YEP Letters: March 27

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School lessons in how to get that dream job

From: Darryl Gould, MCIM Senior Consultant, Employability Matters, Wakefield.

I READ with interest the recent comments by the BBC’s Steph McGovern.

She says she was shocked to encounter a group of 16-year-olds who didn’t know how to shake hands, or youngsters who didn’t know how to act in a business setting.

Many parents with 15/16-year-olds are helping them face the traumas and excitement of their GCSEs. Many parents nowadays look to help their children pass the exams and prepare for the important next steps by 
paying for ‘extra tuition’ to help them pass and ‘compete’ with their peers be it for 
college places or for entry into work.

It has become noticeable that parents are now also looking to help their children into the job market in a similar manner, by paying for individual tuition or group lessons for their children on the subject of ‘employability’, the learning of simple ‘business skills and interpersonal skills’, which will help them get the job they want.

Should these soft and hard ‘employability skills’ be taught in schools as businesses? Well, many universities and colleges already help their students by calling on the help of outside employability experts; so I think the answer should be yes.

As students face a whole new challenge where they can’t simply Google in nine seconds flat to find the answers, they need help and guidance in this complicated and often daunting area of employability, from a source they can trust.

Questionable commitment to public transport

From: James Bovington, Horsforth

Never has the need to 
improve regional transport services been so much in the news nor has there been so much apparent agreement on the positive role that rail can play.

Hence I am baffled that any future rail link to LBIA will have to wait until after a link road has been constructed.

Furthermore the complete absence of any plan to reopen even partially the rail line towards Wetherby – favouring instead the construction of a dual carriageway – raises concerns as to the political commitment to quality public transport in Leeds.

Yet we then learn of schemes to spend vast sums of money on pet high speed projects such as HS3 and its Pennine tunnel.

But smaller scale scheme which would benefit thousands of people, such as linking the two central Bradford stations or the construction of a cross city rail tunnel in Leeds which would vastly increase rail capacity are dismissed as too expensive.

Sorry but I just don’t get it!

Students’ noise means we can’t enjoy summer

J Townend, Headingley

IN RESPONSE to Robert Holman’s letter (Your Feedback, March 20) saying most agents advertise rooms with double beds, so why assume all properties are occupied by students?

Is he serious? Most properties have double beds in a single room.

Next door to me they all have and I know they are students as when I have to knock in the hours of between 2am and 4am I see them and when they are throwing their takeaway cartons in the street, urinating in the street, smashing bottles in the street – yes, they are students.

I have lived here for 40 years and can recognise students – believe me. It is a student problem and also irresponsible landlords.

I agree some landlords are now letting to families and couples, but most are still let 
to students. We have had some lovely ones in our street and don’t want them to leave.

But these are few and far between. Students and residents, especially elderly residents, do not mix.

Come summer when people want to have their windows open and sit in their gardens, we can’t because come April out come the barbecues, parties and music.

This will go on for hours and hours. We can’t enjoy summer and we dread it.

Airline’s not paid us any compensation

Margaret Scott, Woodside Avenue, Wrenthorpe

I WAS interested to read that Jet2 has denied a Civil Aviation Authority report that they are not paying compensation to passengers who have experienced flight delays.

That is just not true.

We are waiting for compensation for a delay of four hours on a flight to Faro on July 4, 2014.

We have been informed by Jet2 that they are appealing against a Court of Appeal ruling that they should pay compensation and therefore cannot pay up until a decision has been taken.

According to the CAA, the Supreme Court has declined for Jet2 to seek leave for appeal and therefore the Court of Appeal judgment in Jet2 stands. So are Jet2 introducing delaying tactics in the hope that we will go away.

A Liverpool passenger awaiting compensation recently won a case when she took Jet2 to court and the judge ruled in her favour.

I can also confirm that we were never informed of our rights to appeal for compensation at the time of the delayed flight it was only when our tour operator knew of the situation on our return that we were told to make the claim.

No chance of a ‘Powerhouse’

From: Mark Pennington, Horsforth

with our council tax bills in Leeds we have received the fruits of said council: a car sticker allowing us to use Leeds’ recycling depots.

What a fuss! This will lead to people being turned away and deciding to put things in general waste instead.

Central government should be getting out the wrist-slapping machinery for our recalcitrant council.

On another level, the letter makes clear that the scheme is designed to exclude the nearby citizens of Bradford and Wakefield.

We’ll never build that Northern Powerhouse if adjacent councils insist on sniping at each other. How ridiculous.