YEP Letters: March 24

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IT IS a self-evident truth that political parties conceal the truth from the electorate on controversial policies before they are elected to office.

It is my conviction that the Conservatives intend to implement the 2nd phase/adjunct of the Bedroom Property Tax if they win a landslide in the 2015 General Election.

A small cabal of Right Wing Conservatives intend to resurrect the 1832 Property Vote in some form ie, property of £1,000 or savings of £1,000. I don’t believe it is a coincidence that the Metropolitan Police will require new recruits to the police to give a £1,000 deposit. Fine accounts have been written on the valiant struggle of the then Liberal Party to bring about the 1832 Property Vote Act and makes excellent reading.

It was totally opposed by the Tories and again the same intent to bring the anti-democratic law back.

I believe the new financial bar as stated above would result in 2-3 million of our poorest citizens being disfranchised sometime after the 2015 General Election. Recently the Conservative Government announced that a further £12bn would be cut from the welfare budget along with the property vote would be likely to cause civil disorder and some discomfiture throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

I am now writing to some 400 MPs, Conservative, Liberal and others that there should be a debate in the House. I do believe that common sense will prevail and the majority of our MPs will oppose the policy.

I would be pleased to hear from you.

William Todd, Cornhill Crescent, St Ninians, Stirling, Scotland

Paying through nose for meds

ONCE AGAIN we see prescription charges are to rise yet again, as they seem to do every year.

How is it that only in England do we pay through the nose for our medicines, while in Wales and Northern Ireland, and particularly Scotland, they pay nothing.

And again, why is care for the elderly and tuition fees all free north of the border, and mightily expensive in England?

The Scots parliament throws money around like confetti, because of the fat subsidy the English taxpayer sends up to Edinburgh.

The fact is, £1,500 is spent per head than south of the border, that is 11 per cent more per person than in England. The NHS says it’s broke, but the regional difference is unfair – everyone should either pay the same or not at all.

We see both Labour and the Tories falling over themselves to ‘bribe’ the Scots to stay in the Union, rewarding them with even more power and subsidy if they stay – meaning, if Scotland’s budget doesn’t balance, Westminster will bail them out. It’s like asking your bank to pay your bills because you have overspent, living beyond your means.

Alex Salmond wants the best of both worlds, with a blank cheque from Westminster to splash out on ‘freebies’. The English taxpayer who send the hefty subsidy are wilfully denied any say in the debate – after all. There are two of us in this particular marriage. In or out, not one extra groat should be sent north of the border.

Brian Johnston, Rigton Drive, Burmantofts

I despised all Bob stood for

THE NEWS of Bob Crow’s death last week came as quite a surprise to me.

However, I have no intentions of shedding any tears for him whatsoever, especially after what he said when former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died.

I agree with the letter from Bob of Armley (YEP 19 March) in that respect, and others who disliked him. I personally thought he was stuck in a 70s time warp.

Did he really want three day weeks, power cuts and another winter of discontent? Britain was being crippled by strikes back then. And why did he want the railways nationalised again? So he could cause untold misery and grief with national strikes. It’s a blessing for the railways and Underground he’s gone, until of course someone else from the extreme left replaces him.

I have to say I despised Bob Crow and all he stood for. Living the way he did he was one of the biggest hypocrites in British history.

Nick Keer, Leeds

UK would have been like Russia!

IT’S BEEN amusing to read the fulsome tributes from R Kimble and the genderless T Maunder to Tony Benn and Bob Crow, both of whom in their different ways would have turned this country into a cross between Russia and North Korea.

Why are the Left always so decorous to their deceased socialist comrades? Are they hypocrites out of pure politeness or because they know that one day their turn will come so better not chuck stones in case they come back with interest?

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

Tories have no grasp of reality

I’VE WORKED out what Malcolm Nicholson does in his retirement years! He creates Conservative Party adverts. His latest is the “Bingo And Beer” advert which encapsulates perfectly what those strange “working class” people do in their spare time.

Well done, that man. In one swoop he has shown, on behalf of Cameron and Osborne, just how lacking in any grasp of reality modern Tories are. What next? An advert for annuities mentioning skittles and ferrets?

R Kimble, by email

Private care may not mean best

MALCOLM NICHOLSON should be reminded that several of the care homes recently closed because of poor care and/or cruelty were run by private health care companies who exist to make profit out of suffering (YEP, March 20).

Winterbourne View was managed by just such a company. Some of these companies have become bankrupt in recent years because of poor financial management, leaving elderly people suddenly without a home (I think Southern Cross was one but I could be mistaken) and relatives with the sudden headache of finding somewhere for their parents to live. Given his attitude to NHS staff, I assume if he suddenly needs an A&E Department he will absolutely refuse to use an NHS facility so that he doesn’t delay care for another needy person whilst receiving care from an NHS “mob” of staff himself?

Incidentally, I, of course, do not condone or excuse poor quality care but I will point out that in my career I have had a gun pointed at me by drug addicts wanting the contents of the Controlled Drug cupboard on my ward, been bitten very badly on my forearm, been verbally abused more times than I can count and even been attacked in the street by a former patient for no reason that he could explain when arrested. In my training in the 70s we were told we had to “put up” with this kind of thing; what does it say about public attitudes that hospitals and GP surgeries, for example, now have notices in them that such behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated?

It says that people have thought in the past that they can abuse/assault people trying to help them with impunity. Private care, to return to the main point, does not automatically mean good care.

T Maunder, by email

Footpath is no place for cyclists

ONCE AGAIN Nick Keer puts forward an idiotic idea on the use of cyclists using public footpaths as cycleways.

Does he not realise the fact that pedestrians are just as vulnerable to injury by being hit by a cyclist using the footpath as a cyclist being hit by a car on the road? Also the fact that it is illegal to cycle on a footpath unless authorised by bylaw and signage? If I saw him riding towards me on the path I would cheerfully knock him and his cycle off it and back onto the road or cycleway where they should be!

Neil Whiting, Leeds 11

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