain aspect has already been discussed, one wonders if the authorities will act as they intend to do when parents take children out of school for holidays during term time and are subsequently fined.

In other words, with the boot on the other foot, will teachers who strike also be subjected to the same treatment, as their actions also deprive pupils of education and upset the arrangements of parents who need to work?

Ernest Lundy, by email

Co-op pricing all over the place

I’VE JUST been into my local Co-op and was going to buy their bacon at the usual price of 2 for £4.00. Instead there was a sticker with £2.69 crossed out and a new price of £2.29 per pack, stating I was saving 40p for each pack.

The total was, of course, £4.58, thus costing 0.58p more, whilst telling me that I was supposedly making a saving.

This is not the kind of tricksiness (to use Gollum-speak) that I associate with this brand.

T Maunder, by email

Sinfonia going out of this world

YOUR READERS may like a little light relief from reports about cold weather, the withering EU and the proliferation of wars!

The Sinfonia of Leeds Orchestra gave an outstanding performance on Saturday evening, March 22 at The Great Hall, Leeds University.

The programme was conducted by David Greed, leader of the Orchestra of Opera North and the performance of the second act of Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker” was simply stunning. The “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” itself was a sound to behold and exemplified the orchestra’s brilliance and professionalism.

So that readers may judge the quality of this non-professional orchestra for themselves, the next performance in Leeds is on Saturday, June 28 at 7.30 at St. Edmund’s Church, Roundhay and will feature Mozart’s “Jupiter” symphony, together with excerpts from “The Planets” and “Star Wars”.

Josie Brooks, Lidgett Hill, Gledhow

Say it again and again and again

NICK KEER must be getting old.

He keeps repeating himself.

V Bedford, Pudsey

No change in lakes situation

THREE CHEERS for the YEP and Mr Smith of Temple Gate for again bringing the plight of the lakes of our beautiful Temple Newsam to the fore.

Leeds City Council have been aware of this huge problem for years and chosen to ignore it. My late husband wrote on the subject to them at least 10 years ago and four weeks ago I wrote to them because having been given a huge grant and over £5,000 from the Friends of Temple Newsam I want the job done responsibly.

Up to now I have had no reply - so no change there then.

Mrs Rosemary Edmondson, Whitkirk

Bob Crow’s not Mother Teresa

AFTER THE media report of Bob Crow’s untimely death, I was beginning to think it was Mother Teresa they were reporting on. Boris Johnson’s unbelievable comment that Bob Crow had played “a big part in the success of the Tube” to the BBC managing to find two commuters who seemed to think Crow was some kind of demi-god, I was convinced the world had gone mad.

Crow was what he was. He cared only for himself and his union. If you were any other member of the working class, whether in a trade union or not, you could suffer. He cared not a fig.

Some say let Bob Crow rest in peace. What a pity he wasn’t so magnanimous when Margaret Thatcher died.

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet