YEP Letters: March 25

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Tipping permits show they can’t work together

Alec Denton, Guiseley, Leeds.

WE have just received our Council Tax bill and a permit allowing us to use the eight Leeds recycling sites, issued to prevent people who pay Council Tax to other areas from using Leeds sites. No mention is made of the cost to Council Tax payers of the administration and policing of the permits, or for clearing the potential increase in fly-tipped rubbish.

Some Leeds sites are indeed close to the Leeds border and it is therefore economic, environmentally friendly and sensible for residents of neighbouring areas to use them and also for Leeds residents to use sites outside of Leeds where appropriate. This is unsurprising since the boundaries drawn up by the Heath government in 1974 are artificial and were imposed onto a working system of towns and villages that had evolved in the West Riding over the previous thousand years.

If the next Government decides to develop Mr Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse proposals, then serious thought must be given to reinstating the Ridings, because if the present crop of councils cannot co-operate over straightforward environmental issues, there is absolutely no chance whatsoever of them co-operating over the devolution of power necessary to ensure Yorkshire’s future.

Bring housing crisis to an end

Mervyn Jones, Chief Executive. Yorkshire Housing, Briggate, Leeds.

AS election fever begins to take hold, I would like to draw readers’ attention to one matter that should be in the minds of politicians of all persuasion. Our region – like many other parts of the UK – is facing a mounting housing crisis. Thousands of new households are created each year but recent years have seen fewer than half of the homes we need being built. At this rate, by 2031, there could be a shortfall in our region of 200,000 homes.

As the largest developer of affordable homes in the region, Yorkshire Housing is calling on politicians of all parties to end the housing crisis in a generation. The Homes for Britain campaign has brought together people who need homes with organisations representing every corner of the housing world including housing associations, the Home Builders’ Federation, the National Housing Building Council, the Royal Institute of British Architects and homeless charity Crisis to name a few who are united in the aim of pressing home this message.

Keep Clarkson away from cars

John Roberts, Wakefield.

I’VE always found Jeremy Clarkson entertaining and informative in a particularly British way; his documentary on a fated Arctic Convoy in World War II was excellent. He should just stay away from cars.

However, the ‘Steakgate’ affair has revealed a certain mentality in British society.

This explains the huge level of support he has received. The macho culture of cars, or more accurately, men and cars (with female hangers on) with its indulgent sense of entitlement.

There is a close correlation with football culture here, too.

Cars are like gods in our motor transport crowded island. Unfortunately, it can’t go on like this forever,.

You might think it will, but it won’t.

No doubt with a shrewd eye on the Top Gear viewer election vote, David Cameron waded in, “I’m sure this can be sorted out”, he blithely says.

Typically, the hapless victim in all this, who thoughtfully provided some food for the drunken latecomers, is harangued.

You’ve got it; support the bully, persecute the victim.

Nick Keer, Cottingley

I WRITE with regard to the Jeremy Clarkson issue and in particular the letter from John Appleyard of Liversedge (Your Feedback, March 19).

Why on earth does Mr Appleyard expect everyone to be politically correct when I suspect 99 per cent of the British people can’t stand idiotic PC rules?

I admire Mr Clarkson very much for his general attitude to life and the PC brigade in particular. Let’s all make PC lunacy history and get some decent shows back on TV.

Who cares if someone’s offended or put down?

In some way life’s like that. And next time it’ll be someone else’s turn so let’s just chill out for goodness sake.

Litter problem has got worse

Geoff North, Leeds.

Regarding the amount of litter that we now have in our country.

The situation in the last few years appears to have deteriorated considerably, particularly on the verges of our main highways.

Sections of the M1 around Leeds and the A64 towards York, and beyond, are particularly bad. I certainly agree a more co-ordinated response is needed to the problem.

The community clean-up day is a good start and certainly this should be encouraged on an annual basis but this type of initiative depends on the goodwill of the people who care about their community, clearing up the mess of the small minority that do not.

Those on community payback schemes should be perhaps doing more in this regard.

Flats are replica of the Kremlin

Brenda Briar, Leeds

I HAVE solved the mystery of the whereabouts of Vladimir Putin.

He is in Britain, moonlighting as an architect. He has designed the McCarthy & Stone flats on Shadwell Lane, Leeds as a replica of the Kremlin.

I should know, I wake up to it every morning.

Thanks to nurse for helping mum

J King, Leeds

I WANT to thank Rachel, an angel of a nurse at Seacroft Hospital.

My elderly mum recently went in for an eye test and got talking to this nurse that was doing the test about the struggles of looking after my dad who has early dementia.

Rachel took it on herself to get agencies involved to support myself and my mum in caring for him.

Mum is now coping really well. Thank you to Rachel for caring so much and thanks to the NHS.